Almond Butter Seed Fruit and Nut Granola

Almond Butter Seed Fruit Nut Granola-by Meeta K Wolff WM-0012

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” ~ Steve Jobs

My 2017 mantra is Focus and Simple! Keeping all aspects of my life clean, simple and clutter-free is something I have been aiming to achieve for a while. I am on the right path I know it – but I still tend to fall back on some old habits. That is why I have chosen to make 2017 a year where I consciously push out all the toxic junk and matter and open up to purity, to grace and to calmness.

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Rome 2017 | Food Photography and Styling Retreat in the Hills of Sabina


Power-packed 2-day photography retreat in the stunning rolling hills of Sabina!

When you have a winning combination then it only makes sense to hang on to it and repeat it and relive it again. Recently I wrote about the Rome Retreat 2016 we had in May last year. The stunning landscapes, the creative surroundings, the energy the workshop provided and those big happy smiles on our participants' faces motivated us so much that it was only natural that the team connected with each other again to compose another sensational workshop retreat this year.

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Christmas Cookie Post | Butter Spekulatius Dark Chocolate Orange Spritz Cookies & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cranberry Pistachio Rocky Road


Christmas Cookies 2016 by Meeta K. Wolff-WM-0057

It does not feel very much like Christmas – weather-wise. After a few days of extreme cold with -10 degrees, where the entire landscape was frozen in sparkly white ice crystals, it is now too warm and a mix between windy grey skies and a moisture in the air. 

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Christmas | Quark Butter Stollen and Cranberry Almond Butter Spelt Stollen


Stollen2016-Quark Butter Stollen by Meeta K. Wolff-WM-0025

As the last of the golden leaves have fallen and the magnificent Autumnscape is replaced with barren trees and frosty fields, December comes around and I begin to crave spices, warming stews and curries. My kitchen itches for me to bring together flour, sugar and spice and that bottle of rum to plump up the dried fruit and maybe a nip between whisking and beating. While outside the gravel-grey skies are bare and the biting winter winds have stripped the last of the leaves from the trees, inside the inviting glow of the candles promise cosy warmth. 

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Thankful | for a Walk in the Park


Come take a seat next to me my friend. Rest. Breathe. Contemplate.
The path seems to be a long hard one as challenging times lie ahead. Let us realign and unite for together we are stronger, we can make the difference. Let us take a moment to ignite the fire of love and respect, to find our inner strength, to be bold ... for these are not normal times.

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Rome Workshop 2016 | The Serenity of the Sabina Hills


Earlier this year in May, I flew south towards Rome for my first workshop this year. Together with one of my most cherished friends and workshop partners Jeanne Horak-Druiff we were going to host and instruct a signature food photography and styling retreat just a stone’s throw away from Rome in the serenity of the Sabina Hills. Sabina's landscape is a tapestry of olive groves, vineyards and ancient hilltop villages, rich in medieval architecture and tradition. The images in this post will envelop you and capture you in the charm this region offers.

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Pumpkin Hit List: The Best Pumpkin Recipes 2016

Pumpkin2016-WM by Meeta K Wolff-0117

It’s the season! Pumpkins are here - a sure sign that Autumn has arrived. Versatile and available in several varieties the humble pumpkin is a wonder produce for sweet and savory recipes. A few years ago all one could find in Germany was the Red Kuri pumpkin. Slowly year for year I began seeing the butternut, then the Musque de Provence and then it seemed the pumpkin market exploded here. I love pumpkins and for me this change was a huge advantage in my kitchen

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