Poppy Seed & Chai Mini Cakes with a Chai Cream Glaze

Poppy_seed_Chai_Mini_Cakes_by Meeta K Wolff-0008

There obviously is no topic that is hotter and en vogue in the first month of the year than “health, fitness and weight loss!” Year for year we list our goals and, year for year these topics always make the top 5 list of New Year’s Resolutions. Over the turn of the year my WhatsApp and Telegram messages were brimming with all the tips and to dos my friends were planning as soon as January came along. The gym I go to has been uncommonly full this month with people, sweating and pushing a few extra weights, determined to stick to those earnest goals they set. Every blog and food website I have visited this month also has some awesome recipe list on “detox”, “clean” food and how we can eat better through the year. I guess that is why I waited patiently to post my first recipe of 2019. .

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Cherry Coconut Clafoutis

Cherry_Clafoutis-by Meeta K. Wolff-0290

It made a lasting impression and it deeply fulfilled my soul. Madame Maillard brought it out in a cast iron pan not much larger than a dessert plate. The sides were puffed up like a soufflé and browned on the edges, and the juices of the fruit left a blood-red trail within the ridges. Peeling off some waxed paper from a small ceramic bowl she pulled out of the fridge and to my delight, she formed the perfect quenelle of Crème Fraiche and carefully placed it on top of my very first cherry clafoutis.

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Beer-Braised Pulled Pork Tacos and a Spicy Mango and Pineapple Salsa

Beer-Braised-Pulled-Pork-by Meeta K Wolff-0231

What does a civil engineer, a teacher and an industrial mechanic have in common?

Besides sharing a friendship for over 30 years, it was a passion for beer that kindled the first sparks for three young men from Schmalkalden to establish a small brewery.

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Destination Dubai 2018 | A Food Photography and Styling Experience


Dubai: big, brash, flashy and ostentatious! A metropolis that has an unrivalled character, with fantastical skylines, a shimmering oasis with skyscrapers reaching up to dizzying heights and the beautiful cream-coloured shoreline of the Persian Gulf. However, Dubai’s aura is also enriched by a more traditional heritage that is sometimes hidden under all the glitter and glam. Visitors to Dubai are often humbled by this old Bedouin heritage and culture that is still deeply rooted in this city. 

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Elderflower Cordial Prosecco Spritz

Elderflower Cordial by Meeta K. Wolff-0242

It's July – already! My last post was end of May!

I had many plans through June for my blog – most importantly I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you. As a child of June, I am convinced it is the best month in the whole year. Don't think I wasn't working towards my plan though. I cooked, baked, styled and shot many delicious foods and dishes – job related yes - but also a selection for my readers here. But my plans to sit still and write a post often were interrupted by spontaneous photo shoots, travels and family fun in the sun!

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Rhubarb Pistachio Frangipane Tart

RhubarbPistachioFrangipaneTart-by Meeta K Wolff-0047

Rhubarb, for many, is an acquired taste, often not acquired till adulthood. I did not acquire the taste until a few years after I moved to Germany. Rhubarb is the harbinger of springtime, and like Spring it is transient and delightful.

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A Skywalk and a Lemon Scented Asparagus Egg Feldgieker Tart


TTG-Asparagus_Feldgieker_Tart-by Meeta K. Wolff-0158

On a Spring day in April, I packed my camera gear and props to make the roughly one-and-a-half-hour drive from Weimar to Eichsfeld. The weather was, as true to April's nature, fairly changeable. It was warm, my spirit was high and I was really looking forward to this trip. The district of Eichsfeld is a beautiful region in Thuringia, with its rolling hills and untouched nature, the landscape at times reminds me of something taken from the chapters of a Jane Austen book: a Nature of beauty and grace.

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