Fennel Seed and Cardamom Spiced Carrot Rice Pudding

Indian Spiced Carrot Rice Pudding (0051)

„Stay till Diwali!“ Last week my dad wished a few times. I wished we could …
A list of tasks to complete, must dos, deadlines to meet and unfinished projects to complete ran down like a matrix in my brain. Now as I sit here back in Weimar listening to the wind howl outside as the rain batters against the windows, I am thinking I wish I did. 

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Whole-wheat Flammkuchen with Bratwurst on Caramelized Cabbage and Pear



Well bratwurst, obviously! What comes to mind when you think of food in Thüringen? I presume most of you answered that question with that answer. As part of the Kulinarik project with my clients the Thüringer Tourismus GmbH I have the incredible of opportunity of traveling around Thüringen on an one-of-a-kind adventure. On this path of food I get to meet some pretty awesome professionals, talk and learn about traditional Thüringian dishes and the history, photograph and then create a recipe with those typical flavors.

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The New Look - fresh, crisp and good!

New Blog Design - What's For Lunch, Honey?

What’s for lunch, honey? just got a complete facelift. It’s fresh, crisp, clean and so good I am doing dances around the notebook. I got together with the extremely talented Corinna Haselmeyer of Holistic Design and since June we have been working on this space behind the scenes. What we developed over the past several weeks has been a piece of art and love.

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Tomato Basil Tart with a Polenta Crust

Polenta Tomato Basil Tart (0055)

I’m spoiling you with tomatoes again. You see, I’ve had a good crop and the harvest has been plentiful. After eating them mostly naked and then preserving them in various sauces, it was time to tart them up a little. Don’t tire of my tomato mania – not just yet. This tart deserves all your attention – it is so shamelessly good that anything less than your undivided attention will not do justice to it.

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Tomato Sauces: Spicy Ketchup, Fruity Marinara and Passata di Pomodoro


If Eve had used a tomato instead of an apple, maybe the story of Adam and Eve would have been different. After all tomatoes are often called “love apples” and were thought to have aphrodisiac powers.The French therefore named it quite appropriately, pomme d’amour

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Gooseberry Nectarine Galette

Nectarine Gooseberry Galette (0034)

It feels good to be back home! After over 3000 kilometers through the Normandy from Étretat to Mont Saint Michel then over to the Pays D’Auge and ending in Versailles and Paris, we are quite contended to be back home. After a little over two and half weeks of living in a RV the luxury of space is felt in every room but most of all in my kitchen. It was a sensational vacation: we hiked on steep cliffs, we relaxed under gorgeous cornflower blue skies, we swam in the ocean and we ate our weight in mussels, oysters and seafood.

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Summertime: Thai inspired Zucchini Mango Salad

Zucchini Mango Salad Thai Style (0127)

It’s officially here! Summer vacation is just around the corner and all three of us are looking forward to two and half weeks of lazy days, without routine, sun soaking, refreshing hikes, stylish city tours, good food and just quality time for each other.

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