Rome 2017 | Food Photography and Styling Retreat in the Hills of Sabina


Power-packed 2-day photography retreat in the stunning rolling hills of Sabina!

When you have a winning combination then it only makes sense to hang on to it and repeat it and relive it again. Recently I wrote about the Rome Retreat 2016 we had in May last year. The stunning landscapes, the creative surroundings, the energy the workshop provided and those big happy smiles on our participants' faces motivated us so much that it was only natural that the team connected with each other again to compose another sensational workshop retreat this year.

The image above epitomizes a lot of what my aim for such a retreat is. It is a place to take a moment and breathe, meet like-minded people and focus on your passion of food / lifestyle photography in a positive and encouraging environment. Furthermore, I believe in providing a memorable experience - be it the stunning landscapes, the delectable dishes we cook, the knowledgeable tours we take and the incredible insight of the people connected with the workshops.


This retreat will be a place for you to gain motivation and inspiration, to develop your passion for photography all under the guidance of 2 passionate instructors. Yes - we are just as strong willed about our passion as you are!

Of course we strongly believe that the location will help to feed your inspiration and expand the horizons as we retreat for an intensive 2-day session in our wonderful villa nestled on the hilltops of Torri, in the hills of Sabina.

Once again I am going to be  partnering with my friend and trusted co-instructor Jeanne Horak-Druiff and the talented and very warm Rissa Miller, who has become a steadfast friend. She shares the same spirit and dedication as we do. With over 20 years professional experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris she spent the last 4 years cooking throughout Italy. I am very thrilled to be teaming together with both again to share our knowledge and passion with our participants. We look forward to putting together a very impressive programme for our participants.

Our exclusive Rome Retreat villa offers stunning views over its own olive orchard and small vineyard, an outdoor dining terrace, swimming pool, and a modern interior with a simple, clean and uncluttered décor.
This tranquil, unique and homey venue will provide us with a fabulous source of inspiration and offer us plenty of room, outdoors and indoors, for our hands-on exercises and photo assignments.

Rome-Workshop-2016-0100 Rome-Workshop-2016-0099

  • We will access your untapped creativity using the olive groves and rolling hills as a backdrop.
  • You will learn to explore all the aspects to easily create beautiful pictures
  • We will focus on photo and styling processes, from basics natural light manipulations to more advanced ones.
  • We will guide you to create succulent stories with your photos, create the right atmosphere
  • We will share current food styling and prop trends
  • We will discuss many important topics revolving around photographing food: picking ingredients, cooking/photo time management, post-processing,
  • You will take steps towards discovering your unique voice and artistic style
  • You will master the perfect composition
  • We will discuss props, how to find them, how to make them and how to budget with them



Once again we are also coordinating with the enigmatic Johnny Madge - our own world renowned olive oil expert, who will not only take us on an incredible tour of the olive groves, visiting a 2000 year old olive tree but also give us an exclusive olive oil tasting experience. Johnny is an olive oil expert and taster – he is the only foreign member of the Slow Food panel for the annual Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oils – and has been living in Italy for about 30 years. New this time we will spend the afternoon at the famous Emiliano Pizzeria. A family-run pizzeria that offers some of the best pizza in all of Italy. The family have won multiple national championship awards, as well as Gambero Rosso's national best "pizza in teglia" in 2014 and Mama Emiliano will give us more insight on pizza baking. We will have the opportunity of some awesome on-location and action shots and enjoy a relaxing and tranquil afternoon with stunning views form the Pizzeria's terrace. The Emilliano family specialize in pairing good local products to demonstrate how deliciously high quality olive oil can be paired with simple foods.

With this unbelievable food adventure we hope to offer a unique experience for all our participants attending this retreat. This year I had the lovely opportunity to meet quite a few of you form my mailing list here. That is always a huge highlight for me.

This photography and styling retreat is perfect for you if:

  • You are a photographer who wishes to discover all the exciting aspects of capturing beautiful food and lifestyle photos
  • You are looking to take your photography skills to the next-level
  • You are a blogger, web designer, graphic designer, stylist, magazine editor, creative designer, foodie, writer (all were past participants of my workshops) or similar and you wish to capture beautiful images for your business or blog
  • You wish to improve your styling and find your way through the jungle of food styling to create the perfect set-up

We will guide you throughout the entire course of this retreat, teaching you to discover and hone all the many aspects it takes to create the perfect image.

Most of all we want this to be a fun-filled 2 days for our participants, with good food, drink and an exchange of experience so that when you go back home you are not only equipped with the know-how to create beautiful images for your blog posts, articles or your own personal masterpiece, but also look back at the 2 days as a memorable event.


We are offering an Early Bird Special  all through January 2017. Till 31.01.2017 you have the opportunity to get tickets for the Rome Photography and Styling Retreat 2017 for a special offer.

Here are all the details of what the course covers, the costs and where you can get your ticket.

Rome 2017 | Food Photography and Styling Retreat

Day one - Friday 26 May 2017

    • Meet & Greet Brunch by Rissa
      Introductions with a delightful rustic Italian brunch
    • Photography Fundamentals by Jeanne
      Mastering the camera & learning the basics (shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc.)   
    • Photography Techniques by Meeta
      using natural light to create the right atmosphere; building a narrative, using color and texture
    • Styling Fundamentals by Meeta
      Composition and placement, finding the right angle, using the perfect props, finding an artistic style
    • Styling demo with Meeta
    • Free-style Photography/Styling Exercises
      Short exercises to warm you up
    • Light it up: Focus on restaurant photography
      Low-light/ambient light photography, capturing details, telling a story
    • 3- Course Dinner by Rissa
      Divine rustic Italian meal with wine pairing

Day two - Saturday 27 May 2017

    • Breakfast at the Villa by Rissa
      Question and Answers; one on one discussion with instructors
    • Enlightening yourself with Lightroom by Meeta
      Workflow, post-processing, watermarking, tagging
    • Olive Oil Tour followed by Lunch and Emiliano's Pizzeria 
      Field trip and on-location photo shoot
    • Intensive group work on main photography assignment
      Evaluation, discussion & critique on assignment
    • Constructive feedback, discussion and critique on exercises
    • Finale Aperitifs & Farewell
Event Includes: Includes: 2 day food styling and photography sessions with experienced tutors Meeta and Jeanne; Friday: Snacks, Beverages, Brunch, Dinner Saturday: Olive oil tour, lunch, transportation to off-location sites, aperitifs & canapés Snacks and beverages during the workshop Workshop material NOT included: Accommodation* (please contact me for more details) Travel costs to venue, travel insurance Limited to max 10 participants. There will be no refunds for this workshop.

* Ticket does not include cost of accommodation. We have however, reserved rooms for participant, at the villa and at a nearby bed and breakfast, for a surcharge. If you are interested in booking a room with your workshop ticket please contact me for further details.

Please note: The workshop is limited to only 10 participants and works on a first-come-first-serve basis. Presentations and main workshop language will be in English (instructors & host speak English and German) and is aimed towards beginners, novice and advanced level participants. 

The instructors reserve the right to modify the programme should the need arise. After we have received your payment we will send you your exclusive Rome Workshop ticket and further details and instructions. To secure your spot on this workshop we request that full payment be made upon registration.

We are really looking forward to seeing you in Italy this Spring!

All photographs and written content on What's For Lunch, Honey? © 2006-2015 Meeta Khurana Wolff unless otherwise indicated. | All rights reserved | Please Ask First

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