Gooseberry Red Current and Blueberry Clafoutis

September is already knocking on our doors! Can you believe it? I am not ready for it quite yet. I still have so many great summer recipes cued up on my hard-drive. I have sweet treats with red currents, raspberries and peaches and savory bites with tomatoes and zucchini to share with you. But I am seeing the first signs of Autumn in the markets. Figs, plums, apples and grapes are all beckoning me to play with them.

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Daring Bakers: Dobos Torte with a Quark Chocolate Mousse

I was just a few months into my hotel management training program in Doha, when the first Gulf War started. Fresh out of high school, A’ levels completed and the prospect of going to university and doing my practical training at the Doha Sheraton was what was driving me at the time.

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Boys’ Dreams Are Made Of …



… Carrera racing tracks, Lego Creator and …


chocolate birthday cakes!

Happy Birthday Soeren!

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Cooking School: Falafel with a Tahini-Yogurt Sauce and a Minty Tabouleh

Falafel ( 02) by MeetaK 
There are many reasons why I love going to visit my parents in Dubai - the main one, of course, is seeing my parents and brother! But also on the top of my list is the food - the Arabic food to be exact. Regulars to my blog will know that I have lived a larger part of my younger years in the Persian Gulf countries and literally grew up on good Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian cuisine. Thanks to the large expatriate community in these countries we had several friends from these countries who often spoilt us with their large mezzes and delicious dishes.

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Bollywood Cooking: Egg Curry in a Creamy Coconut Gravy

Egg Curry (01) by MeetaK 
This year my Bollywood Cooking series is focusing on good, tasty and simple home food. While last year I concentrated on showing many of the loved and extravagant dishes often enjoyed in restaurants, this year it is important for me to show you just how different food cooked in Indian homes (mostly focusing on North Indian food) is, in comparison to street or restaurant food. So many people approach me and say they love Indian food, "but it's so hard and time consuming to cook at home." That actually was the whole reason I started this series - to show these people, it's not hard at all.

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Watermelon Ice Cream Lollies



After roaming the neighborhood the whole afternoon, discovering and riding their bikes, Soeren and his best girlfriend C. were lying crashed out on the sofa. I could hear a few moans about how hot they were and the famous “Mum, we’re bored!”

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Want a cool refreshment?


Refreshment by MeetaK  

Cool kids (and adults) enjoy cool refreshments in the heat. Fancy one of these? Can’t wait to share this with you – tomorrow!

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Raspberry and Nectarine Clafoutis


Raspberry Nectarine Clafoutis (04) by MeetaK 

Last week every time I opened the fridge I was greeted with a huge variety of berries and stone fruit. Packed in various boxes I had everything from blueberries to gooseberries, from nectarines to mirabelles. It was a delight for me to say the least.

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Parmesan Thai Basil Crusted Chicken


Parmesan Thai Basil Chicken (01) by MeetaK
When the weekend rolls around I am mostly in the mood for cooking slightly more extravagant meals. During the week we usually indulge in quick and easy meals. Couscous, rice, some vegetables and of course sandwiches and salads. I do not cook every night. By the time we are home and done with chores, homework and such things there is not too much time to get into the kitchen and cook a larger meal.

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Life’s Simple Pleasures


Daisy 01-framed 

I spent the afternoon planting lavender on my terrace yesterday. Soeren is at his grandparents’ for the last week of summer break and I have been busy decorating or should I say re-decorating, re-planting and simply getting things homey again.

Although the lavender in their terracotta pots look exquisite and give the terrace a Provence-like flair, I seemed to have eyes for the daisies growing in the grass. They look like little gems on green velvet. I plucked a few and decorated the dinner table with them.

Life’s simple pleasures make me happiest. Thought I’d share them with you!

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Strawberry Yogurt Mascarpone Tart



Summer break has disappeared rather quickly! It's hard to believe that Soeren will be back at school next week after 8 weeks - as a 2nd grader! Things were to be a bit different this year, I know. He would not only have had a new class but also a new school, new friends and a whole different country to get acquainted with.

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