Breakfast of Champions - The Big Breakfast Post




Breakfast is for champions! And according to the trend it is sneaking its way into the other meals of day. We have a tendency to put an egg on everything and serve up “breakfast for lunch/dinner” – a trend that I follow myself, especially when the traditional eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and baked beans are concerned.

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Flourless Carrot Multi-Seed and Nut Bread

Carrot Nut Seed Bread (0022)

The German in me lives for the impressive variety of breads available to me. My Indian-self craves the rice with almost every meal and the Italian-lover me, is captivated with the pastas and risotto and the kid in me could live off creamy mashed potatoes for quite a few days. Over the year my intake of simple carbohydrates adds up to extreme levels.

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Honey Roasted Rhubarb Chevre Cheesecake Desserts


Rhubarb Chevre Cheesecake Dessert-0053

When one has spent a little time in Thuringia it is easy to understand why the Thurigians are so attached to their roots and are patriotic to this region. It is beautiful fertile country covered with rolling hills, thick lush forests and it boasts of rich cultural history. The story of the Leuchtenburg castle probably ideally depicts this devotion and dedication often found in people here. The Leuchtenburg is one of the most beautiful castles erected on a mountain in Germany. Unfortunately, during the GDR it was neglected and after several misused purposes the castle was supposed to be auctioned off in 2007. 

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Celebrations: Vanilla Infused Kumquat Marmalade Semolina Cake

Kumquat Vanilla Cake (0101)

9 years! That’s how old this blog is today. That means an astonishing number of posts, a fascinating amount of images and a magnificent quantity of recipes, mishaps, experiments in my kitchen. When I think about my shaky, timid and na├»ve debut into the blogging world I cannot help but giggle and look back in amazement at all that has occurred since February 2006!

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Bollywood Cooking: Lamb Balti

Lamb Balti-by Meeta Wolff (0075)

India’s food culture is as varied as its people. Each region boasts of dishes that have clearly defined characteristics and diversity. Up north in Punjab, a fertile land, the dishes are rich with thick gravies and buttery sauces. Rajasthan, an arid region, offers drier game-based and vegetarian dishes often spicy and cooked with buttermilk and curd. Kerala, in the south famous for its incredible variety of both spicy vegetarian and seafood curries, which are thinner and coconut, tamarind and an array of spices are used to flavor the dishes.

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Cooking School: Miso Ramen with Miso Glazed Chicken, Enoki and Shimeji Mushrooms


Remember those university days when we literally lived on packets of instant ramen noodles after long hours in the library or in lectures or … at parties? The energy level at an all time low, often I had just enough to tear open a packet, drop the contents into a bowl and pour hot bubbling water from a kettle. As it steeped, I would snooze, head on the table!

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May 2015: Food Photography and Styling Workshop in London, UK

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London, a pulsating and vibrant city full of creative impulses. I love coming back to this city as it always gives me new inspiration and encourages me to think a little out of the box. That is why I am excited to offer another Food Photography and Styling Workshop in this hotspot of a city.

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