Apricot Oat Spelt Bread Loaves

Apricot Spelt Loaves by Meeta K. Wolff-WM-0015-2

The last thing I expected to really get hooked on in terms of food, when I first moved to Germany, was bread. Having lived in many countries I was used to a great variety of bread, mostly flatbreads. In my arrogance - or call it ignorance - I was sure that while Germany had some great bread-types – think of the pumpernickel, others were overrated – for me the pretzel!

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Rhubarb Strawberry Pavlova with Cardamon Skyr Cream

Cardamom Strawberry Rhubarb Pavlova-by Meeta K Wolff--0551

Peonies, scoops of ice cream, dances through the sprinkler, warm summer rains and juicy strawberries. All the things that are making summer a blast for us here in Weimar. Those end of year exams are done and dusted for my son, my last workshops and events for the first half of the year are under the belt and we are gearing towards summer break in just under a week.

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Dubai 2016 | Food Photography and Styling Workshop


Dubai 2016 Food Photography and Styling Workshop

Dubai, a city that one can only admire! That indefatigable energy, gutsy ambition and ability to dream big, with the capacity to realize those dreams and visions into huge projects that elsewhere would never even get off the drawing board. A city where a multitude of cultures come together to produce an incredible diversity of food, fashion and traditions. A globally inspired city, Dubai pulsates to a heartbeat that is so invigorating and it provides and inspirational basis for my workshops. 

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German Spaetzle with Wild Garlic Almond Pesto and Green Asparagus

Wild Garlic Pesto-Ingredients-Meeta-Wolff-125

By the time spring arrived the air thickened with the pungent aroma hanging over the park and the woods. Following the path on my bicycle my nostrils were overwhelmed with the smell of garlic that seemed to follow me. I had not been living long in Germany and spring in this magnitude was often still overwhelming to my senses. For someone who had spent most of her life in the Persian Gulf in the bi-seasonal climates of hot and hotter, the feeling of four seasons was intoxicating.

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Spice Infusions 3 | Chillies

Spice Infusions 042016 Meeta Wolff 0059

When Christopher Columbus set off from Spain to find an alternative route to Asia, he was looking to find a new fruitful passage to India and the lands beyond. He was looking to safeguard Europe’s kitchen, little did he know he was about to completely change it. 

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Overnight 5 Grain Bircher Muesli With Goji berries & Green Apple

Bircher Muesli by Meeta K Wolff -0077

Ready, steady … go! Most mornings many of us are dashing out the door, grabbing a quick piece of toast and a coffee to go. I know you all are smart enough to know that a good meal at the start of the day takes you further, keeping your energy levels balanced. For me a good breakfast also keeps any mood swings or headaches at bay and I realized a long time ago that a good regular breakfast kept me focused by improving my concentration levels.

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Spice Infusions 2 | Turmeric, Cardamom and Peppercorns

SpiceInfusions-032016-WM-Meeta K. Wolff

The core of any Indian dish is always a blend of spices. As soon as the skillet heats up against the flame, one of the first ingredients to hit the bottom of the pan will always be a pinch of an aromatic spice. We Indians have been using them for centuries. A fundamental part of the Eastern life they are not only used in our cuisine but also for their healing properties. As the Romans followed the spice trails, bringing several spices back into the western countries, their culinary possibilities opened up a world into new tastes and blends.

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