Power Potato Cakes with Smoked Graved Salmon

These are so full of goodies that there can be no other name for these potato cakes.

Filled with carrots, herbs, flax seeds and sesame seeds they are perfect for so many dishes. When I make these I make a huge batch because we eat them in so many ways and with so many dishes. I made these yesterday and used them in Soeren's Tiffin. They are so easy to freeze and take out any time you want.

The idea for this recipe came when I was at a friends place and she served these. I asked her how she makes them and she said she doesn't she buys them! Well I figured I can do that too, but it would be better (and healthier) if I had a go at making them myself.

It's an easy peezy recipe and tonight I served these with smoked Graved salmon and avocados. A light snack filled with an extra portion power. Full of tangy freshness with avocado and a touch of lime juice. The mustard honey sauce fives it a fine aroma.

For potato cakes:

300g potatoes - grated
100g carrots - grated
handful flax seeds
handful sesame seeds
1 cup mixed herbs
salt & pepper

For smoked graved salmon

200g Smoked Graved Salmon - thinly sliced
1 avocado
fresh lime juice
150g sour cream - double use
2 teaspoon mustard - I used dijon
11/2 teaspoon clear honey
salt & pepper

Potato Cakes:
In a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients together and mix well. Form medium sized flat cakes.

In a frying pan heat up the oil and fry the cakes on both sides till golden brown.

If freezing, fry for only 2-3 minutes on each side. Take out and pat dry. Allow to cool. Lay a sheet of baking paper in between each cake and freeze in a ziploc bag. When you take these out of the freezer you can bake these in the oven or fry them without thawing.

Smoked Graved Salmon
In a mixing bowl add 100g of the sour cream, mustard, honey, salt and pepper and whisk until smooth and creamy. Put in refrigerator to cool.

Cut the avocado in thin slices. Place in bowl and add the lime juice. Toss the avocado well.

In the mean time using the rest of the sour cream, add a small dollop on each potato cake. Place two avocado slices on top. Roll a slice of the salmon and place this on top of the avocado. Now, using a teaspoon add a small portion of the mustard honey sauce into the roll.

Serve this with a green salad made from lamb's lettuce and green asparagus. Recipe coming soon!

This was Soeren's first try at salmon. I made his like a little sandwich instead of the open faced cakes. He ate it with ketchup (?) instead of the honey mustard sauce, but he enjoyed it. After he ate his portion he said "The ham was good!" Cute eh?
Tom came a little later then usual and I think his was a little cold, but he really liked it. He loved the silky combination of the avocado, with the crispy potato and the smooth salmon. He also liked the fact that it was light and easy.
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  1. As usual, wonderful description, and I wonder how you do find so much time, after going to work and managing a kid ! The potato cake sounds interesting, and though I don't generally make anything thats deep fried, it will be a good thing on menu when there ae guests around- As regards the smoked salmon, my hubby would kill for it, me being vegetarian, has this mental block about cooking meat ! Though i have seen fish under the vegetarian menu in quite some restaurants when i was in the US :)
    The potato cakes shall surely be second recipe from your list that I shall be trying !
    BTW I managed to get something called "samosa patti" in the supermarket here, its a long strip made of wheat flour, in which one can keep filling and fold into triangles, seal and cut- so in all probabability, this will work fo rthe Piroshki.

  2. This looks really good Meeta! I don't like salmon, but I'll try your potato cakes...They look so lovely :o)

  3. Meeta,
    I think I am gonna have to try these out. What else would you recommend with it? No salmon for me, because I am a vegetarian as you know. Anything else that you serve this with?

  4. Hi Vaishali,

    Well we're almost in German asparagus season and I would recommend these with a nice sauce hollandaise.

    Let me know how they turned out.

  5. Potato freak here - will have to try these! I love potato - these look beautiful and healthy.


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