Dubai 2016 | Food Photography and Styling Workshop

Dubai 2016 Food Photography and Styling Workshop

Dubai, a city that one can only admire! That indefatigable energy, gutsy ambition and ability to dream big, with the capacity to realize those dreams and visions into huge projects that elsewhere would never even get off the drawing board. A city where a multitude of cultures come together to produce an incredible diversity of food, fashion and traditions. A globally inspired city, Dubai pulsates to a heartbeat that is so invigorating and it provides and inspirational basis for my workshops. 

Globally Influenced - the theme for this year's workshop illustrates Dubai's incredible growth from those big dreams, to the big architecture - but also in the enriching cuisine combining the influences of so many cultures.

I have been holding sold-out food photography and styling workshops in Dubai since 2012 and each year I am inspired with more creative ideas and an unstoppable energy.

I am excited to share this creativity and energy with you at this year's food photography and styling workshop.

I am joining forces once again with my favorite team and dear friends, the vibrant Dima Sharif and Russell Impiazzi of Lafayette Gourmet. We look forward to sharing a fascinating and a power-packed 2-day workshop with our participants. Each year we push ourselves to improve ourselves further by putting together a fantastic experience filled with many great highlights and we hope to reach new superlatives every time. Dima is a very focused, organized and full of amazing energy and I love working with her. We are in tune with each other's ideas and minds and complement each other perfectly.  With hands-on cooking and styling demos which will be integrated into challenging photography sessions and several styling exercises, we plan to guide you through your photo and styling processes to create the right atmosphere for perfect food images. We will discuss many important topics revolving around photographing food: picking ingredients, cooking/photo time management, post-processing, finding the perfect composition and discovering an artistic style. We will discuss props, how to find them, how to make them and how to budget with them.


Russell Impiazzi of Lafayette Gourmet has been part of the Dubai workshop since the very first workshop in April 2012 and each year he supports us not only with his experience but also provides valuable input and ideas for our food adventures. Not only will he be creating his signature Finale Dinner, but will also be adding some exciting pizazz into other meals and provide us with edible inspiration.

Under our Globally Influenced motto, Russell will create a special brunch menu bringing fashion and food together. Our participants will be pushed to think out of the box and integrate both aspects into their photography


As a fixed part of my Dubai workshops our venue again this year will be hosted at The School of Culinary and Finishing Arts - SCAFA situated at the Jumeirah Lake Towers. We will have exclusive access of the professionally equipped kitchens where there will not only be the several cooking demos but also SCAFA's labs provide the ideal space for our photography and styling sessions with lots of natural light, individual workstations and presentation room. We will also enjoy relaxed meals and chill-out at their own restaurant Scafé.

We look forward to spoiling you with many more surprises and highlights, an exceptional and relaxing dinner at a sensational and trendy Dubai restaurant, exclusive props for our various styling sessions and a beautiful brunch Celebrating The Fashion Capitals of The World!

This workshop is aimed to help you to draw from your creativity and inspire you to find and strengthen your personal style. We have put together, what we hope will be a creative, challenging but a fun workshop for the delegates. We invite you to join us for an intensive 2 days of food photography and styling sessions in the booming metropolitan Dubai.

There will be ample space for creative reflection and lots of intensive work, where participants will learn all the fundamental elements needed to hone their skills in food photography. Guided sessions will also show participants how to find their way through the jungle of food styling to create the perfect set-up.


Focused and comprehensive sessions will give participants insight on camera techniques, mastering light and lighting to capture the perfect image, finding and selecting props for your set-up, composing the perfect shot, the rules of placement and angles. We will discuss about the importance of workflow and discuss post-processing.

With many practical assignments, a lot of theory, hands-on group work and plenty of creative feedback from the instructors we will help you equip yourself with the know-how to create beautiful food and tabletop images.


Limited to 10 participants we will be a small intimate group allowing for one-to-one coaching, valuable individual feedback and focused group communication and teamwork. This workshop is ideal for amateur and also more experienced photographers not only from the food branch but also aspiring photographers to change or broaden their field and build their portfolio. It is also aimed for food stylists, professionals, specialists working in the hospitality industry and bloggers with interests and passions in food photography and styling. There will be a lot of great opportunity to network with like-minded people and talk to professionals from various branches of the food industry. "Only in Dubai" will you find so many elements come together so very perfectly!

Hope I could tempt you to join us! Here are the details ...

Dubai 2016 | Food Photography and Styling Workshop

Day One - Saturday 15 October 2016

  • Celebrating The Fashion Capitals of The World
    Meet & Greet Brunch - Getting to know you
  • Photography Fundamentals & Techniques by Meeta Wolff
    Capturing the perfect shot: Mastering the camera, harnessing and understanding natural light, finding your focus, the angles etc. 
  • Styling Techniques by Meeta Wolff
    How to style your shot: composition and placement, creating a mood/atmosphere, the importance of props, color, texture etc.
  • Styling demo & the secrets of a food stylist by Meeta Wolff
  • Fashion meets food
    Free-Style Photography Exercises - Group Work

  • From Concept to Completion by Dima Sharif
    Working and publishing a cookbook: the idea, the writing, the photography and publishing
  • Dinner Delight - a feasting menu of a different kind.


Day Two - Sunday 16 October 2016

  • Enhancing your Images with Lightroom by Meeta Wolff
  • Cooking demo and cooking techniques by Dima Sharif
  • Global Influences by Dima Sharif
    A menu from around the Globe with a focus on healthy food from vegan to superfoods
  • Intensive work on assignment - Group work
  • Evaluation, discussion & critique on assignment
    Constructive feedback, discussion and critique on exercises
  • Industrial - Urban inspired by Dubai
    Surprise Finale Dinner prepared by Russell Impiazzi

Event Includes:
  • 2 day food styling, photography and cooking demo sessions with Meeta & Dima
  • Saturday: Meet & Greet Brunch, coffee break and Dinner;
  • Sunday: Lunch & Cooking Demo, Finale Dinner
  • Snacks and beverages during the workshop
  • Transport to and from the off-site assignment
  • Material/equipment is provided for the shooting /styling sessions (does not include camera gear and equipment like tripods and computer/laptops etc.)

Location: SCAFA School of Culinary and Finishing Arts, Jumairah Lakes Tower, Dubai, UAE Website: Limited to 10 participants

Register now for the Dubai 2016 Workshop as it promises to be an exciting and an invigorating two days! We look forward to welcoming you to Dubai!

Read: Priority registrations have been open for my subscribers on my mailing list for the past week. There are now only four free slots available on this workshop.

Please Note: The organizers reserve the rights to modify the programme should the need arise. Presentations and main workshop language will be in English (instructors speak German, Arabic and Hindi and is aimed towards beginners, novice and advanced level participants).

Our workshop is generously sponsored by: 


SCAFA, Dubai’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts (2012), is an innovative vocational institute focusing on guiding professionals and enthusiasts in learning culinary techniques and kitchen skills. Accredited by KHDA, SCAFA runs professional culinary programs that certify graduates as qualified chefs. The school also runs many enthusiast programs such as team building with cooking, children’s cooking classes, pastry and baking sessions, cake decorating, fundamentals of cuisine, etc.  In addition to offering a range of culinary programs, SCAFA has a student training restaurant Scafé attached to the school. At SCAFA, we don’t just practice recipes, we teach techniques!
Students that enroll in SCAFA’s programs have varied reasons for joining the program. Many want a professional hospitality career, to become a restaurateur, a patissierre.
Facebook: @SCAFA (
Twitter: @SCAFAltd (
Instagram: @scafa.cookingschool


Lafayette Gourmet, temple to gastronomy and gourmandize, offers a whole range of flavors from all over the world. Guaranteed to find all what it takes to fulfill your taste buds. Experience the diversity from 8 kitchens in one location: Indulge in Italian specialties and wood fired pizzas, great salads from The Mediterranean, Asian favorites, Indian tandoor and curries, primes steaks from the Grill, Foie gras and Caviar from the Luxury section, authentic Tapas and Paella from Tapeo to Just Falafel.

Lafayette Gourmet have partnered with Meeta Wolff's workshop again in 2015 supplying fresh ingredients and luxury ingredients for the multiple styling and photography sessions. Furthermore, Russell Impiazzi, Director of Lafayette Gourmet, will personally create an extravagant and special menu as a special finale dinner on Thursday and provide several props for the many styling and shooting session.

Facebook: @Gourmet Lafayette At Dubai Mall ( )
Instagram @Lafayettegourmet @rus_impiazzi

Home Centre is an award-winning home décor store which has been a household name in the region over 21 years. Since 1995, Home Centre has been in the business of making homes beautiful. What started out as a single store in Sharjah-UAE is today the region’s preferred home shopping destination that is committed to delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and exceptional customer experience. Home Centre offers an extensive and impressive range of furniture, furnishings, home accessories and decor, bed and bath range, as well as kitchenware and gifting ideas to a diverse target audience. Home Centre’s user-friendly online portal features over 5,000 products available to customers across the UAE.

Facebook:​ @Home Centre
Instagram: ​@Homecentrestores

Nordic Power General Trading LLC – Dubai Supplier of our BERRYFECT® in Middle-East and Africa. Powered by the Northern Light and the Midnight Sun. Imagine winters that are long, cold and with the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) dancing above deeply snow covered roots, which are resting, waiting and gathering strength. When the dark gives way to our long period of intense light from the Midnight Sun the roots begin to swim with life. Every stem, every leaf, every flower bud reaches out to the warmth, to the pollinators and to Life. BERRYFECT® takes handpicked wild berries from pure northern nature and turns them into everyday food products. With no additives, preservatives or sugar, preserving berries nutritional values in the best possible form. The berries we use in our BERRYFECT® products grow in one of the cleanest environments in the world: in the wild Nordic forests. The berries (Bilberry, Lingonberry, Cranberry) are not cultivated – they grow in our forests naturally. This insures that the berries benefit from all the vitamins and minerals provided by the Nordic nature. Our berry-pickers pick all the berries by hand – no machines are being used. This way the plants and nature will remain intact also for the future generations to enjoy. Through information provided by our berry-pickers, we can trace all our berries to specific forest areas.

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Dima Sharif Organic Mooneh Essentials


It is impossible not to taste the pluck and resourcefulness of the traditional Middle Eastern kitchen in Dima Sharif’s newly launched Organic Mooneh (pantry) Essentials; a range of pickles, made by hand, using UAE locally grown, seasonal, organic vegetables and small-batch organic olive oil from Jordan.

Taste summons memory and emotion, and for Dima, whose soon-to-be published cookery book is a recollection of food memories and recipes that contrast and connect people and generations, her pickles reconnect the smell and taste of her grandmother’s kitchen to the artisanal continuity of times past.

Facebook: @Dima Sharif ( )
Twitter: @DimaSharif ( )
Instagram: @1dimasharif
Google+: @Dima Al Sharif
Youtube: Dima Al Sharif ( )

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