Blog Day

It's Blog Day today. Time for everyone taking part to feature 5 new blogs they have recently discovered. I love the concept of this as it brings more exposure to other blogs and also extends our own blog roll.

I discovered plenty of new blogs through my recent BPW event. It amazed me to see how many have found me and kind of ashamed me that I tended to stick to my usual circle of blogs. Ever since this event I have made it a point to visit a few new blogs each month. It is hard work given the lack of time, but it really has been fruitful. I have made a few great friends in the process that I would not have met if i had stuck to my old ways. LOL!

It was very difficult for me to pick just 5. There are so many out there that I wanted to feature. In the end I did pick out five and here they are:

  1. Anne's Food
    Anne who lives in Stockholm has a nice way of looking at life. She loves food and that is displayed in some great looking recipes.

  2. Mixed Salad Annie
    I came across Annie's blog when she left a message on one of my posts. When I visited her blog I found she had a few very scrumptious looking recipes. She blogs from New England in good ole USA.

  3. Route 79
    As I visited Jag's blog I found a very candid and interesting person writing about his life in London, UK as he travels to work on the Route 79 bus. He also has some great Indian recipes that are easy to cook.

  4. Life is a Banquet
    It really is a coincident that I have so many Annes/Annis on my list LOL! This Annie is a warm and wonderful person. Who adores her "darlings" and writes a wonderful blog. The best thing was that with my postcard event I was able to bring my dear friend Payal with Anni. Two warm, friendly and sensitive people that have touched my life in a great way. The thing I envy the most is that both will be meeting up for a picnic soon and I am just to damn far way to join! BOOOHOOO!

  5. My Kitchen in Half cups
    Tanna another person whom I truly adore. She loves to cook and sets up her kitchen where ever she is in the World.

As I said before there are so many blogs and bloggers that I wanted to add to this list but was forced to pick five. But I thought I would still share a few other blogs that I absolutely enjoy reading.

  • Bella Rossa
    Payal, as I mentioned above is a fine friend of mine. She just started her blog and also a new job. Now, we can see that her new workplace is crawling with foodies and she shares some of the events happening at her new workplace.

  • Cream Puffs in Venice
    Ivonne, charms me with her recipes. She also charms me with her touching mails and warm friendship. She has great recipes and mouth watering photos on her blog.

  • La Mia Cucina
    Lisa is such a friendly and caring person that I just went crazy about her. We found each other through my BPW event and ever since then have been exchanging mails. She has delicious recipes on her blog, worth every bite.

  • Lobstersquad
    Ximena is in Spain and has one of the most creative blogs around. Instead of taking pictures, she draws lovely illustrations for each of her posts. You see Ximena is a full time illustrator and she does wonderful justice to her job. She even sent a hand drawn postcard to her BPW partner.
That was my list of my current faves and recently found blogs. I have added a few of them to my blog roll others will join shortly. If you are looking for more blogs the best place I can send you is: The List.

Enjoy browsing and HAPPY BLOG DAY!

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  1. This is a great idea! Wish I had something like this in July when I started :) Had to made 100s of rounds just to get to know people,you know what I mean!

  2. Meeta, Thank You so much for the mention and the post card event. Bloggin is so much more than I had any idea of when I started. Have to visit the ones you've put up I haven't seen before.
    What a discovery process.

  3. Hi meeta
    thanks so much for the mention, it´s very sweet of you. love your recommendations too

  4. Oooh - thanks for mentioning my journal in your blog day posting - most privileged! By the way - I am a "he" not a "she" but I can understand how easy it is to be confused by that! :-)

    Regards - Jag

  5. Meeta you've just about made me cry! What sweet things to say.. and I hope you know the feeling is 120% mutual! Not only was the postcard event fun, but it brought you to me and for that I'm grateful! *hugs*

  6. Don't worry, Meeta, you'll be with us in spirit. We will be sure to take pics and send them to you. And then next time you're out here, we will definitely plan another get together in your honor :)


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