Daring Bakers: Sugar and Spice Cookies – Cardamom, Lavender, Pistachio and Sprinkles


Sugar and Spice Cookies (0007) by MeetaK  

I’ve been absent from the Daring Bakers’ challenges the past two months. I never thought I would dislike being away this much. However, July and August were filled with many exciting ventures and adventures, like the gorgeous vacation in Norway, a fantastic weekend in Dresden, working on my portfolio and a steady stream of some great writing jobs I managed to get in August. Add to that a few other projects I am working on and my day job plus family - I think I am doing an excellent job of fitting a 72 hour day in just 24 hours.  

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1500 Sausages of Germany



There are many reasons why I love living in Germany. The beer is good, the incredible cakes are the most delicious I have ever tasted, there is a decadent variety of chocolate, cheese and yogurt available, being so wonderfully central it’s a stone’s throw away from France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Denmark, making the long vacations people have here (I have 30 days plus all the bank holidays) a real pleasure. But what I really, really love about living in Germany is the sheer abundance of the many different types of sausages one gets here.

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Rooibos Chocolate Chai and Sweet Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon Macarons


Rooibos Chocolate Chai and Sweet Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon Macarons (0022) by MeetaK  

We’d sit on the concrete wall in the sweltering heat waiting for the big yellow American school bus to come around and pick us up. To me the bus always looked rather out of place on the synthetic streets of Doha. But then everything in Doha was imported and somehow looked rather out of place.  

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Berry Nut Chocolate Intense Granola


Granola Berry Nut Chocolate Intens (0013) by MeetaK  

I love my morning granola or muesli! My jars at home are usually almost always filled with either a muesli or granola blend I make at home. I know I am not alone when I say that homemade muesli or granola always hits home with me.  

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Honey Figs Gorgonzola and Prosciutto Crostata


Fig Gorgonzola Crostata (0024) by MeetaK  

This weekend I was able to create a milestone to call my own. A milestone that fills me entirely with pride and honor. This weekend I became a Godmother.  

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My Photography Portfolio



I’m ready to share it: www.meetakwolff.com

It’s been a long process, I have to admit, but here it is. I see it but I do not believe it’s finally completed.

My main focus usually lies on my life with my family, my day job and my friends, but then there is another part of me that strives to achieve more, be creative and not be confined to the realms of daily life. My “hobby” has provided me with a gateway to an island just for me. I can shut out the world around me and sink into whatever it is I am doing, be it photography, writing or developing a new recipe. While both aspects of my life conflate into one, I realize that the goals I set for my hobby can only be achieved with tiny baby steps.

This year I set out a few goals and one of them was to get my photography portfolio out. The “hobby” began to inch into a bigger picture in my life as a few clients and editors planted the seed in my head. At first it was difficult for me to relate to the idea: “Me? A photography portfolio? As in like a real professional one? But only photographers have photography portfolios!”

It was sometime last year that I actually really got comfortable enough to consider myself as a photographer – as in – a photographer good enough to have her own portfolio!

You can now access the portfolio very easily from the top navigation bar under “photography portfolio”.

There are several people I really want to thank because even though my name is prominently displayed on portfolio there have been a few forces behind the scenes helping me with this feat.


Those Spice Sisters are always there when I need them.

Kerrin, Hilda and Jeanne who motivated and supported me each in her own way. Looking through pictures, giving critique and helping me with the text and forever encouraging me.

Jamie – sweet Jamie, always there for me not just with her positive attitude but her endless praise. Together we worked on the texts, wording, re-wording and then scraping and starting from the beginning – with her utmost patience and perseverance I feel good about my About and Contact pages!

Ilva – without her kicks in my backside I presumably would have taken another year with this project. But she believed in me from the first moment. She was one of the biggest driving forces behind me working on this project to make it a reality - quickly. Her boundless belief in me, her sound advice and loyal friendship moved me so much.

Spice Power rocks! Thank you ladies. I often found myself in tears (like right now) when I thought of the unconditional love and support I have received from you all!

My two girlfriends here A.K. and Beate who push me to dream big dreams and are forever plugging me where ever they can. Thanks!

Of course I’d like to thank many of you because you might not know it but your comments and motivation keeps me going, making me believe in myself. Some of you have been with me on this space from the beginning and you know how I have developed. Did you ever think I would have my own portfolio when I first presented this post? I did not!

I also did not expect to become a person many turn to on the topic of photography and styling. But I have and to you, I just want to say: take another look at that post and the pictures. If I can do it you can too!    

Shoot for the moon. If you miss you’ll still land in the stars!

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Strawberry Lime Polenta Muffins


Strawberry Polenta Muffins (01) by MeetaK  

As a parent, one of the things I absolutely love is experiencing the different stages in my son’s life through his eyes. He’s 8 and often wiser than his age, always with a fairly cool line on his lips for the various situations we come across in our daily life. Soeren’s easy going, casual and rather witty nature makes him quite popular with kids of all ages. The older ones take a liking to him due to his smart perception and the younger ones adore him instantly for his creative and fun attitude.  

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Photography Portfolio Sneak Peak



I’ve been working on a few projects behind the scenes for the past few months. One of them has been my own photography portfolio. At the beginning of this year I set out with this goal in my head. Many current and prospect clients encouraged me to do so and a few close blog friends pushed me to finally get myself from the vision to reality.

Well I am quite ecstatic to say it’s finally a reality! It requires a few minor tweaks and modifications but next week I will be ready to share it with all of you. Believe me I am excited, nervous, albeit fairly exhausted and cannot wait to get your feedback on it.

All photographs and written content on What's For Lunch, Honey? © 2006-2010 Meeta Khurana Wolff unless otherwise indicated. | All rights reserved | Please Ask First

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