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That was my From My Rasoi event. I had a great time hosting it and I thank Meena for allowing me to do so. I know it was a bit shorter then the usual one month FMR events, but as I am not around next week I thought it would be more appropriate to pull the date a week forward. It did not stop you all from creating a few awesome dishes though. Pumpkin lovers bookmark this page NOW!

So, without further delay I present you a few of the most scrumptious pumpkin recipes around.

Mandira used a pumpkin with orange colored flesh and such a hard skin that she needed to call reinforcement to help cutting it. It was worth it as she serves wonderful Pumpkin with peanuts and coconut

Johanna managed to get her post on her pumpkin recipe out in the last minute. I am so glad she did!! She whips up a gorgeous looking Pumpkin Gorgonzola Pizza. I have to give this one a try.

Pavani did not want to make a boring ole pumpkin pie with her canned pumpkin. So, when her favorite magazine featured a few pumpkin recipes she was glad to find this lovely Pumpkin coffee cake. Glad you shared that with us.

A new foodie blogger is Sarah and she serves us a Japanese dish using squat Japanese pumpkin, or kabocha. Her Pumpkin with Ground Pork looks so good. Hope you will all join me and welcome Sarah to the food blog world.

Megan moves back to the States from Paris (Europe) and is camping out with her parents. She shares a wonderful Pumpkin soup with cumin and cilantro. I love the sound of this and I know as soon as it starts getting cooler here, this is going to be the first soup I make.

Madhu mixes carrots and pumpkin together and serves a healthy and warm Carrot and Pumpkin soup. Um! Soul warming stuff.

Wondering what is in this little package? Something made out of pumpkin - LOL! If you want to know simply visit Shilpa and check out what a great Konkani dish she prepared.

Prema uses her pumpkin to make such delicious looking Pumpkin Raisin Muffins. I know I'll be making these sometime soon with Soeren.

This recipe blew me away. Madhuli makes Pumpkin Parathas and shows me that one can really experiment with Indian food too. I am looking forward to making these at some point.

It's goodbye to Vaishali from Germany (sniff) and me (sniff sniff). She heads back to India with her family but spoils us all with her Pumpkin Walnut Cake. Wish we had a chance to share that in person V!

Anupama was planning on making puris. But when found a cookbook with a few other recipes, she decided to make these stupendous looking Pumpkin Orange Drop Scones. Good choice!

Tschoerda uses the hokkaido pumpkin and adds a bit of zucchini to make a lovely looking Pumpkin soup with zucchini. Looks thick and creamy.

Nandita cooks up a a wonderful Parsi dish. In her write up she explains where and how the Parsis and there cuisine originated from. She cooks up a gorgeous looking Dhansak and serves it with fluffy rice. My mouth is watering already.

The wild Asha prepared not one but two great looking pumpkin dishes. To really show you the versatility of this amazing ingredient she made great looking Waffles and an Indian Stir Fry. Wow!

Isis is making a big change in her life. I really wish her all the best. She still finds time and makes an incredible sounding Pumpkin Souffle. Pictures are yet to be posted. Who cares! It still sounds good enough to eat.

Fall Cuisine
And your host for this FMR decides to do a bit of experimenting and serves you a creamy Turkey with roasted pumpkin.

I now hand you over to the creator of this event Meena for the next issue of From My Rasoi.

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  1. Thats a great roundup Meeta. I already prepared two dishes(soup and paratha) which were entry to this event. Thanks a lot for arranging this event.

  2. Very well presented Roundup Meeta.The Humble pumpkin has created quite a stir. my mind is now already spinning around Zucchini(Courgette) and Sage.

  3. Wonderful roundup Meeta. Never imagined good old pumpkin can be made into so many different dishes other than Jack-o-lantern. Thanks for choosing a great ingredient.

  4. Thank you Dame Meeta!! for all your hard work you put in for the round up!!

    From wild (??!!):D:D:D Asha!!!

    Now DO NOT show me any more Pumpkin dishes for a loooong time!!On to Zucchini and Sage..

  5. Hi Meetha,
    Thank you for a wonderful and colourful round-up. Have a nice wekend.

  6. hi i stumbled upon your blog. lovely food pics u have here :) im a foodie myself too and its great to know likeminded ppl. take care!

  7. hey thanks for hosting! what a fine selection of wonderful recipes! amazing!!

  8. Wonderful lineup of recipes! Great job! And now, I have a nice choice from which to pick and prepare a meal. Thanks, all!


  9. Ohh, all these wonderful dishes, plenty of inspiration for the coming weeks.

    Pictures will follow this evening.
    Have a great time in Greece.

  10. Hi Meeta,
    Wonderful round up.. Nice to see so many recipes with pumpkin. Good job. Thank you.

  11. Great round up meeta. I would love to try out some of these recipes. the presentation is lovely! Thanks

  12. Hi Meeta,

    First time here! What a lovely blog with great pictures you have out here! Asha of Foodie's Hope had left a comment asking me to send the recipe of Pumpkin Pooris that I had posted during the last Navratras, for your FMR Pumpkin event. But I guess I am too late now! You can check them out on -


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