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I read this Meme over on Pam's blog and thought what a great Meme. Something to get to know my readers. I am always kind of nervous about asking my readers personal informtion as I never know how far does that one reader want to get involved. Some of you are here all the time ;-) and I love you folks for it. Others visit on and off - I always have room for you. Yet others do come but remain in the background. So, whoever is interested in answering these questions please go ahead and comment on them. That goes for you lot in the back there too! ;-)

PS. I just changed one thing from the original Meme and that was question number 9. The original was Tony Bourdain and although I think he is OK, I still think Jamie rocks!

PPS. Oh! and since you are already commenting, try taking a guess here.

  1. What do you do as your occupation?
  2. Drink: what and where?
  3. What was the last thing you ate?
  4. Which other blogs do you read?
  5. How did you first find your way here?
  6. Do you take baths or showers?
  7. It’s Friday night. The lights are low. You’re lookin’ out for a place to go…where to, rockstar?
  8. French Fries or onion rings?
  9. Jamie Oliver: hot or not?
  10. Favorite ice cream flavor?
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  1. 1.Healthcare Communications
    2.Filter coffee in my kitchen
    3.Two McVities biscuits
    4.Too many to mention here
    5.I don't remember, but I'm here to stay!
    7.A place on the beach
    8.Onion rings
    9. HOT HOT HOT
    10.Natural's Chocolate almond and most fresh fruit

  2. Isn't this fun, I really like memes!!

    1.Patent Searcher
    2.Caiparinia, by a pool somewhere
    3.Fish and Chips, honest it's true :-)
    4.I think you know the list already.
    5.I honestly cannot remember how I found your site but I'm really glad I did!
    6.Mostly showers
    7.The local Irish pub in Germany, or out for a quiet meal with my hubby.
    8.I've changed my mind, can I have both?
    9.I think you already know my answer, he's HOT
    10.Strawberry at the moment

  3. 1. I wish I could say blogging. (No money in it, so technically not an occupation, right?) Into foreign languages otherwise.
    2. Water. Anywhere, anytime.
    3. A veggie sandwich at Subway for dinner tonight. (Was out shopping.)
    4. All the ones listed on mine under links.
    5. Saw a note left by you at Shammi's blog, saying that you have started one of your own.
    6. Showers. Time-saving. But I always dream of lavish baths, and always keep the material ready for it. However, I haven't indulged in one in many many months.
    7. Anywhere. As long as my husband is there. If a movie is included, my day is made!
    8. None. Don't like greasy stuff.
    9. Hmmm...Jamie? Haven't seen much of him after 2002. But he must be still hot.
    10. Anything that I fancy at that moment. I am not much into ice-creams. Give me chocolates, baby!

  4. This is such fun. I am glad you invited me.
    2)French Roast first thing in the morning on my patio or a zinfandel on a beach
    3)A sandwich
    4)Almost all the Indian food bloggers. A couple of international ones which write or cook or photograph really well :-)
    5)Hmm let me try to remember. I think it was through Garam Masala's blog and am I glad I did!
    6)Mostly showers (my this is getting personal M!)
    7)I suppose it depends on my mood. I might relax at home with my favorite movie or head out
    9)Since you mentioned Bourdain was in the original question, I must say he positively ROCKS. I love his take on food and culture, his acerbic wit and his willingness to try everything. I like Jamie but he is too good looking to be taken seriously! Sorry Meeta...I hope you won't ban me from your blog :-)
    10)Strawberry cheesecake

    Would love to see you answer these too.

  5. Let's see...


    2:red wine...anytime! anywhere!

    3:some cheese and a mid-afternoon snack

    4:too many to mention, on a large variety of topics...

    5:I really don't remember...sorry :(

    6:Showers- always, way , way too rushed for anything longer than 5 minutes

    7:Wherever there are interesting people, good music ( live would be nice) and good wine (red, please)

    8:French fries...sometimes you just gotta have the fried goodness.

    9:Hot! Definitely Hot!

    10:Love, love, love icecream! Good vanilla ( from a bean, not the fake extract stuff) is always nice, boring as it may sound. Fruit is also nice...I recently have a new obsession with Cherry Garcia too...Did I mention I love icecream? :)

    Oh, this was fun!

  6. 1) Biotechnology Research

    2) Tea, anytime please..

    3) 1/4th of a bagel

    4) I read many, hard to count, there are atleast 20 which i regularly visit, and many more occasionally !!!

    5)I do not exactly remember from where, but it was defanitely through somebody's blogroll.

    6)Bath- ofcourse, but shower most of the days..

    7)Relaxing at home, watching a good movie, having peacful thoughts, laughter and nice conversations. Will explore the world on Sat & Sun days.

    8) Very very very rarely Onion rings and French fries.

    9) No, but i don't hate him either.

    10) Not a big fan of icecreams, but Dulce de leche and Malai Kulfi are occasioanl turn ons.

  7. 1. I'm a medical student. Definitely an occupation.

    2. Water.
    3. Watermelon
    4. hmmm...I have a list on my favorites. It's a lot.

    5. Though someone's comments.
    6. showers
    7. Oh, I don't know. Somewhere with friends. The couch for a movie is always good.

    8. Neither really but I like onion rings.

    9. I like him but don't watch him much.

    10. Homemade something! NOT chocolate

  8. 1. Grant Writer at a non-profit
    2. beers at the ice house, martinis at the bar
    3. m&ms
    4. Esurientes, i love nachos too much, vegan lunch box...
    5. dunno. links or comments elsewhere?
    6. showers
    7. ice house
    8. fries!
    9. mmmm...
    10. peanut butter

  9. 1.Right now the only thing that occupies all my time is my 4 year old son
    2.Water on an hourly basis
    3.peanut butter slathered on toast for lunch as was too lazy to cook
    4.Vaishali's and Ashwini's. Am still new to the world of blogging
    5.From Vaishali's blog
    6.Since today morning am too scared to do either because bathroom floor has a leak leading straight down into drawing room. So right now dry cleaning is the preffered option
    7.Anywhere, as long as I don't have to feed my son.
    9.He needs speech therapy to get rid of that lisp
    10.Gulkand Icecream which you get only in India. Mera Bharat mahaan

  10. Hey Meeta, Thanx for the Invite.

    1) Still trying to find one. Business Major in major denial about IT.

    2) Masala chai by the computer in the morning. Malibu and orange juice with dinner.

    3)Dairy Queen's French Fries with ice cream. Yes, I wasn't sure about that one but it does go well together.

    4)Too many to List. Visit My blog for the complete list.

    5)My cousin sent me the link when she was drooling over a chocolate concoction you made. Next thing I know, I'm wiping my own drool :)

    6)I'd love baths but the water gets cold fast and tub is too small. So, I guess the answer is showers.

    7)That has got to be The Lounge or the party comes homes for some wonderful chai and conversation.

    8)French Fries.

    9) Hot. And with an accent, even hotter :)

    10)Vanilla for it's versatility. Topped with Hot fudge, peanut butter and chopped almonds.. mm mmm good!

  11. 1. At an estate agency, as PA to the senior surveyor.
    2. Margaritas. Anywhere!
    3. A chocolate muffin I made.
    4. Too many to list here, but there's a list on my blogs. Not an exhaustive list, though!
    5. All by myself :D I check in nearly every day, Meeta my friend!
    6. Showers. Baths somehow dont make me feel clean!
    7. The couch, with Pete and a good movie :) Not much of a partygirl, me.
    8. Hmmm.. depends on the mood. Right now, onion rings!
    9. Not.
    10. Gourmet vanilla icecream, made with real vanilla beans.

    Thanks, Meeta. This was fun! :)

  12. PS. Meeta, you're gonna do your own meme, arent you? :)

  13. 1. Nursing student
    2. Water, gallons of it all the time!
    3. Trader Joe's margarita frozen pizza
    4. so many - favorites are The Girl Who Ate Everything, Gluten Free Goddess and yours, of course!
    5. My mom found it and told me about it
    6. Showers but baths are relaxing sometimes
    7. By Friday, I'm excited to go anywhere! I love a quiet evening at Borders with a nice chai
    8. French fries...with mayo
    9. He's super cute and I love what he's doing for school lunches
    10. Pistachio


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