5 Lemons and a bottle of Limoncello all the way from Italy for a Lemon Sorbet in Germany

A good friend of mine was in the Piemont region of Italy on vacation. On her return, she brought back 5 beautiful organic lemons and a bottle of Limoncello (Lemon Liquer) for me and while putting these offerings on my kitchen counter, she challenged me.

"Meeta, let's see what you can make with these ingredients!"

Hmmnnn! So, what can I make with these ingredients? Not so easy ...

Meringue? Pickle? Preserve? Lemonade?

Two questions:
  1. What would you make?
  2. What do you think I made?
Let's see what ideas you come up with ....

Considering the heat and the humidity outside the last few weeks I was in a mood for a true refreshment. Cool and tantalizing ... something that was so cooling that would linger for a while.

"Ok," I said "come back tomorrow evening for dinner."

And they did!

Antipasti came and went and no signs of the lemons in any form or method.
Salads came and went ... no lemons anywhere.
Main course: I did serve two slicesw for decoration purpose on the main course.
We cleared up and went out side on the terrace. By now I could feel my friend's impatience.

"So? What did you make?"

I am such a tease aren't I? I went to the freezer and pulled out a fantastic looking and extremely refreshing lemon sorbet with peppermint.

BTW: Great guesswork going on in the comments folks. Thank you for playing with me. You all are so much fun and I hope you folks enjoy my little teasers!


Five lemons
200g Sugar
4 tablespoons Limoncello
Peppermint leaves


After washing the lemons peel the zest from all five of them and squeeze the juice.

In a pot with 1/2 liter of water put the sugar and the zest and while constantly stirring bring to a boil. Allow to simmer for 2 minutes, then take off the heat and let cool.

Strain the sugar syrup through a sieve. Mix in the lemon juice and the Limoncello.

Put all the liquid in a clean metal container that fits into you freezer. Allow to set for at least four hours. In between the setting process stir the mixture well. I did it about every hour, some do it more often.

Serve in tall glasses decorated with peppermint leaves.


Chill Out! Soeren did not get any of this! I know but sometimes there are things that we adults want to spoil ourselves with. The fact that I put the liqueur in it was just for us to enjoy.

It was sweet and sour and just lovely. Perfect for such fantastic warm nights. It was easy to make and has a ton of flavor through the zesty lemons.

OK! I'll admit it! I had a guilty conscious that Soeri did not get any. So, I have ordered a ice-cream maker. Look forward to my first experiments and tries with it!

I stumbled across a delightful blog the other day and was excited to see that Sam from Sweet Pleasure was hosting a one off summer ice cream event. Well here you go Sam my Lemon Sorbet!

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  1. I was given five lemons from a friend's tree the other day. I made lemon curd, which I will post about eventually.

    Perhaps you made lemon curd too?

  2. lemon tart? lemon pie? lemon meringue pie?

  3. Hi Meeta!
    I would make limoncello sorbet or granita using the lemons and jest.
    I love anything with lemons (and limoncello for that matter), so I
    bet anything you end up making with those ingredients will be tasty!!

  4. I would probably make a Limone Martini with the lemon rind, Liquer and Absolute Citron...
    And my guess is you made a Lemony Granita or a Lemon based pie or a Lemony cake

  5. with the liquer I guess it would have been a cocktail and the lemons.....hmmm ....pickle!

  6. Lemon curd with the lemons and limoncello cheesecake! Yummy!!

  7. I would drink the limoncello and use the lemons to make more limoncello ...


  8. A lovely citrusy cocktail with the liqueur? If you used it for anything else its a shame :-D
    Meringue or pie would be my guess with the lemons.
    A couple of weeks back I made trifle with limoncello.
    Havent made anything with lemons though...

  9. Lovely Lemon Drop Martini . . . Lemon Curd Tart, Gremolata for Lamb Shanks, Tabouli, Lemon Marmalade, Preserved Lemons for Moroccan Chicken, Lemon-Egg Soup, or naturally, more Limoncello!

    What a nice friend to be so thoughtful. Wanna be my friend?

    Anni :-)

  10. This looks so refreshing, perfect for cooling down in this weather.

    Great result last night. Here's hoping Germany go all the way, they've definately go my support!!

  11. What a great & refreshing looking sorbet, Meeta. I can feel the taste on my tongue. Ooooooh.... I am sure, your friend was glad that she got you those thingies from Italy.

  12. Hi y'all! thanks for playing and giving a go! Do you like what I made in the end?

    Pam, thanks and yes we went wild when Germany beat the Argies! Now we've got to get th Italians out of the way. As sorry as I am I have to admit I would much rather see Germany win ... but I still love Italian food and everything else Italian ;-)

    V! Yes, she was and this was just lovely.

  13. The lemon sorbet with Limoncello look and sound wonderful. But I would be also tempted to do the same as Ivonne: "drink the limoncello and use the lemons to make more limoncello". Thanks again for sharing and for participating in the ice cream event.

  14. I love limoncello too & have made a couple of dishes using this luscious liqueur, one was a chicken dish - yes its works perfect with savoury & the other was a frozen meringie with creamy, fruity, limoncello flavoured filling, check them out

    both delicious!

  15. I have always wondered what a sorbet is but now I now. The name is very similar to Sherbet(the indian lemonade)I wonder if I can get limoncello in UK

  16. Now that is a sorbet! It looks delicious very authentic looking with real Italian lemons too. I bet your friend was delighted. :)

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