Around the Home: Fall Decoration

So, how many of you have planned your Thanksgiving dinner down to a tee? I am sure many of you have. I am sure many also have already their shopping list ready and yes, I also am sure a few have already filled up your pantries with the things you will be needing on Thursday.

Well done! Errr - but maybe you might have forgotten one thing. Do you have any ideas about your decoration for Thanksgiving? How are you going to spruce up the house and your dinner table? Have you thought of designing a menu?

Although in Germany Thanksgiving is not celebrated, it has been a part of my childhood. It is important to me that I give the values of Thanksgiving to Soeren. Furthermore, sitting together with family and beloved friends in a warm and cosy atmosphere means so much to me. It has now become tradition at our home and every year our friends look forward to the event with great pleasure.

Every year I take two days off (it is a normal working week in Germany) and enjoy preparing the feast and festivities. It's such a fantastic feeling when the entire house is filled with aromas of baked apples, stuffing and spices. Once the basics are ready I start with decorating the place.

My favorite part!

I thought I would share a few of my ideas with you. Stop worrying! I have used simple and easy to make pieces, which can be created within a few hours.

A few years ago I bought a bundle of long twigs tied in thickly braided straw from Ikea. Maybe you've seen it too. This is my main attraction for every season and festivity. Whatever the occasion I decorate "Hans" (as I call it, because it had an Ikea name that was unpronounceable!) accordingly. In Fall it looks just gorgeous with a garland of lovely orange colored maple leaves and fairy lights.

Using a few simple things I have created a nice piece for the couch table. At the Farmer's Market I bought a few small pumpkins, a couple of corn cobs, physallis and a few fake leaves. Soeren and I used one of our daily walks to collect chestnuts, acorns and large maple leaves. We dried the leaves between a few books. Once I had all my "ingredients" I used a lovely square golden colored dish and arranged a few of the decoration pieces on it.

A few of the pumpkins I cut and took out the insides. Placing a small candle in it makes the entire set up look simply amazing.

For the dinner table I have a great centerpiece, a part of which you see above, planned. On a round silver tray I placed some dried moss and arranged with chestnuts, leaves, acorns and physallis. Using the heads of fresh flowers I arranged these on the tray as well. In the center of the tray I placed one of the pumpkin candle stands. This tray will be placed in the middle of the table. Using a garland of leaves, I will place it across the length of my table. Arranged with a few slices of cut up pumpkins and some whole mini pumpkins will certainly give it a natural touch. For fresh flowers I will be cutting the heads of sunflowers and arrange these between the table decoration. I plan to drape a small garland of fairy lights between the entire arrangement. Believe me it'll be an eye-catcher!

I will be using some of those large maple leaves we collected and dried as name tags for each of my guests. Using thin golden twine I will tie the leaf to a small card with the names printed on it. I hope it will give it a nice touch.

For the menu I have used one of my fall pictures, reduced the opacity and chose a nice font. I printed two menus out on some cream colored card and plan to place this on each side of the long table.

I hope maybe you can use one or two ideas to decorate your house. Whatever you choose, I hope you have a warm, cosy and happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Lovely! These details are always a late afterthought for me. If you start working on me now, I might get something together for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You are a beautiful and thoughtful hostess. I can only hope it rubs off on me.

  3. Oh! May I please come to your house for Thanksgiving Dinner???!!!

    You set a beautiful home and table, Meeta!

  4. I have never seen a thanksgiving dinner in reality...... but your wonderful explanation of the details makes it all so real in front of my eyes..... great going meeta !!!!!

  5. I have never been a part of a Thanksgiving celebration Meeta,can you please tell me more about this day.

  6. I've never done thanksgiving decorations...maybe 'cause we've never hosted

  7. Meeta, wow, you make sooo much effort to do things beautifully - it's absolutely wonderful! Cant tell you how much I admire your enthusiasm and creativity.

  8. wow, so creative are you. Have a nice Thanksgiving, Meeta.

  9. Alanna I love doing the decoration bit for these events. I am a girlie at heart and the accessories are what makes the difference ;-)

    Tanna You too are a wonderful host. Your blog is so inviting and I loe your stories. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

    Ivonne For you you know I will always have a place at the table. I wish it were as easy as that:

    Rooma I am glad I was able to explain this so that you can imagine it. That means a lot. As I cannot have you all over in person, I hope to welcome you in this way.

    I will describe the feast in more detail in my next post.

    Jeff Hosting for me is fun! Maybe you should give it a try. But being guest is relaxing and a lot of fun too.

    Shammi, Thank you so much. But you too make the effort I see it in your regular posts adn I love your warm way.

    Lakshmi Yes, thank you and I hope you too.

  10. Beautiful and so nicely planned. Loved the menu card, you sure are a great hostess

  11. Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!


  12. hi meeta,
    this is the 1st time i'm leaving comment although its not my first visit to ur breath taking blog:)
    what a beutiful way to give thanks:) looks divine...
    thanks to u bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog:) happy thanks giving to u:)

  13. Meeta, your house looks warm and inviting. I love the candles...
    Have a winderful Thanksgiving.

  14. I believe it is my first time leaving a commnet but just wanted to say that I am sure your guests are going to have a wonderful time. I am new to Thnaksgiving (France born and bred) but it gives me another day to reflect, ponder and be thankful. Beautiful menu and great table setting!

  15. Sandeepa Thank you for your comments. The menu card was actually an idea from my four year old - if you can believe that!

    Paz Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweetie.

    Supriya Thank you for your comments and compliment. I do hope to see you around more often. When you need a helping hand or some advice just ask. Enjoy blogging.

    Mandira Wish I could invite you in reality. Thank you for your comment.

    Helene Salut! Ca va? Merci! Glad though you are a part of my virtual Thanksgiving and glad that you like it too.


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