Monthly Mingle: Liquid Dreams Roundup

Hope you all are thirsty? Because this mingle we had drinks galore. I think this will go down as one of my personal favorites - I have never seen so many great and creative drink ideas. So many unique, unusual and interesting combinations were served, that I think I will have to re-think and redo my bar!

In total we had forty refreshing, fruity, soothing and fun drinks. Each one was colorful and wonderful in its own way.

Some chose old and loved drinks others tried their hand at creating something totally different. Whatever it was I can tell they sure do sound incredibly delicious.

Before I get into the roundup, just a quick note about the next mingle. I'll be taking a break from mingling with all my beloved guests for the following month. As I am traveling to Dubai next month I will be more involved in having a great time with my parents and simply enjoying them. So, I hope you will excuse me and join me again when I return from my trip. I'll be announcing the theme towards the end of October. In the meantime browse through our previous Mingles.

So now onto the Liquid Dreams - cheers, a votre sante and prost!

Rina's Recipes - Peanutbutter Milkshake
I had this Peanut butter milkshake from one of our friend's from Trinidad. I guess she is in New York now visiting her daughter. It was very tasty that I got the recipe of this protein drink from her at once.

The Art and Science of Food - Iced Cucumber Limeade
If you go to Acehnese restaurants in Indonesia you will see this beverage on the menu. It's perfect combination for Acehnese food which is spicy. It's so refreshing and also good for people who have high blood pressure.

Sreelu's Tasty Travels - Kesar Falooda
The cool thing about Falooda is it can double as a drink or a dessert. Perfect for a warm summer night, this drink is very versatile in terms of flavor, some of the most popular flavors being Rose, Kesar, and Mango etc...

SoFeminine - Mango Drink
Whenever i see raw mangoes my mind just clicks to make some aam panna ......a wonderful drink that just soothes the whole body n is just so refreshing

A Mad Tea Party - Sunny Salubri Tea
I brewed the tea in the sun for some time; you could also brew it in cool water on your kitchen counter.

All things Edible - Ice Green Tea Latte
Turns out I could recreate my own green tea latte at home using nothing but milk, matcha powder, and melon syrup.

Veggie Venture - Green Smoothies
While I wanted to 'try' a green smoothie, I really didn't expect to like it. But I do!

The Singing Chef - Strawberry Fizz
Ice cream sodas! I'd read about them all the time while growing up. Archies and his gang are always at Pop Tate's having ice cream sodas.

The Literate and Liberate Foodie - Ginger Lemongrass Cooler
There's barbeque smoke and smells in the air every weekend in my neighborhood. As I walk past homes and the nearby park, I see families and friends, the young and old, having a good time.

Hunger Pangs - Citrus Overload
My earliest memory of drinking would be when i was best friend's parents had gone out of i went to spend the night at her place. She, her younger sis who was 16 and me opened her dad's whisky and had it.. i really do not remember how it doing something improper..was good enough for us.

Batter Splattered - Basil Vodka Gimlets
This Liquid Dreams event was a happy coincidence for me because lately I've laying on the couch after work, staring up at the basil plant on the windowsill -- it's big and getting bigger all the time. Now that I've managed to nurse it into a healthy state, I needed a reason to pluck those buttery-soft green leaves.

An Italian in the US - Girly Caipi
I'm going to present here this variation on the 'Caipirinha' theme that I created a few nights ago. Does everyone know what Caipirinha is?

Yambalaya - Kir Safari
Years ago, when I was a student, a friend and me had signed in to stand behind the bar of our student building. So every thursday evening for some 6 months it was up to us to serve beer and other drinks. As in all student towns Thursday evening is the big evening to go out, so most of the time the bar at our student building was quiet. We decided that we wanted to do things different. So every Thursday evening we had a different theme. One evening was our safari evening. We invented 6 cocktails based on Safari liquor. We organized a slide show with pictures from Africa, and we had full house. What fun we had.

Amma's Special - Lemony Rosy Coconut Tender
Finally remembered a drink which I tasted in “Hotel Annalakshmi” in Coimbatore. Its an authentic hotel which serves innovative vegetarian dishes.

Cooking 4 All Seasons - Strawberry Milkshake
For almost two days, she was only uttering this statement. Where is my Milkshake? so finally got down getting it done. Was she happy! She just loved it so much that I felt bad in not getting it done sooner for her.

For the Cook In Me - Easy Vegetable Soup
That's when it suddenly struck me that I need not make something that should necessarily go into a fancy glass. I can make something nice and hot, and simple too.

Cookery Corner - Carrot-Almond Cooler
This is a very nutritious, filling drink that my friend Raji makes. It was a tasty way of getting carrots, badam and saffron in her diet during her pregnancy

Cooking at Pragyan's - Mango Lassi
A summer evening with Mango Lassi (yogurt-drink) and a good book to give company is perfect! You will have to get the book as per your taste.

HomeMadeS - Ginger Tea
Later these days, I make my children drink ginger tea to prevent gassy stomach, especially, when they eat too rapidly. It can be taken with lemonade, a handful of mint, and chilled water.

Thyme For Food - A Sunrise
I wanted to do something that was mainstream but give it my own little twist, which is not easy when there are so many variations of of every cocktail, aperitif, long drink, etc out there. I went on a whim and decided to make something I call a Cuban Sunrise, ...

Aarti's Corner - Blackberry Milkshake
I was introduced to this fruit called Blackberry 2 months back when we visited city of Bensheim in Germany. This city is famous for wine grapes and there were plenty of blackberry trees bordering the grapeyards.. Until then, I used to look at these as some wild fruits but when my friend just grabbed some and started feasting on them, I had to try it!

Cooking the Books - Strawberries and Cream
It’s called pink piggy smoothie in our house, because it’s the same colour as my little one’s cute cuddly toy who she aptly named ‘Pink Piggy’!

Adhi Potoba - Sugar Cane Juice
Getting thrown out of class was a very common thing for vagabond students such as myself and one desperately needed a place to park in such an event. In Model Colony at the edge of Shirke's Sugarcane Farm, they had cleared 10000 sq. ft. of land and put some tables and bamboo chairs. And at one end there was a shed with a sugarcane juice machine. One Rupee for a tall, cold one.

Nerd Family - Great Punch
I make this for just about every major event and it is always a hit. Finally a punch that isn't just sugary sweet.

Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen - Cuban Mojito
First, let´s get drunk and then, I ll tell you a bit about myself.

Culinary Escapades - Nature ka nasha
The honey dew melon that sat in the fridge for a few days made its presence felt by flavouring everything from the milk (vessel covered with a lid) to the butter (closed butter case)…… while K mentioned that the tea tasted different, I racked my brains about what to do with it ...

Hot n' Sweet Bowl - Strawberry Latte
The main rocking feature in latte is the milk froth on the top.......I use blender to create this froth.....I want the latte to be nice smooth and silky, for that heavenly texture I use strawberry syrup

Baking History - Mint Julep
The coolness of mint is balanced by the tartness of lemon in this very pleasant and refreshing drink

Live to Eat - Lychee Tangita
Making up a cocktail recipe is easy; coming up with a name for it - not so! After a couple of these drinks, the best I could come up with was LycheeTangita, if you can think of a better name, let me know.

Finger Licking Food - Berrynanalicious
No, I’m not talking about a weird fruit or vegetable but a drink or rather a name for a drink I concocted in my kitchen...hehe! Berrynanalicious is a combination of Strawberries and Banana with milk, sugar and a dash of fresh cream. A tasty delight on a hot summer day!

Cara's Cravings - Blackberry Pear Flirtini
Several months ago, I enjoyed a delicious martini at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Struck. Their ever-changing list of seasonal libations has something for everyone, and for me this time it was a blackberry pear martini. It was sweet and refreshing, and though I don't normally choose to eat pears, I really enjoyed the flavor complimented by tart blackberries in this drink.

Fun and Food - Mango Raspberry Thickshake
Drinks are the best for experimenting with your culinary skills!! They involve very little "actual" work though you might have to strain your gray cells to think of suitable ingredients and judge their compatibility!!

Aroma! - Carib Cream
I have an old Cocktail book ,the only one I own,which I bought in England. It has many many cocktails with Alcohol and at the end of the book, thankfully they have spared few pages for Non-alcoholic cocktails too. Of all the recipes they have ,I chose the easiest and tastiest. Kids loved it, so here it is!!

Malabar Ruchi - Avocado Milkshake
I celebrated this moment with a glass of Avocado milk shake that day

Carrie's Cooking Adventures - Root Beer Float
While on our honeymoon the special drink of our resort was a alcoholic root beer float. It was soo good, I think I had one every night while on our honeymoon.

Algerian Cuisine by Farid Zadi - Algerian Coffee with Almond Cherbet
My liquid dream (pardon me) is Algerian Coffee with Almond Cherbet (ice). This is an incredibly easy and delicious iced coffee. I used Natural Almond Syrup (Sciroppo Orzata) from Sicily since there are no Algerian brands available in the States.

The Pastry Princess - Blood Orange Basil Cocktail
I wish I could have invited you all over for the celebration, but my tiny apartment isn’t such a gracious host when she has a crowd. A few friends and my younger sister did, however, visit me from Pennsylvania for a sweet weekend. When assuming the hostess role, I love to treat my guests well.

Foodie Confidential - Super-simple Lemon Squash
I swear this squash 'tastes' of sunshine. Maybe that's just in my mind, but I swear it does! It's one of the simplest thing I've ever tried to make.

Talk of Tomatoes - Silky Pear Cocktail
I could not hide a smile when thinking of his grandma opening a gift that encourages imbibing. Maybe we should throw in some martini olives for good measure?

My Kitchen Treasures - Blue Hawaiian
Naturally i blame my drinking habbit on my mother in law, she is the one who taught me and my sister in law to enjoy drinks.

Welcome to my Kitchen - Simple Milk Shake
Well, this one I made when I felt like having milk shake after a long gap.

What's For Lunch, Honey? - Passion Fruit & Orange Kefir Shake
You know the feeling you get after you have done something especially good for your body, like a good workout, it tingles and feels rejuvenated. That is the description I can give you after drinking this Kefir shake.

Hope you all enjoyed this round of the Monthly (hic!). I certainly did. Hope to see you back here real soon. In the meantime if you would like to share your own drink please go ahead and add it to the comment section of this post!

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  1. wow meeta..what a fun round-up! thanks for the i know..if i am ever going on a liquid diet..this is the page to refer ;)..have fun with ur family in dubai...

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    what a cool refreshing round up, enjoy your time with parents in Dubai,hope it has cool down, it was freaking 110 in aug.

  3. Thank you Meeta for accepting my entry. have fun in Dubai

  4. great roundup Meeta!! I loved the pics the most! didn't feel like leaving the page:)

    btw, could you please edit my link's name to Fun and Food? there's a typo there:)

  5. Great round-up Meeta... made me thirsty just looking at everything. Thanks again for hosting this. Have a good time in Dubai.

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    have a wonderful holiday in Dubai..

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    I especially like mine, it sounds like lines from a thriller novel :D

  9. Have a good time with the family!
    Till then, this is the perfect mingle to keep us occupied! Cheers!

  10. A excelent round up.
    Now if i want to make a drink i know were to come for a recipe.
    They all lokk beautiful.
    Have a good holiday in Dubai.

  11. What a great roundup! Sorry I did not have time to participate but I now have great ideas for refreshing drinks and cocktails!

  12. Beautiful Liquid dreams!! They all refreshing for Summer. Thanks for taking time time Meeta!:))
    Have fun with family.

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    Have a wonderful time in Dubai, enjoy being with your family and all the good food. mmmmmm!!!!!!


  20. Thank you all for joining in on the fun. This was a great MM and I think if we all did ever get together in real life we'd have a real merry party LOL!

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    Lovely round up and we'll all be waiting for you when you get back!


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