This One's For You

Are you still in that Spring feeling?

If it is rainy and dreary when you look out your windows, then this ones for you. From me to you as a special thanks for your friendship, readership, and commentship - and any other ships out there ;-)!

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  1. Thank you Meeta, such a lovely flower! I'm so glad to have found your blog!

  2. And I really do need a little brightness about now.
    Thanks Meeta.

  3. Meeta, thanks for the beautiful flower and sweet words. It's actually the end of summer here. Soon the leaves will be turning gorgeous shades of orange and red and falling to the ground. I love how the blogging world has no seasons and we can vicariously, at any rate, live out our favorite times of year whenever.

  4. Hugs back :) Thanks for sharing your great recipes, lovely photos, and wonderful stories with us.

  5. Thanks from the south of France, temperatures still in the 30-ies. Celcius that is :-).

    Happy to have found a new friend in you.

    I just made your pesto, but with French cheese instead of Italian cheese. yummy. shall dutyfully post about it.

  6. Hi Meeta,

    Spring is beautiful.. except for hayfevers! It's just the start of spring here in Melbourne.

    That's a beautiful flower and you have a lovely blog. I have been visiting for a while but never really left a comment (wasn't sure what to say haha)
    Best wishes


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