October 2015: Dubai Food Styling & Photography Workshop


Dubai, is always a good idea! This pulsating city has risen from the desert, and today booms and bustles with a very unique charisma. Over the years Dubai has become a true mega food Mecca giving impulses and inspiration to chefs around the world. What may seem extraordinary and out-of-this-world any where else, it in "only in Dubai" that this is an exceptional normality. For me Dubai drives me to think out of the box and I always come back motivated with new ideas. I love coming back! 

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Bollywood Cooking: Vegetable Split Pea Dal, Spiced Cauliflower Pumpkin and a Kumquat Chutney

Vegetable Dal-0051

A humble feast! Meals that take me back to my nana and nani’s veranda on hot summer days in their Delhi home. As we arrived to spend several weeks of our vacation with the rest of the family I was always sure that the forthcoming days were going to be filled with lots of food where the hub of the house was the kitchen.

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Riverside: London Photography and Styling Workshop 2015


London, always such a bustling and hip place, was the location for my second workshop this year. I always love coming here for short visits – perfect to soak up the energy of the city. While London is very much about urban dynamism, I also love the open-wide spaces, leafy escapes and the riverside hideouts this city offers. The perfect place to give just the right beat to one of my workshops.

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White Asparagus and Strawberry Salad with Vanilla Kissed Salmon Steaks

Asparagus Strawberry Salad with Vanilla Kissed Salmon steaks (0193)

After having lived for several years in the Breisgau region, one of the things I thought I would miss the most when I moved to Weimar, would be my beloved asparagus freshly harvested almost right at the doorsteps. Baden-Württemberg after all is known as Germany’s asparagus capital. A few years after living in Weimar I learnt that several regions in the beautiful state of Thuringia could equally boast of excellent asparagus production thanks to the perfect clay-y soil conditions provided here. As a matter of fact asparagus growing has a long tradition in Thuringia and many trails link major asparagus growing areas together. From April to end of June the fields in these regions come to life as the asparagus season is at its height.

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September 2015: Food Photography and Styling Workshop in Sintra, Portugal


Sintra is like a page taken from a fairy-tale book with rippling mountains, misty forests, exotic gardens and glittering palaces. It is a Unesco World Heritage–listed center, dotted with pastel-hued manors wrapped into luxuriant hills that roll down to the blue Atlantic. I have chosen to end my European Workshop Tour 2015 here, on a high note and want to tempt you to join me!

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Imperial: Vienna Photography & Styling Workshop 2015


What a few months these have been! It seems I have hardly sat still long enough to really feel … still. I’ve been loving the movement of the past several weeks especially as I have just completed two workshops. First up in April was wonderful Vienna, a city that in all its poise and ease has something vibrant and full of life to it. The impulse the city gives is imperial and baroque yet there is a touch of simplicity and an uncomplicated aura that one is impressed by surroundings and feels relaxed by the atmosphere.

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Dandelion Avocado Gazpacho with Deep-water Prawns

Dandelion Gazpacho-WM-0160

If you are a fanatic for the perfectly manicured lawns then you are probably extremely wary about the ubiquitous common dandelions! Our early memories are probably those of threading the vibrant yellow flowers on a string to wear as necklaces or trumpeting on the stalks until the milky liquid stuck to the lips. The last thing we thought of back then was eating any part of the dandelion!

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