Wild Blueberry Lime Coconut Ice Cream with Sfogliatine

Blueberry Lime Coconut Ice Cream (01) by MeetaK 

For us “real” summer actually starts when school’s out. I am sure parents of school going children will know what I mean. Daily life takes a totally different turn with the start of summer break. The days seem longer and slightly more relaxed and even though there’s day care and work, we’re at ease and enjoy the leisure of sleeping-in in the morning, strolls to the park in the afternoon and picnics in the evening.

Then of course summer means ice cream. In big scoops and almost everyday! Our favorite gelato place in Weimar offers some great and extremely scrumptious flavor combination and while we often stop for a scoop of the delightful frozen dessert, at 1 Euro per scoop it can become an expensive treat.  

But summer provides us with such a lovely variety of ripe and juicy fruit, with which we are creative and enjoy spending the afternoon making our own ice cream.

Recently we spent a weekend on a lovely lake surrounded by a thick green forest. Packing a picnic, we and a few friends went for a hike around the lake in the forest. We were surprised with bushes and bushes of beautiful, fat, juicy and sweet wild blueberries. The picking started casually, just a few to pop into our mouths while hiking. But the deeper we went the more we found. In the end we came home with boxes full of wild blueberries.

Wild Blueberries (01)by MeetaK

We enjoyed most of them pure or in our yogurts or muesli in the mornings, but there was enough to make a few desserts.

Soeren and I got busy one afternoon making a blueberry flavor combination for our next ice cream creation. We turned up the music – A-ha’s new album is our current favorite, put on our aprons and looked through our ingredient list.

I also had some puff pastry leftover from another baking project and wanted to use it. A little nibble of something crispy and flakey to go with the ice cream would be great, I thought and remembered the buttery Venetian cookies our Italian ice cream café often made.

Sfogliatine are a delicate cookie traditionally made in Venice. A simple affair really – two sheets of puff pastry layered and glazed with a light sugary icing and baked till golden. Not to be confused with the filled pastry also by the same name from Naples. These Sfogliatine are airy, light and flakey and can be enjoyed with a simple cappuccino or an elegant dessert.

I did not follow any recipe as such just placed two sheets of puff pastry on top of each other and cut them into square, then cut into rectangular strips. Lightly glazed them with some egg white and sprinkled with fine sugar, then baked them until they are puffy, golden and the sugar has caramelized. Be sure to cut a few slits into your puff pastry strips to avoid it puffing too much.

Sfoglatine (02) by MeetaK

Once the sfogliatine were cooling on the rack we got to work on our ice cream. A few limes, coconut cream and handfuls of blueberries were going to give us our ice cream flavor of the week. 

Blueberry Lime Coconut Ice Cream (03) by MeetaK

 Meeta Recipe CardBlueberryCocoLimeIceCream

Wild Blueberry Lime and Coconut Ice Cream

Printable version of recipe here.

150g + extra blueberries
2 limes, zest and juice
120g Muscavado sugar
200ml coconut cream
280ml heavy cream


  1. In a small saucepan add lime zest, juice and sugar and on low heat gently stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved. Add the blueberries and simmer just until the skins of the blueberries begin to pop – approx. 2-4 minutes.

  2. Transfer the blueberry mixture to a clean bowl and stir in the coconut cream. Allow to infuse and cool.

  3. Whip the heavy cream in a separate bowl until it just begins to hold it’s shape. Slowly pour in the blueberry mixture and fold.

  4. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for approx an hour. Take out and give the mixture a good whisk until it is fairly smooth.

  5. Pour into your ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  

  6. Transfer to a metal container (I often use my rectangular loaf/cake pan) and freeze. Will keep for up to a month. Take out of freezer approx. 30 minutes before serving to soften, then serve with an additional scattering of fresh blueberries.

Sticky Note Kitchen NotesIf you are making this ice cream without an ice cream maker the procedure is fairly simple:

  • Follow the steps all the way to point 4. then pour the mixture into a bowl and freeze for approx. 1 hour.
  • Remove from freezer and using an electric hand whisk, blend the mixture energetically until fairly smooth.
  • Put back into the freezer for another hour, then take out and repeat the whisking again.
  • Finally transfer the mixture into a metal container, cover and freeze.

The Food Guide_1

Food Guide Tips:
- Make your own homemade puff pastry.
- Select the perfect limes for this recipe.
- Enjoy the coconut in several different ways.




Blueberry Lime Coconut Ice Cream Diptych (01) by MeetaK

Making ice cream with Soeren is always a lot of fun. He is filled with great fantasies and has a wild imagination. We make up stories as we lick out the spoons or scoop out the ice cream from the machine for a pre-taste. I think this really is our ice cream of the week, it’s fruity with the succulent and sweet blueberries, the limes add a perfect zesty aroma and the coconut rounds up this consummate flavor combination magnificently. The flakey sfogliatine gives it the final crunch needed to round up a great ice cream treat.

I'd Like to send a portion of this ice-cream to Ben and his Homemade #5 June & July - Ice Cream

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  1. Awesome summer treat! and what a tasty coincidence I made a batch coconut milk ice cream yesterday with blueberries ,yum!

  2. This recipe looks so tempting to try out Meeta! What exactly is coconut cream, is this something you can just buy in grocery stores?

  3. I agree that making ice cream with my kids is fun, they enjoy it.
    Gotta say, what caught my attention was the mention of A-ha. They have a new album? I haven't heard anything from them since the late 80's, so I'm intrigued.

  4. What a lovely and summery treat. I don't own an icemachine so thanks for posting the instructions for making this without the machine!

  5. Awesome.Love the sfogliatine.The icecream is very flavourful the lime blueberry combo is new to me.

  6. Oh, fantastic! Just my kind of flavors!



  7. Oh, that sounds divine. I can't wait til we can find some wild blueberries to enjoy.

    Gorgeous photos and descriptions.

  8. Hey Meeta, you are one heck of a mom! My mom never dared to utter the word Ice --- in front of me for I am a Icecream freak...i can literally live on it and this one is sooooooo tempting and looks lovely :) Its even more cute that your son was your sous chef unh! I am a regular reader of your blog, probably from past 2 yrs. there's hardly any time that i have missed your blog but never left a comment as you know my words would be already voiced by others....but this one...i had to tell you 'Its Adorable'. My 16 mos. old was acting as if the icecream bowl is right in front of her.....great blog meeta...

  9. Wow, blueberries make the most fantastically colored ice cream. Love the deep hues. Sounds like a perfect summer afternoon spread! :)

  10. Never heard the name of this cookie, but it less complicated to make than the name:-) Coconut with blueberries sounds literally COOL! wish i could have some.

  11. Hi Meeta,
    I have been reading your blog for sometime now but never left a comment this is the first time I am commenting. You have a fantastic blog here. Your son must be definitely lucky to have such a dotting mom. Your ice-cream looks so yummy! What can I say about your photography, simply fantastic! Keeps it rocking!

  12. Perfect perfect Ice cream! Lovely treat!!

  13. thank you so much for the comments everyone.

    Jenny - yes A-HA do have a new album out and are going on tour. I've got tickets to see them this Fall!!

    Pracheeti - Coconut cream is very much like coconut milk slightly thicker. You can sub it with canned unsweetened coconut milk too.

    Smita - thanks for leaving a comment it's always great to hear from my readers. You and your daughter will love this ice cream.

    Cilantro - Thanks for the comment and your lovely words

    Hugs to all!

  14. the facebook post lured me here even though I should probably be sleeping :P
    I love that you made the ice cream with coconut milk - I bet that tastes really refreshing with the squirt of lime and fresh blueberries. Your description of summer made me miss the days when I had summer vacation. That was probably one of the biggest shocks I encountered when I started working - "what do you mean we work all year round?!?"

  15. Wow, amazing colours, flavours and textures. Just wonderful photography too.

  16. Wow Meeta, your Ice cream looks scrumptious! Loved the combination of flavors!! I too will be getting an ice cream machine this week and am sure, will be trying this combi.

    Have a great day!


  17. you temptress, you...

    I've never eaten a fresh blueberry!

    This looks so divine.

  18. Oh don't I dare disagree with you Meeta. It's indeed relaxing to have kids home, to spend time with them going with the flow... i only hope the weather gets better in Munich!

  19. What an interesting combination of flavors. I love the gypsy colors- it speaks to me! :)

  20. Those are some beautifully dark blueberries!! I recently tasted blueberries for the first time, so I can imagine how delicious this ice cream must be!! Only wish I hadn't used them all up :(

  21. Beautiful! Not only ice cream, but the berries themselves. I love lime in almost everything, so this one sounds amazing!

  22. SO incredibly delicious looking and sounding. I'm at my sister's house in Chicago with the little one and we are out of ice cream! (Can you believe that? I can't). You know I'd kill for some fresh blueberries off the bush right? Love love.

  23. That sounds so delicious! Can't wait to try it out :)

  24. wow..........was the first word i said then the picture loaded...........the color of the icecream is so so wonderful.......and the blueberries in soren's hand(i presume) are so tempting and inviting......

  25. Wow sounds wonderful and so summery. Its turned out a beautiful colour too.

  26. Wow, this is great...love the flavors in it...yummie for summertime. Great picture!

  27. Your ice cream looks awesome and the flavor combination is one I'd love. I'm having an Ice Cream Social event over at my blog this weekend. Come take a peek at all the recipes everyone is sharing and share yours there if you'd like.

  28. Couldn't resist making this ice cream, even though today is rainy and overcast. It is chilling right now, but I am certain it will be delicious! I wasn't sure how long to cool the blueberry sauce before folding into the whipped cream - any recommendations?

  29. So amazed at how shiny those wild blueberries look. Slightly jealous over here :)

  30. thanks once again for all your comments on this! glad you are liking the ice cream.

    Xorn - cool to room temperature so that the cream does not curdle when adding hot or warm sauce.

  31. yum! I love ice cream, although it doesn't feel the same about me. However, I do indulge every now and again. Love this blueberry coconut combo. And, Sfogliatine? Swoon!

    Enjoy your summer! :)


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