Weimar Food Styling, Photography and Design Workshop

Back at school I used to envy all those talented and creative people in my Arts & Crafts class. They had something I did not … a special skill to create beautiful things with their hands. It took a long time till I found my own skill working with my hands. As my love for photography developed I realized this was that source of creativity I needed - it was so fulfilling and was so absolutely me.

With this blog came the passion for food photography and also styling. While I love the photography part, it’s the styling that brings out the creativity and inspires me on many levels. It’s like creating a painting; choosing colors, working with textures and adding highlights with light. It’s my creative outlet and it makes me thrive.

I love the other aspects around styling. Looking for props, backgrounds and unique items. But what I really enjoy is actually designing or crafting props at home for that personal and individual touch to the pictures. Be it tags, hand-painted jars or colorful backgrounds, it all adds to give the set-up a little extra personal feeling.

When you get to know Sandy from the lovely blog Confiture de Vivre, one thing you will quickly realize is her pure passion to create beautiful things. She has a joie de vivre that is so infectious and she inspires that creativity one has stuck deep within. Every time I spend an afternoon with her I come back loaded with ideas and am bursting with creativity.

“I just have to work with my hands!” Sandy said to me one afternoon and that was what got the ball and the ideas rolling for this workshop.

We’ve crafted an absolutely brilliant workshop. Under the theme of South of France, this 2 day workshop will have its main focus on food photography and styling but it will also include many creative sessions on crafting and designing your props and setting.

The Food Styling, Photography and Design Workshop in Weimar, Germany is for all those of you who need the kick of creativity and inspiration. The gorgeous Manor Holzdorf nestled in the rolling hills just outside Weimar reflects a lot of German and European art and music of its era. The spacious rooms covered with Gobelin tapestry from the 19th Century and beautiful leather will further stimulate your inner artist during the 2 days.

We will be working a lot with our hands, learning the fundamentals of photography, using light to highlight your images, finding and selecting props for your set-up, composing the perfect shot, the rules of placement and angles. There will be many practical assignments, a lot of theory and plenty of creative sessions. It does not stop here though: you will learn how to craft and design your own props and backgrounds and you will master creating a perfect table setting using a variety of material and ideas. There will be cameras and tripods, vintage cutlery and gorgeous dinnerware, paint and paintbrushes, colorful washi tape and fabric, beautiful papeterie and stationary: we hope to sensitize your imagination and tickle your skills so you are equipped with the know-how to create beautiful images, blog posts, articles or your own personal masterpiece.

We will take you on a culinary tour around the South of France and are collaborating with local artisans in Weimar, Erfurt and Jena to provide our participants with amazing food and meals. A brunch in St. Tropez with tapenades, tartines and salads, or a dinner in Marseilles with the classic bouillabaisse or a delightful picnic in Provence with tarts, verrines flans and sandwiches - our meals will not only tantalize your tastebuds but they also serve as the basis of practical photography/styling assignments and crafting/designing sessions. 

To make this workshop a success we’ve collaborated with some unbelievably generous and extremely helpful sponsors who will be providing props, food, material, papeterie, fabric, wines and so much more. So we are perfectly equipped for this workshop and are looking forward to welcoming you to Weimar. Please take a minute to browse the sponsor page and check out our lovely sponsors. Lots of great stuff here!

Are you ready to let the your creativity loose? If you are keen to join Sandy and me, here are the details of what the course covers, the costs and where you can register. The workshop is limited to only 12 participants and works on a first-come-first-serve basis. Presentations and main workshop language will be in English but both Sandy and I speak German fluently should it be required to explain details.

Workshop Details

Dates to diarize: March 15th-16th. 2013

Location: Landgut Holzdorf, Weimar, Germany

Preliminary Programme

Day one - Friday 15th March 2013

  • Brunch in St. Tropez
    Meet and Greet Brunch with mouthwatering delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Photography Fundamentals - Meeta Wolff
    Mastering the camera, natural light techniques, focusing, learning the techniques etc. 
  • Styling Fundamentals - Meeta Wolff
    Composition and placement, creating a mood/atmosphere, the right props, color, texture etc.
  • Styling Demo - Meeta Wolff
  • Styling / Photography session - Group work
  • Enhancing your Images and Workflow management with Lightroom - Meeta Wolff
  • Wine tasting & Pairing - Sandy Neumann
    Learning how to easily pair wines with your menu
  • Apéro & Dinner in Marseilles
    We’ll treat you to an irresistible 3 course menu prepared by Weimar’s famous Elisabet Leroy-Maas of Bistro Francais.

Day two - Saturday 16th March 2013

  • Welcome to the table - Sandy Neumann
    Craft, style and decorate the perfect table setting and menu
  • Designing Props and Backgrounds - Meeta K. Wolff
    Crafting and painting your own backgrounds and props
  • A Spring Picnic in Provence
    Crafting, styling and shooting a themed assignment followed by lunch
  • Intensive work on photography and styling assignment
  • Evaluation, discussion & critique on assignment
    Constructive feedback, discussion and critique on exercises
  • Finale Tea Cocktails

Ticket includes:

  • 2 day food styling, photography, crafting and designing sessions with Sandy and Meeta
  • 1 night accommodation (includes breakfast on Saturday) at a Bed & Breakfast
  • Travel to and from Bed & Breakfast and Workshop venue
  • Friday: Meet & Greet Brunch, Apéro & Dinner; Saturday: Lunch, Cocktails
  • Snacks and beverages (includes alcoholic beverages)  during the workshop
  • Wine tasting and pairing
  • All material/equipment is provided for crafting/styling sessions

Registrations can be made using the registration form and are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis

Limited to max 12 participants

Cannot wait to welcome you all to Weimar!

About Sandy Nemann

Sandy is a food blogger and food photographer, who lives in Jena, Germany. Her heart, however still resides in her „second home“ - South of France.
She runs the blog Confiture de Vivre where she shares her passion for French inspired recipes, stories of extraordinary people and her approach to life. When she is not baking macarons or trying out new tart recipes you will find her meeting other creative people like her friends the butcher and the baker to create new sausages or bread.
Sandy has a passion for decoration, loves crafting and has an entire room for foodstyling-props.
She is currently working on the first issue of her e-magazine, called „Fruits Sauvages“, where she will reveal her secrets of hunting artisan treasures.

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  1. Very promising! Sandy is a lovely and talented blogger.



    1. Yes she is! She has a wonderful positive energy and brings great creative energy to this workshop!

  2. 'Back at school I used to envy all those talented and creative people in my Arts & Crafts class. They had something I did not....' Yes! That is exactly how I used to feel...so very happy to have found food styling/photography as a creative outlet and way to make beautiful things! Although still have a massive amount left to learn and a lot of practise to do...

    1. Exactly ... the photography/styling was like a kick and got the ball rolling helping me to discover many creative outlets I had!

  3. Again this sounds like a great workshop, especially when it comes to crafting, which I just wrote also to Sandy :)
    But as I will be already on another trip I am at least not tempted this time .... lol
    See you soon!

    1. Oh Eva! Yes I can imagine this one would be fun for you ... but we are seeing each other in London and I think we will have a great time together. For you it will be refreshing some of those memories you told me about added with a 2 days of creativity. The best tools for inspiration!

  4. Hello my rocket lady,

    I am so looking forward to do this workshop with you. We make a great team and fuel each other and so we'll do with our participants.
    The two days will be full filled with creative energy, inspiration and lots of positive togetherness.

    1. Looking forward to good karma and meeting some great people. It'll be FUN!!

  5. I'm very interesting and I would love to participate at this workshop. I live in Switzerland and I speak French. I have good knowledge of German and I'm not bad with English. Do you think I could although follow this workshop ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi there! We would love to have you over at the workshop. The workshop language will be in English and both Sandy and I speak German & some French so we can communicate with you however you want.
      Hope that helps!

  6. Good luck Meeta! All of these workshops look incredible. Thinking of Xmas in Germany this year...do you have any recommendations for the best town for the Christmas markets?

  7. Meeta - This workshop sounds wonderful. But i am a beginner in this field - have no experience, knowledge AT ALL. You think this will be good for me? Also what kind of camera lenses etc will i need?

  8. Dipali, these workshops are focused on beginners but we intergrate those who have more knowledge about photography too. The concept that I have worked out integrates both very well and works fantastically. So yes this would be good for you. You do not need any special lenses - just the one you use and have.
    If you are interested you'll have to register soon as the workshop takes place on Friday and we will need your decision ASAP to be able to proceed with all the planning.

  9. I am keen but have to figure out how to get there, as i live in France(Fontainebleau). Can you please tell me the timings so that I can look at flights and see if they fit my budget?

    1. Why don't you send me an email and I can give you all the details.


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