Muscovado Sugar Orange and Cardamom Easter Wreath


One of the most comforting aromas for me is the one of freshly baked bread emanating from the oven and filling the house with it’s sweet, yeasty perfumes. I live in Germany and have the most wonderful variety of fresh bread available from an abundance of several bakeries to choose from. I am spoilt for choice. The short distance I drive each day from home to work, which is about 4 kilometers, there are 6 bakeries, 2 of which offer organic bread and baked treats. Yes I am spoilt for choice. 

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Black Forest Pavlova: Quark, Cherries, Kirsch & Chocolate


Black Forest Pavlova (0035) by Meeta K. Wolff

“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.”  ~Ernestine Ulmer.

And if I may complement this piece of prudent wisdom “… start with a pavlova!” Because after you have tasted this true piece of heaven, whatever may come after that will just be consolation in the form of dessert.

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Chocolate Espresso Sponge Pudding (and How to Pinterest)

Chocolate Espresso Sponge Pudding (0027) by Meeta K. Wolff

While I wait for Spring to fully arrive at the markets I am satisfying the deep sweet cravings with chocolate … and coffee. It’s an intense but exquisite pairing that one can very easily get addicted to. Doesn’t addiction come is so many forms?

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Roasted Fennel Soup with Pernod and Smoked Salmon

Roasted Fennel Soup with Pernod and Smoked Salmon (0093) by Meeta K. Wolff, on Flickr

First, I want to say WOW! Thanks for all those incredible comments, wishes and feedback on my last post. I was so touched by your heartfelt thoughts. It just blew me away. I enjoyed reading them so much, smiling and tearing up all at the same time.

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