Religion with a View

Greek Church on Flickr

While visiting the Peloponnese, Greece we found a small sceneic village called Kastro. There, I spotted this gorgeous church sitting above the village overlooking the Ionic Sea. I thought "Wow! This is religion with a view."

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  1. Nice picture indeed. Summer where are you?


  2. Meeta, a truly beautiful photo, and please come for the party!

  3. Lovely picture, really capture the moment! Great shot!

  4. Beautiful picture! :) Read you post below and all your plans for 2007 sound great! Can't wait for the 2nd round of postcards! :)

  5. That is incredible... I think just about anyone could find their religion with a view like that. Greece is one of the most scenic places in the world I think. Your photo does it such justice!

  6. This looks like a painting! Unreal!


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