A Food Blogger's Meme Around the World

Ashwini from Food for Thought has tagged me with this Meme.

From the Windy City, Chicago to the City of Poets, Weimar here is my part.

But before I do go ahead just one note. I am so new to this I did not know that things like this existed. I have heard of chain letters and all that other stuff. But a Meme on a blog? Amazing! Flattered, that someone thought of me and embarrassed to admit, this is my first one!

1. Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from foodblogs to try:

3? I have hundreds and will be probably cooking till I'm 110! Ummmmm! Let's pick out the best three!

Haalo's Osso Buco al Pomodoro. I recently made her Grilled Chicken with Pesto and Ricotta and it was great.

Lariffic's A Quartet of Tarts. They are great for my son's lunch box that I pack every day on the The Daily Tiffin.

Shammi's Daal with Vegetables. Looks so scrumptious and full of goodness.

2. A foodblog in your vicinity:

I can only think of Vaishali on Happy Burp.

3. A foodblog (or more) located far from you:

Sweet Napa - Napa Valley
The Food Pornographer - Australia

4. A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?):

Sweet Napa by Nina
from Sam of Becks & Posh

Cookbook 411 by Lariffic
from a photography group in Flickr

5. Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme?

Sure, I will be tagging:

Shammi - Food in the Main
Haalo - Cook almost anything
Andrew - Spittoon Extra
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  1. Nice job on the meme. They can be fun.

    (And thanks for the links! Glad you enjoyed the blog)

  2. Thanks for the tag - it's my first one too!


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