Where am I taking Tom for his Birthday?

Here is a little game I am playing on my personal blog, The Family Buzz. Thought the readers here might want to play too.

I am taking Tom somewhere special for his birthday. Over Easter we will be off to this great city. Can you guess by looking at the pic above where this is? Actually, there is a cheat to this, but I hope you are all honest enough to guess without the cheat.

If you do guess right then I will send you a postcard from this place, so make sure you leave your address!
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  1. Hmmm... i need a clue here :) What's the cheat?

  2. No way, Shammi! It's an easy cheat but I am so damn sure you'll be able to figure this out on your own.

    If not, leave your address anyway. I'll be happy to send you a postcard!

  3. is it great wall of china?


  4. and i guess the cheat is that u mentioned great city. so its mostly great wall of china. its the only thing clearly visible from moon if I am not wrong.


  5. Leave your postal address PAYAL and if you get a postacard from me you'll see if you were right!


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