Beef Kofta Curry


It’s been snowing outside for a few days now. Today it stopped, leaving the trees tops, the hills and the houses coated with an icing of powdery white. The air is clear and crisp although colored in shades of grey … and it’s cold. It’s the kind of cutting cold that goes straight to the bone benumbing toes, fingers and faces. I’ve had cold feet and hands for days that do not seem to warm up regardless of the hot baths, the feet stuck to the heater or the multiple layers of socks.

The cure had to come from the inside.

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Roasted Beet Parsnip Apple Soup with Hazelnuts and Sage


After I wrote my last post, I was hoping to slowly get back into the saddle and ease myself back into the work load. The two week break did me good and I was raring to go but I like savoring the begin of a new phase. I understand that many do not think this way, but the start of a new year does have a magic of new beginnings and fresh starts. Wipe the slate clean and with the wisdom of an year, an opportunity to do it better than before. I am not talking resolutions - no I do not believe in them - I mean daring to go a step further, climbing that extra rung and getting closer to that goal you’ve been focusing on.

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Retrospective 2012 - A Year with its Highs and Lows



2013 - it’s here! We’re well into the second week of the new year and I still need to get into the swing of things around here. Isn’t it funny how easy it is to fall out of a routine? Honestly though, after living decadently for the past two weeks I have to say I am happy to have my routine again. While all those indulging meals, cakes, desserts and treats were grand I am feeling over-satiated and glad to be cooking up my lighter dishes in the kitchen again. 

What I’ll miss however is the extra time we took to spend with friends, who usually gather around our place for dinners, game nights and conversation far into the night. That was real luxury for me. I love catching up with them as most of us live in different cities and usually connect with short texts, tweets or Facebook messages throughout the year.

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