The Door to your Dreams?

Could this be the door to your dreams? Are you daring enough to open it and see what's behind it? Or are you rather the type, who walks on the safe side and go past?

Contemplate what you might miss if you did not peek inside. Are you inquisitive enough?

Something that you just cannot miss is the great postcard event happening right here. Check out the list and see if you're on it, if not well what are you waiting for. This is going to be a totally fun event and you'll be sorry if you did not take part in it. Read the details and join in the blogger postcards from around the world.

We've got 8 happy bloggers all waiting to send and receive their postcards. As a matter of fact I was able to convince blogger number 7 to take part even though she was on holiday. She wrote and was disappointed that she was going to be away while we were having this fun event. So, I thought of a way to get her involved. Just this much ... whoever the lucky blogger is ... the postcard from Ulli is going to be from a great holiday destination. Ulli will blog about it when she returns. Oh and as I write this, I see we just have blogger number 9 registering for the fun and games.

Keep checking back here for regular updates or just have a look at the list. This will be your main information point throughout the event. Here you will see how many have registered then later who has sent theirs off and finally who has received theirs.

Let's send postcards to the world!

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  1. Meeta, why don't you send a message to "My blog is burning", well, you might end up with too many participants ... although it is summer time ....


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