Monthly Mingle #3 - Round-Up

Wonderful recipes this time round. The beat the heat theme really made you all so creative and you came up with gorgeous cooling recipes.

First, I thank you for your patience. This time I had to postpone the round-up as I decided to hold the spontaneous BPW event, that turned out to be a huge success.

Well I had asked you to give me your best recipes to cope with the hot, hot and even hotter temperatures we were all having. I noticed the trend .... smoothies were the all time popular way to keep you lot cool. Maybe I should have set the theme to be "Smoothies" instead! But we did have one or two solid dishes to keep our tummies full too. LOL!

Thank you to all of you for joining my summer party and bringing not only these great dishes/drinks over but also your good party moods.

Let the party begin!

The lovely Anni from Life is a Banquet has dedicated her entire entry to her "little darlings". Who they are and what she serves should be checked out here. Her story is really great. This is Anni's first time at the Monthly Mingle party. Hope you become a regular Anni!

Nandita managed to get her entry in at the last minute. She has a love for tea and says she can drink tea just about anytime anywhere. So, guess what she is serving up? Her lovely and refreshing Iced Tea with the flavors of ginger and mint. Sounds great!

I was expecting something more along the lines of a cake from Pushpa, as she bakes for the life of her. No, no cake! Instead a gorgeous looking summer sensation with lovely rose water. Check that out!

Surya from Healthy N Spicy, who is not only new to the blog world but,she is also new to the event, serves up a cooling and refreshing Lemonade. But this is not the usual run of the mill lemonade. This one is made with milk! Welcome to my event and of course to the wild foodie blog world.

Another person who is new to this event is JB of Urban Drivel. She and her blog are also new to me! But I am glad you're taking part JB because your Root Beer float looks divine and brings back some cool memories of the time when I was living in the US!

Yet another newbie to the event is Laura. She brings along a little something that all the kids in the house or those who are still kids at heart will just love. Chocolate Jello Pudding Pops. Looks great and something I will be giving a go at with my little one! Thanks for joining Laura!

Ladies, we have our first man in the house! Now stay put and do not get over excited! Chris of The Food and The Drink brings along a luscious looking Crayfish and Avocado salad. Now that is something you all can get excited about. Chris thanks for taking part. How does it feel being the only man among all these ladies?

Revathi serves up a Koozhu. Which is a fermented porridge. Revathi informed me in her mail "A line on koozhu - Its a porridge which has cooling effects on the body ! Surely will beat your body heat !!!!" That really made me smile! In her post she goes into a nice detail about how and when this is served in India. Really worth a read.

"Baby it's hot outside!" With that statement, Sally went out in search of a "Party in a bucket". When she could not find one she made one herself and boy was I glad she brought that Party in a Bucket along to the mingle. We'll be having a few giggles together after that! Sally you are a gem!

Mahek, shares a lovely looking Kokum Sharbat with us. She writes "The kokum is native to the western coastal regions of southern India and rarely seen beyond this area." In that case Mahek, thank you for sharing the recipe with us. Now I am sure we'll all be making this beyond the boundaries of southern India. LOL!

Another blogger newbie and new to the event is Jayashree (what a lovely name). Jayashree is hooked on strawberries and she brings a cooling Strawberry Milkshake to the mingle. Looks fab! Thank you so much for joining.

Pavani says in her mail that although she visits my blog often, this is her first time taking part in the Monthly Mingle. I am very glad you did Pavani, because your mixed fruit smoothie looks great. Combining mangoes and strawberries this smoothie just sounds too good. Pavani, I also love the glasses you serve them in! ;-)

As I said earlier, no one told me that the trend this time round was smoothies. Neelu too shares a lovely sounding smoothie. Her Banana Fig smoothie looks healthy and certainly delicious. Neelu, thank you for taking part.

Shammi too is beating the heat with a smoothie. She brings her mixed berry smoothie. Berry nice Shammi! Love the berry picture.

Beautiful Suyin comes along for the first time to the mingle and brings along something with yucky shade of green Curious? I was! See what she uses to pair a ton of avocados with. A very interesting mix!
Thank you Suyin.

Ulli made me laugh by complaining that it was so hot that she was worried that the gelatin would melt before she could use it. But it didn't and she was able to whip up a fantastic looking Buttermilk Jelly with red currents. Sehr lecker!

Another new to me blogger and new to the monthly mingle is Arsu. Arsu serves ups a really refreshing drink called Mint and Lemon Squash. A concentrated syrup topped off with water. Arsu, thank you for bringing this along!

My lovely friend Isis, makes a smoothie (told you it was a trend). However, hers is based on soya milk. The fruit and soy milk smoothie looks and sound great. Isis, is on vacation in Greece currently and I'd like to thank her for sending this in before she left.

The ever so sweet Sumi whips up a fantastic dessert for us to indulge into. A strawberry yoghurt jelly. Doesn't it look brilliant? Sumi, as always lovely recipe.

What would we have done without Pam? Pam, thought of the solid food in this event and brought along some of the best looking burgers ever. This is not just a burger! This is a guacamole burger with spicy chili con queso. Trust me they taste good. How do I know? Well because I've already made them at home. Pam my post and our verdict will follow ;-) Thank you!

And finally, yours truly shares with you that pretty in pink ice cream. Lovely, smooth and deliciously cool strawberry yoghurt ice cream.

Updated: I have to apologize to Anupama! I seem to have forgotten to add her lovely recipe to the round-up. She whipped up a killer homemade caramel custard that looks so delish that one just wants to dive into it. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

I would really like to thank everyone who took part. Especially to those who came around for the first time. I really hope you enjoyed yourself. My regular guests: Without you I just would not have been able to do it!

The next party has already been announced. This time I am taking you all on a trip! A trip to all your favorite holiday destinations. Join me in August and lets party with some of your great Holiday Cuisine.

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  1. Mmmmm Meeta, great roundup what a fantastic array of summer treats!

  2. Meeta - The link for pushpa takes you back to nandita. Just thought you'd like to know.

    This was so much fun! Thanks for hosting this great event.

  3. Great round-up. It's unbelievable: It's so cold now in the north of Germany, that we are thinking to turn on the central heat ;-).

  4. The postcards were so fun and I've discovered great new blogs. Now, I guess I'll find more with this round up.
    Thanks so very much.

  5. Great that you're enjoying the round-up! I hope with the next theme I'll have a few more. This time is was fun because so many new bloggers took part.
    Sally oops! Thank you ... I've fixed that now!

  6. Great round-up Meeta! Thanks for all your effort!

  7. Great round up Meeta....and I love your theme for the next one.

  8. How fun! And delicious!


  9. It was a delicious and really cool round-up Meeta but i think you forgot my entry of Caramel Custard.


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