Photo Session

Foodography 5 was all about Brand Awareness. We had to present 3 photos of any brand and depict it in a way that would appeal to end consumers with a concept.

Under the name "Purely Nutella" my concept was: To enjoy Nutella all you need is a spoon. These were my entries. Feel free to leave your comments here or on the actual Flickr photo sets. I would love your feedback.

The enitre pool can be viewed here.

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  1. Meeta,
    I checked out the entire pool for Photography 5. Many pictures are good, but you know what - I found your set the best. No, I am not trying to flatter you; I don't feel the need to do that. I think, your set has a concept, a very definite one. Other photographs are just good photographs. Considering that this not just about pictures, but about the concept, you stand out. Good job there. And hey, I love that Football edition Nutella bottle.


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