The Challenge Has Been Accepted

Being the host of the BPW I thought I would just randomly select 6 bloggers and send them some "homemade" postcards. One, was my lovely friend Ivonne. Ivonne always leaves me in awe with her vibrant photos and gorgeous Italian food.

I thought I would play a little game with her. On the back of my postcard I challenged her. Should she choose to accept, she was to make something with the ingredients pictured on her postcard.

She accepted.

Thanks for being a sport Ivonne!

PS. The List has been updated. Anyone still receiving postcards please let me know by sending me the link to the post!

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  1. Tricky of you. She made a great sauce.

  2. If there were a crown for it, you would be crowned idea-queen! Very cool! And very sporting of Ivonne to have taken it on!!

  3. Yeah, she did a great job with that one, but then again Ivonne always does.

  4. My pleasure, Meeta! Anytime!!!


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