Monthly Mingle #1: Football's coming Home (Football = Soccer)!

OHHH! I did not mean to step on any toes with that comment. But Folks the truth of this fact is, it's the Soccer/Football World Championships this June and we in Germany are hosting it. So, while Beckham, Ballack and Co. are getting ready for the big kick off, I thought what better theme to kick off my first Monthly Mingle.

I know this can be a point of huge frustration for some, while partners sit glued to the screens all summer long, screaming, shouting and cursing. It could be a lot worse than watching 22 more or less cute guys run after a ball, right?

Imagine this: I have invited you all to my place for the hottest final ever (Germany vs ???). You all just have to bring one dish along to the potluck that you think fits in this theme. Whatever you like! It can be a national dish of your country or a dish from the country of your favorite team - something that will represent team spirit and is fun to eat at big gatherings.

I have a barbecue you can use, an oven and a microwave. And I also have a buffet table a kilometer long that needs filling. Besides the dish, a little story telling is always good and I'd like to hear what you think about football/soccer and any stories about your family/friends that fits the theme. Don't need a novel, just a few lines, paragraphs will do. This is the party of the month!

Party starts May 1, so email your entries to Deadline is June 9, when the first match kicks off, here. I will do the round-up on the weekend of June 10, when I shall also announce the theme of the next Monthly Mingle.

Look forward to having you over!

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  1. test comment to check if blogger is working

  2. Meeta,
    Can we use your stove top too? Or hot plate for that matter?

  3. Guess what- when you said - I want a KICKING recipe from you, I had already read in between the lines and was smiling to myself when I saw that the theme was indeed football!
    way to go!

  4. Great idea, and for the final lets go for Germany vs Greece or Germany vs the Netherlands (I am a mix from these two countries) that will so completely annoy my French husband. Can you imagine how I felt a few years ago, invited at friend's place to watch France vs Greece. Everybody was convinced France would win, even me, but it did not happen. It was very difficult not to jump up, and all the frenchies .. you should have seen their face. OK, enough about football, I will bring a great buffet dish, I have a great salad in mind that goes well with German bear.

    Isis from Yambalaya

  5. Isis,

    You bet I remember France vs Greece. As a matter of fact I cashed in big time from my friends because I had bet on Greece all along. It was great as I was a few of the very few who thought Greece would make it through! It was a great party we had afterwards. Even though some of my "Frenchie" friends were in the state of schock!
    I look forward to your dish

  6. LOL!!!!!
    Hurray I found a new friend, someone who supports the Greek team.
    I like your site, got there this morning "by accident", and some very yummy recipes. You have found yourself a new reader ;-)

  7. Sounds like a blast! My husband is so excited for soccer to start. I am threatening him with the idea that I am getting a tv just for me!


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