The Greek Story - Lonesome Island

Lonesome Island, Peloponnese, Greece

I'm still sorting my photos and thoughts about my Greek vacation. I am not to keen to write a long review like story about our time in Greece so I thought I would throw one or two photos out for you and tell you about it. What do you think? Is that a good idea or would you prefer a longer story?

This was taken on a ferry to the island of Zakynthos. The island looked so peaceful and lonesome. A perfect place to hide out for a few days when the world around gets hard. In the background you can see the mountains of Zakynthos.

We decided to go on a day trip to discover a bit of our surroundings. Well it was not very difficult to decide where to go as we had a gorgeous view of Zakynthos from our hotel which was in Loutra Kylini on the western coast of the Peloponnese. Loutra Kylini has actually been a well known and recognized spa area for quite a few centuries. Furthermore, it was also awarded the European Blue Flag for the cleanest beaches and sea this year.

Kyllini Harbor, Kyllini, Pelponnese, Greece

The hotel packed a nice lunch box for each of us and we set of to the Kyllini harbor a few minutes drive from Loutra Kylini. It is a one hour transfer (and a EUR 43 charge - one way!!) with the ferry and on the way we had a few spectacular photo ops. It was a bit hazy but I did my best to get a few nice pictures.

It was our second day in the Peloponnese and we were already in love with the place. The first day we spent just relaxing on the pool and the beach of the hotel and eating like real hogs. More on the hotel and the fun on the pool in another post.

In the meantime enjoy the pictures. By clicking on them you can view them in a larger format. They are more impressive!


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  1. Welcome back Meeta. The photo of the lonesome island is so apt and sensitive, I have to admire your!!!

  2. Dear Meeta:

    Not bad at all, I enjoyed your pictures from Greece and would like to see more! You can also check my pictures, search "pictures from Greece" "gilberto mello". Let me know what you think.


  3. Meeta, welcome back! How about more pictures on your Flickr account? You know how greedy we can get for pictures and stories from you! So glad you had a super time!

  4. The pictures have me longing to visit Greece even moreso than before.. it sounds like it was the perfect vacation :D

  5. Why is this beautiful island called Lonesome?!Are you trying to make me cry? BOO HOO!!!
    I might talk that lonely island into a frenzy crazy happy Island!!You know I could do it too!!:))

  6. Shaheen, thanks for the welcome and for the nice comments on the pictures.

    Gilberto, glad you liked the pics. i was unable to find yours though.

    Manisha, I am slowly loading them onto Flickr - one at a time. Patience gril!! It's all in the suspense. I am a little short of time this week but still trying to process my thoughts for the story. Glad to know there is at least one eager beaver looking forward to it!

    Lisa, it really was. Soeren actually says almost every evening before he falls asleep, "I wanted to stay on holiday!" CUTE!

    Paz, glad you are enjoying them. Stay tuned for more.

    Asha, the island is not called lonesome officially it's just want I named it as it looked so alone.

  7. Thanx everyone for the warm welcome home. Nice to come home to such great friends!
    Huge hugs!

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