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Melissa over at The Traveler's Lunchbox came up with this event after she was inspired by BBC's 50 things to eat before you die article she stumbled across on their website. The idea for this is to collect a huge list of everyone's foods they would like to eat before they die. Melissa updates the list and it has really become an impressive one. Each tagged blogger (or simply anyone who is interested) lists their 5 foods and writes a bit about it, tags another 5 bloggers and then sends the post off to Melissa.

So, Tony tagged me for this amazing event.

Boy there are so many things I would love to eat. Some I have eaten and others have not gotten around to . Keeping it down to five is going to be tough - but here goes.

  1. Real NY Cheesecake
    The real fattening type with blueberries and creamy cheese. Oh a huge slice of that would take me to heaven.
  2. Fresh Lobster - Thermidor Style
    When we were living in Qatar, my dad worked for the Sheraton Luxury hotel. I had the pleasure of eating in the restaurants very often. One of my favorite dishes was "Lobster Thermidor" with rice. I definitely would want to eat that before I leave here!!
  3. Bouillabaisse from Marseille
    I've had this lovely fish soup before but I never quite made it to Marseille to try a traditional version of this. I can just imagine the scene in front of me. The fish has just been freshly caught and brought in and a lovely "Maman" in a small kitchen makes the soup with all the fresh ingredients available.
  4. Oysters
    This is something I have not dared to try yet. Strange coming from me as I love to experiment. Oysters are just something that I always need to think twice before I go for something else instead.
  5. Sushi Nigri
    I love Sushi but not yet quite ventured to the Nigri yet - especially with eel. But I think I have to try it at least once before I never get the chance to.
I tag:
Anyone who fancies taking part, are welcome to list their top five here in the comments. Would be great and interesting to read all your fave things.

The Monthly Mingle goes into its fifth round, Folks! This time it's a little more challenging. Check out Take Two. Are you up to it?

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