Amsterdam Food Styling and Photography Workshop


Some things happen naturally and one more or less knows which road it will lead to eventually. There are other things however, that evolve on another level and then one day you hit your forehead and think “Why didn’t we think of this before?” This workshop falls in to the second category. I’ve known Simone through our blogs for many years and we have enjoyed each others company as friends more intensively when we met for the first time a few years back here in Weimar.

As a matter of fact, come to think of it, every time I have met Simone it was here in Weimar. Our friendship developed and we often helped each other with photography and styling issues and queries about the business. One day while exchanging ideas about a styling job she wanted to do with me, we got talking about workshops … and that is when that a-ha! moment came.

Why hadn’t we joined forces yet? After all Simone is a fantastic food photographer and often gives workshops in Holland. In the past she has attended a Plate to Page workshop and my food photography and styling workshop in Ettersburg last year, so what was stopping us from organizing one together? Simone already had a great location in mind and from there the ball got rolling pretty fast. It looks like Amsterdam is calling us. It’s time I finally meet Simone in her hometown!

Having just completed a workshop here in Weimar in March with Sandy of Confiture de Vivre, I was convinced we should hand over the scepter for food, meal planning and design to her. She’s a professional, with great ideas and is so much fun to work with. Simone needed no convincing as she had already met Sandy at the Ettersburg workshop last year.

With such a fun and professional team, putting together this workshop has flowed quite smoothly with incredible ideas coming alive as we enthusiastically put the programme together.

We have put together, what we hope will be an active, creative and fun workshop for all those who attend. We are inviting you to come join us on a 2-day food photography and styling session in Amsterdam in the wonderful “green” area of Almere. We’re going to take you away to the Groene Geheim” (The Green Secret) lodges situated in a unique location surrounded by woods and water. There is ample space for creative reflection and lots of intensive work, where you will learn all the fundamental elements you need to hone your skills in food photography. You will also be learning how to find your way through the jungle of food styling to create the perfect set-up.

Simone and I will offer focused and comprehensive sessions on camera techniques, mastering light and lighting to capture the perfect image, getting down and dirty with aperture, shutter speed, white balance and ISO, finding and selecting props for your set-up, composing the perfect shot, the rules of placement and angles. We will talk about the importance of workflow and discuss post-processing.

There will be many practical assignments, a lot of theory, hands-on group work and plenty of creative feedback from the instructors to help equip yourself with the know-how to create beautiful food and tabletop images. With an on-location photo shoot at an organic farm we hope to guide you through practical exercises where you learn how to take great images when you are on-the-go and traveling. We will not only tantalize your tastebuds with Dutch inspired meals but also push you to your limits.

Do you hear Amsterdam calling? If you are eager to join Simone, Sandy and me for a green, fun-filled and intensive 2 day photography and styling session here are the details of what the course covers, the costs and where you can register. The workshop is limited to only 12 participants and works on a first-come-first-serve basis. Presentations and main workshop language will be in English (instructors speak Dutch and German and is aimed towards beginners, novice and advanced level participants.  

Day one - Friday 27th September 2013

  • Brunch
    Meet and Greet Brunch with mouthwatering Dutch delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Photography Fundamentals by Meeta Wolff & Simone van den Berg
    Mastering the camera, natural light techniques, focusing, learning the techniques etc. 

  • Styling Fundamentals by Meeta Wolff
    Composition and placement, creating a mood/atmosphere, the right props, color, texture etc.

  • Styling/Shooting Demo by Meeta Wolff & Simone van den Berg

  • Styling / Photography session - Group work

  • Enhancing your Images and Workflow Management with Lightroom by Simone van den Berg

  • Welcome to the table by Sandy Neumann
    Learn how to lay, set and create an elegant table using everyday material

  • Dinner: Amsterdam Calling
    We’ll treat you to a potpourri of Dutch specialties, taking you through some traditional dishes and crossing-over to more modern interpreted dishes.

Day two - Saturday 28th September 2013

  • Trip to Organic farm
    We will visit an organic farm & a market for an on-location shoot and to shop for lunch

  • Farm to Table - Lunch & Group work
    Shooting a themed assignment followed by a light lunch

  • Intensive work on assignment - Group work

  • Evaluation, discussion & critique on assignment
    Constructive feedback, discussion and critique on exercises

  • Finale Wine and Cheese

Further details for the announcement:


  • 2 day food styling, photography and designing sessions with Simone, Sandy and Meeta

  • 1 night accommodation at the Groene Geheim Lodges

  • Friday: Meet & Greet Brunch and Dutch Specialty Dinner; Saturday: Farm to Table Lunch and Wine and Cheese

  • Snacks and beverages (includes alcoholic beverages) during the workshop

  • All material/equipment is provided for the shooting /styling sessions

Location: Groene Geheim Lodges, Almere

Website: Groene Geheim Lodges

To register for this workshop please fill out the registration here.

Limited to max 12 participants

Please Note: The instructors reserve the rights to modify the programme should the need arise.


About Simone van den Berg

_MG_0231 I've been a photography enthusiast for most of my life with a dad that took photos of just about everything he could think of. I loved spending time together with him in the dark room and I still remember those magic moments when the photo would appear… Funny enough I've always wanted to become a photographer but there was never money to pay the expensive school so it didn't happen. Then 6 years ago I decided it was time and I quit my day job to become a full time photographer. I did weddings, portraits, pets, products anything I could think of but it quickly became apparent that my true passion was food photography. The switch from general photography to food photography went gradually and since two years it is the only thing I do.

I work for magazines, restaurants, catering companies as well as certain brands… 
Blog: Junglefrog Cooking
Portfolio: Fresh Food Photos

About Sandy Neumann

Sandy is a food blogger and food photographer, who lives in Jena, Germany. Her heart, however still resides in her „second home“ - South of France.
She runs the blog Confiture de Vivre where she shares her passion for French inspired recipes, stories of extraordinary people and her approach to life. When she is not baking macarons or trying out new tart recipes you will find her meeting other creative people like her friends the butcher and the baker to create new sausages or bread.
Sandy has a passion for decoration, loves crafting and has an entire room for foodstyling-props.
She is currently working on the first issue of her e-magazine, called „Fruits Sauvages“, where she will reveal her secrets of hunting artisan treasures.



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  1. Wonderful! Three lovely and talented ladies.



  2. Yay!! That's exactly what I was looking for!
    Just a question before I register!
    It's gonna be in English right?!
    I don't speak Dutch :( !

    1. Main language is indeed English. But as instructors we do speak German or Dutch. Hurry as we are filling up! Glad this is what you wanted we do what we can ;)

  3. I'm so excited we finally get to give a workshop together Meeta! The three of us are gonna be a wonderful team I'm sure of it!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! Good idea to join forces - I almost wrote 'forks' there but that would have worked too :)
    Simone was the one who convinced me to shoot with my SLR, love her for that!

  5. Oh my sweet, so excited and eager doing the workshop together with you and Simone! Never ever had it in mind one year ago.

  6. It sounds absolutely perfect - love the organic food element. Certainly could do with 'Enhancing your Images and Workflow Management with Lightroom' as now have it and not using effectively. Bravo indeed

  7. That will be a useful workshop. Wounderful!!

  8. And I am just happy, that I am one of the lucky ones to take part in this workshop :) I already look forward to see the 3 of you again!!!
    Hugs Eva

  9. Oh how fabulous that you and Simone are getting together for this workshop! I have no doubt it will be incredible!! And in Amsterdam no less...a city I have visited once (for work...3 months and I loved it!) and long to see again :) day! Best of luck Meeta! I am sure it will be a resounding success!

  10. So much fun!! I hope we get to attend one of your workshop in the States soon, Meeta :) xo


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