Monthly Mingle: Roundup 5 and Theme 6

Fall Colors

I took this picture last weekend when Soeren and I went to our favorite place for a walk. Although it is October, in Weimar all the glory of Fall has not really set in. It was really warm the last few days where we had sunny warm temperatures of 20-22 C. Just yesterday it started to get a little cooler and the typical foggy Fall days have begun to mark the change of season. Still I managed to capture a few glorious shots. This was one of my favorites.

After our vacation in Greece I was in no mood for the new season. I am a warm hearted and souled (is that a word?) person by nature and the idea of cold, snow and rain never does appeal to me. However, this photo reminds me that there are brilliant sides to Fall and Winter. Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas are events to look forward to and preparing for each makes time fly so quickly.

As I sat back and thought of what I could use as a theme for the next Monthly Mingle my thoughts were distracting by all that I have done this year. For one I started this wonderful blog. Through it, I was able to unfold my passion for photography and discover a complete new side - food photography. I met some of the most delightful people that I think I will cherish for a long time to come. When I think it was only 8 months ago that I started to blog!

I also have plenty to be thankful for. I have a caring and loving man on one side and an adorable son on the other. I have the most thoughtful and patient parents and a fantastic bro! The buddies I met through photography and blogging have always been helpful and thoughtful. Without all these people in my life I could not have achieved so much this year.

The theme for the next month's mingle just had to be something that related to these feelings because I am sure everyone has something to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving, is a wonderful tradition. Most of us always think of the great American Thanksgiving celebrations but I think we all can sit back and think about what are we thankful for or to this year. So this month's theme is "Give Thanks". Thank your mother, brother, father, sister or friend. Thank the weather or thank the farmer. Thank you neighbor, Dankeschoen Baecker. Dedicate a dish your thank you dish to someone or for something special this year and bring it along to my next mingle.

  1. Create a dish that fits this theme and post about it, using the logo above and linking to this post (Please do link here. Others from your blog might want to join the party too).
  2. Send your link and a 100 x 100 picture of the dish you made to: (Note: new email address).
  3. Deadline for all entries is November 16, 2006.

Now on to the roundup for the roundup of Take Two.

I had asked to take two ingredients and make something out of it. Using sage and zucchini, you all came up with some on the most divine looking dishes. It is unbelievable how much thought and effort you put into this challenge. I thank you for it ;-).

Furthermore, it encouraged some to use a herb that not everyone commonly uses and I think you were pleasantly surprised.


I seemed to have missed one gorgeous looking dish. Riana had sent the link to my Hotmail address and just like I had expected the mail was probably lost in nirvana. Well she kindlly re-sent her post to my Gmail address and here I am updating it to include Riana's Yellow Pickles Stir Fry. What a gorgeous looking dish and I am so glad Riana took part. Sorry for the confusion! Picture will be uploaded as soon as Blogger allows me too.

Marie-Laurie sent her recipe for Torti with zucchini and sage a little late, but better late then never.

After being encouraged by the devil on the shoulder Dolores was determined to make a soup that was healthier and cheaper than those store bought ones. She makes a thick and creamy Roasted Zucchini Soup with Fried Sage. Something I just have to try out soon.

Glad that Johanna took part in this Monthly Mingle. She missed it the last few times, but was determined to take part this time round. If she hadn't we'd all have missed out on a delectable Zucchini & Sage Terrine. She uses scamorza to give it a smoky flavor.

Pavani creates a popular way to prepare zucchini. She was a little hesitant as she never used sage in her cooking. After doing a thorough research she created a beautiful Stuffed Zucchini with sage, using quinoa. As she was unsure about the taste she decided to stuff only one zucchini, after tasting her creation she was disappointed - because she did not use the other zucchini too. LOL!

Bri was actually going to make something else, but decided to star the two ingredients along with it and came up with Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto with special guests Zucchini and Sage. It looks brilliant and Bri also mentioned that she will be using Sage more often in her kitchen.

Vanessa joins us for the first time and was worried if she missed any etiquettes. She did not, but even if she had i would have excused her. She brings along a totally divine Biscuit Crust Veggie Pot Pie that no one should miss. My mouth was watering at the recipe. Welcome, Vanessa!

I was looking forward to Anu's dish as she tries out sage for the first time too. She creates delicious looking Zucchini Sage Fritters. What's more her son tried zucchini for the first time - and loved them. YAAAYY!

It was a premier for Asha. She has never used zucchini or sage in her cooking before. A huge bravo for creating these lovely Zucchini, Carrot, Sage pancakes. She is now certain she will be using both more often .

Reading the post on Esther's blog I could taste every little ingredient she used to create a lovely sounding stuffing which she shed to stuff a pheasant her dad brought for her. Ladies, a perfect tip for the Christmas bird!! Esther joins the mingle for the first time too. Welcome!

left her favorite pass time, ironing, and prepared a wonderful courgette (the French have lovely names for everything) and sage pie. Actually she wanted to make a lasagne, but her imagination guided her perfectly to this pie.

Sarah came up with another super recipe. She is inspired by her upcoming vacation in Tuscany and presents a Cavatelli with zucchini, sausage and sage.

Sara finally made it to the mingle. She was glad about the chosen ingredients as she loves both. Sara uses the sage from her beautiful looking plant and brings Zucchini Saltimbocca. Yummy!

Ulli does it again! She creates a dish that looks too good to be true. Light and fluffy looking are her Courgette, carrot and sesame roulade with creamy leek filling. Combining leek and sesame adds other interesting flavors to the aromas of zucchini and sage.

Becke was not too sure if the combination of zucchini and sage would go harmonize too well. After she searched for a easy to make recipe she found one for Zucchini con Salvia. After having a taste of this she was convinced that this combination is not for her tastebuds. Too bad Becke! Maybe you won't give up so easily and try one of these other gorgeous recipes.

Jen takes a break from all the food festivities she has encountered the past few weeks and decides on a simple Zucchini and Burnt Sage Butter Sauce with Sage pasta. I love the gorgeous photos.

Lisa was another person who does not use sage too often in her kitchen. She was a little worried about coming up with something adequate for the mingle. Well, folks, she prepared a wonderful Sage, Zucchini and Green Onion Risotto. How yummy does that sound. Check the recipe! As for Lisa, she will be making this again and again!


As for me I serve you my simple yet full of flavors Spaghetti Zucchini e Limone

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  1. Another fantastic Mingle, Meeta! All of these different dishes using the zucchini and sage are amazing - wonderful job everyone! I so look forward to trying some of these recipes - so many would be a lovely addition to our Thanksgiving table =) Well done!

  2. I was hesitant about the theme at first, but I'm glad I came to my senses and participated. Next month's theme should produce some really great dishes, and I'm definitely in on it!

  3. Hi Meeta,
    wonderful round-up as usual.Thanks for the great theme.

  4. Hi Meeta -
    That's a wonderful round-up, darn, I missed it this time around! but I love your theme for next month and am looking forward to it!

  5. Hello Meeta! Excellent round up!! Good job!! Mine and Anu's looks like fraternal twins seperated at birth like Hindi movies!!:D:D

    Oh well! Next time I will make sure I will have a single beautiful baby!!:)

    Beautiful fall colors are already there in Germany! We are still waiting here in NC! Enjoy the fall, enjoy ur sweetie and enjoy ur dumpling too, Meeta sweets!!

    OYYY!! Too much sugar!!:)) I will leave now!! Bye!!

  6. Hi Meeta, I emailed you my entry on 10th October to your hotmail address. Maybe you missed it? I've resend it yesterday to your gmail address, I hope it got through now.


  7. Hi Meeta, thanks for the update! Love your blog too. Looking forward to your next event!


  8. Hello dearie - Im sorry- i neither get zucchini nor sage in my market and hence the absence from this event - Recd your card and its on my blog (fridge actually)
    Lovely round up

  9. Wonderful round up Meeta. I like the way you give individuality to each entry. I would love to participate next time..

  10. What beautiful dishes, you really got a lot creative entries with this theme. Thanks Meeta for allowing me to participate.

  11. I sent my recipe Friday. You didn't receive it?

  12. My oh my,

    I have now enough recipes to get me through winter and eat all my zucchinis (and never iron anymore LOL -wishful thinking). Again forgot completely that courgette is not English. Love your fall picture. Am like you, prefer warm temperatures, but than the coziness of fall and winter, and these typical winter dishes and the hikes in virgin snow and coming home for a hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies ......

    PS I will not be able to add your logo, I have a free account and adding logos somehow doesn't work. Do you have a jpg file with it? Than I can insert it as a picture.

  13. Meeta, that was so much fun! Thanks for letting me take part. I am looking forward to the next mingle.

  14. Thanksgiving is truly a wonderful tradition that we all celebrate. It's a time to get together with the familyand enjoy a grand weekend. And we all have a lot of things to be thankful about. Do check out this Thanksgiving Blog for amny more amazing info on Thanksgiving.

  15. nice roundup meeta, i was late for the posting.catch u next time.

  16. Very interesting post. I didn't know Germans also celebrated Thanksgiving...


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