A Dessert with a Twist - Strawberries, Asparagus with Orange filets

A few people mailed me and asked what did I make with these luscious looking strawberries. Well, now I will reveal all.

Has this ever happened to you? You are paging through a cookbook or a cooking magazine and you come across a very unusual recipe. You kind of look at it and say "This can't possibly taste good!" Or can it? It happens to me very often. I kind of shy away from unusual combinations and ingredients because in my mind I am sure it just will not taste good.

Ever since I have started to food blog I have however become slightly more daring in this respect.

So, when the lovely Barbara announced her theme for Spice is Right II, I knew at once what I would be making.

I had seen this recipe in a magazine and at the time thought "Strange combination!" and put the magazine aside. But this recipe just did not leave the deeper spheres of my brain. I kept thinking about it and was rather inquisitive to experiment with the ingredients.

Pepper is a world wide used spice and I always knew it to pep up savory recipes. Which is why this recipe intrigued me - not only the use of asparagus but also pepper and it is still called a dessert!!

Well, the story does not end there! Kevin, over at Seriously Good, is hosting Asparagus Aspirations, an event I really wanted to take part in.

So, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, in this case, two events with one recipe, and make this delightful dessert.

I am sure everyone will agree that this is a very unusual type of dessert!


200g white asparagus - I got these lovely German organic asparagus - peeled, cut in approx. 2 cm sticks and steamed for 8 minutes
salt and sugar
500g strawberries - cut in quarters
1 Orange - filleted and juice reserved
1-2 teaspoons honey
fresh cracked black pepper
Ginger - about a centimeter thick and mashed
mint leaves


In a bowl mix the honey with the orange juice until combined. Add the cracked black pepper and mashed ginger and mix well.

In a larger bowl mix the strawberries, cooled asparagus and the orange filets. Pour the dressing over this and mix well. Cool for about an hour.

Dish into serving bowls and sprinkle some mint leaves and black pepper on top.


I would like you all to send in your verdict to this one. If you do decide to make this let me know what you think.

I had made this dessert for a barbecue party and had many comments to this dish. However, I am keen on what you all think of it! Is the combination of this desert something you liked or was it too asparagus-sy to be called a dessert. Did the black pepper do a good job of pepping this up or should it stay where it belongs - in savory dishes.

I look forward to your comments and mails!

PS. Don' forget this month's Monthly Mingle Event I look forward to having you over for the hottest game this season and some fantastic tasting food.
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  1. Oh Meeta, such a tease!! LOL! ;)
    I was just taking a lunch break and decided to see what was on the menu for today...looks good and love the blog swap - such a great idea! I don't have Jamie's books but the recipe posted by your friend and an earlier one by you has me intrigued, so will check it out.

  2. Until I saw this pic, I'd never realised that things would look so good with a same colour background- your pictures are getting better and better- and so is the suspense

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  4. It's a pity I cant try this out, somehow we dont get asparagus here- but the dessert looks absolutely lovely, the red and white colors with pepper and honey- I can give you an armchair verdict here, that it must taste fab!!
    Lovely pictures as usual...

  5. Meeta:

    Very intersting dish. If someone served this to me at a BBQ/potluck kind of informal setting (serve your own food kinda setting), I would have treated this as a salad. But on the other hand, my eyes would have been wide open if someone served this as a dessert at a sit down dinner! But that does sound interesting.

  6. how interesting! asaparagus in a dessert??? must make for very contrasting textures and flavors. Cool recipe! The strawberries look soooo juicy!


  7. Thanks for your comments. I hope should anyone make this that they will leave their verdict here.

    Kevin, I believe you are my first male visitor. Wow! I hope you stick around!

  8. Hi MEETHA,
    Photos are excellent and i like the way adding asparagus to fruit.

  9. Those are the most delicious-looking strawberries I have ever seen. You have a real talent for food photography. Do you do that for a living, or is it just a passion?

    Think I'm going to have to check out a few of your other recipes. If they taste half as good as you make them look--YUMMO!

    Talena (found you from Rohini's blog)

  10. Hi there Talena,

    Welcome to my blog.
    No I do not take food pictures for a living. It's a hooby that I discovered a few months ago. It is turning into a passion but don't think I am that good to give up my day job.

    At the end of each recipe I have a "Verdict" section, where those that I served the dish too give their verdict. Mostly it is my 3 year old son and better half!

    I hope you enjoy your stay here and keep coming back!!

  11. Well, I've seen strawberries and black pepper before, but have never seen asparagus thrown into that equation. It certainly looks beautiful- I'd love to know what you guests thought of it!

  12. Hi Meeta,
    Looks like an intriguing combination! I had some dessert involing asparagus last year and while I was pretty skeptical when I ordererd, the dessert convinced me in a heartbeat ;)


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