Happy Birthday MOM!

It's my Mom's Birthday today!


Here's wishing you all the very best in life. You have been the best Mum in the world. Given up your desires to see us through in life, loved us no matter what we did, taught us the values in life and guided us the through our lives.

I thank you for being there for me whenever I need you.

Huge hugs and kisses all the way to Dubai!!

Love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you Meeta's mom!! Best wishes for a wonderful day!

  2. Happy B'day Mom!!Have a memorable celebration!!

  3. Best wishes to your mom..Hey, I didn't know you were originally from Dubai?

  4. Happy b'day to your mom Meeta. She must be feeling very happy to see the wishes on your blog.

  5. Thank you, you all! My mum was touched when I told her how you all wished her. She has not had a chance to check but will after the partying is over.

    Tamanna I am not originally from Dubai. I just lived in the region since I was about 8/9. Moving from Kuwait to Qatar and my parents have been in Dubai for golly about 14 odd years.

  6. Happy belated birthday to your sweet mommy!


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