Denmark – Pure Relaxation


Denmark (16) by MeetaK 

Denmark – a country powered by wind energy. Those who have visited this beautiful country must have noticed the many wind turbines that have become a part of Denmark’s landmarks. For me Denmark has always represented a clean, serene and friendly country. And this year after the unexpected turn our life took, it seemed like the perfect hideout for a few weeks.

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Glossy Red Cherries


 Cherries (02) by MeetaK

I love the glossy shine cherries have. Once washed and dried, I pile them in a nice bowl and place them on the couch table for everyone to grab. Better than chocolates! Often the cherries disappear within a short time.

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Daring Bakers: Milan Cookies


MilanosCookies04 framed 

After a much needed relaxing 2 week break I return with the Daring Bakers challenge for this month. The Daring Bakers have made all sorts of great sweet and savory treats in the past, some very challenging and others straightforward. All have been a lot of fun and I've always learned or came across something new with each challenge. Whether it was a new technique, a new ingredient or just knowing how much heat I can stand in the kitchen - it's been a great experience.

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Re-Charging The Batteries


Gerbera01 framed 

We’re taking a break for the next couple of weeks. A break we really need to re-charge our batteries, smell the flowers and soak up the sun. I hope when we return we feel as fresh as these flowers.

In the meantime have fun browsing through the blog and finding some recipes you might enjoy.


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Fiesta Time: Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quesadillas



Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, wide use of spices and fresh vegetables, fruit and beans. Each region in Mexico offers its own traditional variety of food and flavors and they all differ greatly in cuisine and style of cooking. However, many of the Mexican dishes we eat outside of Mexico are often not the authentic Mexican cuisine. Generally it is a fusion of some kind and more often than not it has been adapted and Americanized to what we know as Tex-Mex.

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Wild Blueberry Lime Coconut Ice Cream with Sfogliatine


Blueberry Lime Coconut Ice Cream (01) by MeetaK 

For us “real” summer actually starts when school’s out. I am sure parents of school going children will know what I mean. Daily life takes a totally different turn with the start of summer break. The days seem longer and slightly more relaxed and even though there’s day care and work, we’re at ease and enjoy the leisure of sleeping-in in the morning, strolls to the park in the afternoon and picnics in the evening.

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Quark Blancmange with Strawberry Compote


Quark Blancmange (1) by MeetaK 

Today a quick recipe to sweeten your weekend. We've been going to the strawberry fields quite often the past week. This year they are exceptionally sweet and juicy. After the rains left we've had nothing but sunny and warm weather and it seems that the strawberries enjoyed the extra sun they got. They are perfect and so tempting that there is no resisting.

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For the girlie in me


 Pink Gerbera (03) by MeetaK


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