Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Pam is having a one off event with the theme "Favorite Kitchen Gadgets".

I admit I do belong to those set of people who have a huge variety of different gadgets in their kitchen. However, there is one that I think I would not be able to do without. My multi talented electric hand held mixer. Delivered with several different "accessories" I am able to do anything, anytime.

Cocktails anyone? With the ice crusher I can quickly crush ice for a cool and refreshing drink.

Whisking egg whites for a meringue is now so easy too. Just attach the whisk and beating those eggs into a light and fluffy topping has never been easier.

Need a fruity sauce for a Panna Cotta? Out comes the puree mixer and those berries are pureed in no time.

Or if I need a quick onion-garlic paste for an Indian recipe all I need is to attach the blender and I have fresh paste for my dish.

Yes, this is truly my most used and most favorite gadget in the kitchen!
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  1. I love function and utility. I can see why you like this one!

  2. But, what *kind* of hand-held mixer is it? I don't think I've seen one that does all that. I've got a really small kitchen, so my "gadgets" are really limited. This sounds like something that could take the place of three things on my counter!

  3. You have photographed it so well, Meeta. It looks better than it does in their sales brochures.

  4. I'd also like to know what kind of mixer you have. I've been struggling to make a decision on a new one.

  5. Tanna Yes, it truly is an amazing gadget. You're liker me ... I too like function and utility ...and if it looks good then I just cannot resist.
    Sally & Jennifer Would you believe me if I told you I bought it from a firm that is known for coffee. "Tchibo" is actually well known for its coffee blends and in Germany they have a catalogue where they sell everything from sport stuff to MP3 players to bed sheets, children's clothing and kitchen appliances and some more!!! I actually saw a report once that behind the name Tchibo are famous firms like Siemens, Adidas etc. who give their designs so that they cover a larger market. I love the stuff from Tchibo because the qualit is brilliant and the price is perfect. I have not been let down once by the stuff I bought from them. I am not sure if there is an equavilent to that in the US!
    Vaish! You flatterer you! You know you've put a smile on my face with that comment don't you?

  6. That is cool gadget..i love that picture..looks cool..
    I dont think we have anything like that here (they might have one too, not sure;)
    May be i can buy one when we visit europe sometime:) Have that in my mind..


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