Destination Dubai 2018 | A Food Photography and Styling Experience


Dubai: big, brash, flashy and ostentatious! A metropolis that has an unrivalled character, with fantastical skylines, a shimmering oasis with skyscrapers reaching up to dizzying heights and the beautiful cream-coloured shoreline of the Persian Gulf. However, Dubai’s aura is also enriched by a more traditional heritage that is sometimes hidden under all the glitter and glam. Visitors to Dubai are often humbled by this old Bedouin heritage and culture that is still deeply rooted in this city. 



Dubai’s heart pulsates to a totally different heartbeat, a unique rhythm of old and new, of fast-paced tempo and an easy-going flow - there is something truly hypnotic about Dubai’s lifestyle. It is these vibes that always provide new inspiration for my annual workshops in Dubai. Together with the valuable support of my on-location team, we have put together, what we hope will be a very focused 2-day food photography, styling and lifestyle workshop. Unlike other workshops in the region Destination Dubai 2018 is an intensive food photography and styling workshop aimed at honing your skills and bringing out your voice and creativity. We open the workshop to a very limited number of participants to be able to concentrate on individual issues and to develop specific ideas and styles.



Impressions-20176Helping me develop the ideas and improve the visions we have for each workshop, is my wonderful liaison and cherished friend Roya Trazaban. Without Roya's infinite support and positive energy, many aspects of this workshop would not come together so easily.

As our base and home for 2-days will be, as in the years past, back at SCAFA - Dubai's leading School of Culinary and Finishing Arts at the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Alisha Haque, whose limitless generosity and cooperation always gives us a boost to go beyond limits, has been a special friend over the years. Alisha and her crew at SCAFA are the most supportive team who have backed and guided my workshops in Dubai for many years.





One person who has been a part of the team since the very first Dubai workshop back in 2011 will be terribly missed. Russell Impiazzi of Galeries Lafayette leaves Dubai and is heading towards new challenges and goals in London, UK. After over 25 years in Dubai he will be coming back to Europe and although we will miss him, his incredible talent and input for these workshops, I am excited to still have the opportunity to work with him on other workshops I will host here in Europe.





Meeta’s Photography and Styling Workshop was an eye opener for me. I am a food blogger who was just using her iPhone. I was afraid of the camera. I always admired people who took beautiful and artistic pictures of their food and I wanted to learn how to do that too. I wanted to take my blogging to another, a professional level. After the course, my photography skills have significantly improved. I learned so much from Meeta about styling, lighting, props and post-production, mainly due to the hands-on experience during the course. Now, I receive a lot of compliments about my photos and the camera became my best friend

~ Diana Zavzeatii, healthy food blogger and founder of
Destination Dubai 2017 Participant

Impressions-20155A challenge for the Dubai Workshop is often to find the perfect balance in the programme to cater to participants coming from outside the UAE and for those based in Dubai. While the focus during these workshops is very much on the techniques and craft of photography and styling, it has always been very important to me that my participants are able to work together and network within our group. Another very vital aspect of all my workshops is to have plenty of room and time to work on many practical and hands-on exercises and assignments. ´

Our programme this year is composed to include all these essential elements over the course of the two days.








I have been following Meeta’s work for a few years now and have craved to make mouth watering images like that. The only thing stopping me was my fear of doing something I have never done before. So when I saw that the workshop was happening again this year, I jumped at the opportunity and enrolled before I could change my mind. Boy was I glad! Meeta cleared so many myths and made it all sound so easy. She listened to us, answered the innumerable questions and gave us confidence to make images that we were proud of. I have come out of the workshop more inspired and more hungry to create. She’s made me see natural light in whole new way and I can’t wait to mould that into my own style. Thanks so much Meeta!

~ Zainab Malubhai,
Destination Dubai 2017 Participant

DESTINATION DUBAI 2018 - 5 and 6 October 2018 | THE WORKSHOP

This year we have structured the workshop to provide a dedicated day exclusively for each specific component.



The focus is on photography, where we will tackle aspects like the fundamental settings on your camera, using ISO, White Balance, Aperture and Shutter Speed. We will then dive more deeply into the more intricate techniques of photography. Capturing natural light, finding a spot-on focus, creating a mood and atmosphere, building a narrative and concept for your images, will be discussed in detail and developed in practical hands-on exercises. Demos by the instructor will serve as a basis for your assignments and aid you to develop your own ideas. We will also discuss how to use your smartphone to capture food for Instagram.



The main highlight is entirely on styling and props. We will begin our styling session by making our own backgrounds, which is often one of the most vital props in our setups. In a guided session we will show you how to paint and create a background using simple items easily available. You will then work on creating your own individual backgrounds, which you will use throughout the day in your images. We will examine colour and texture and consider perfect placement and appealing composition. Building your frame based on the different angles and how to pursue your own style and voice.

A session in post-processing in Adobe Lightroom will give you a basic insight on how to enhance your images using Adobe Lightroom as a tool. We will use our own images taken over the two days and experiment with the basic functions of post-processing.

DXB-details6DESTINATION DUBAI 2018 - FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY AND STYLING WORKSHOP is now open for your registrations. I  cannot wait for this workshop and meet a new group of talented people all keen to create magic and tap into their skills. 

All the detailed information including the programme, who this workshop is aimed towards, what is included, tickets, booking and payment information and how to make your registrations can be found on my workshop page >> just click on the button.



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