Big on Barbecue Round-up

Monthly Mingle 2 - Big on Barbecue

Isn't summer just fantastic. Long, warm evenings and it seems that there is always far more energy in the air. It's no secret that I love to entertain. Having friends around, cooking, eating, drinking and just relaxing is one of the best ways I like to spend my time. In the summer months though our house sometimes resembles something more of a busy street side cafe ... we are always having friends pop over. On some days it can be different friends for lunch, coffee and dinner. It's no wonder that my kitcehn closets are filled with 4 different types of dinnerware and the drawers have 3 different types of cutlery!!! And of course thank the inventor of the dishwasher for the brilliant invention.

Entertaining on the blog - virtually - does not require all that much of stuff. So, it gives me a chance still to play host to all my lovely guests but all I have to do is sit on the couch with my precious MacBook Pro.

This time round I decided to barbecue. Imagine my delight when my gals came around with such fantastic looking dishes and drinks. What a fantastic evening this is turning out to be.

From Basel, Switzerland my dear friend Pam brought along a most delectable looking Salmon Teriyaki from Delia Smith's recipes. Pam serves it with a refreshing salad, making this a wonderful light dish for the barbecue party.

Wondorous Sumi also from Switzerland, presents a spicy marinated grilled pork. It was Sumi's first time grilling and also first time joining the mingle here! Welcome Sumi, hope you too become a regular.

Lydia from Pennsylvania, USA goes in search for the DaVinci Cole! She brought a mysterious salad. Check it out ... and can you crack this cole!

Another one of my great blogger buddies all the way from Merlbourne, Australia spoils us not only with a feast for our eyes but for the tastebuds. Dear Haalo brings along Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers and Chermoula Chicken Skewers. I can't wait to tuck into these!

Isis comes over from France and brings along a light Courgette sprinkled with some oil. The courgettes are from her own garden. Thanks for that one Isis and I am honored that you were able to make time from your busy schedule and decided to join us!

I think I can say that Vaishali is pretty much of a neighbor for me, as she joins the mingle from Düsseldorf, here in Germany. As she did the last time, Vaishali thought about the drinks and whipped up a fantastic looking and cool tasting Balck Grape Smoothie. Great color!

I was really happy that Shammi joined us from Shrewsbury, UK. She brings along a fantastic kebab. The Moong Dal Kebab made from yellow lentils was an eye opener for me. I did not know kebabs could be made from lentils. They look fab!

As the host of this mingle, in Weimar, Germany I too had a small part in preparing something palatable. With my three sauces I whipped up a variety of vegies, shrimp and swordfish skewers.

As all good things, even this mingle came to an end. However, I think we truely enjoyed ourselves. I look forward to having you all over for the next mingle. This time a way to cool off in this hot summer. Let's find a way to Beat The Heat!

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  1. Thanks for the round-up and hosting this fantastic event, Meeta. It is always great fun to participate.

  2. Looks so fabulous. I am SO sorry I missed it. I am not really sure how that happened but I will make sure I am joining you all next month.

  3. Great round-up, thanks soo much. And your Pesto Aubergine wraps look divine. Will try them out coming weekend. My brain is already thinking what to make for next mingle :-). It will be a nice break from meeting my serious deadlines.

  4. Meeta you are a lovely hostess I should say after seeing how well you have done the round up:)Bravo!You can definetly count me in for the next mingle and I love your themes, always very appropriate!

  5. Nice round up Meeta! You know i wont miss your guessing games / events for anything, but the mumbai heat was grilling me until a few days ago , besides i dont have a grill at home.
    Vaishali was smart to think of bringing a cooler, which didn't strike me, so next time count me in! Meanwhile what you doing about breakfast girl- you know my event wont be complete without something from you :)

  6. Wonderful round up Meeta!! You are always such a generaous and gracious host!


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