Mixology Monday 9: Manhattan

There are some days when things do not really work out the way you planned. Pretty much everything you do turns out to be a mess or a chaos.

Last week, when I wanted to try out a few new things I had read about photography, I experienced such a day. I decided to mix up my chosen cocktail for this session of Mixology Monday, which is being hosted over at A Dash of Bitters and give what I had just learnt a try.

What I wanted to play around with was lighting, shadows and reflections on my photos. Alas, everything I was doing turned out wrong. I moved my equipment and position at least four times trying to get the right scene and lighting, once some of the liquid splashed out of the glass ruining one of my white backdrops and I changed the style of glasses twice because I was not satisfied with the look. Frustrating to say the least.

When finally the cherry fell off the glass I was about to throw in the towel and call it a day. I decided to shoot just one more picture. I loved it! It was the one taken above. The one below was one of the ones I was not very happy with. Here, I was trying to get some cool reflections on the liquid.

After that experience I really needed that drink. LOL!

So, what did I mix up? As the theme for this MixMo was Bitters I decided to go for something classic. I had settled for the Manhattan.

The history behind this drink is varied. A popular story is that Winston Churchill's mother, Jennie Jerome requested the bartender to mix up a special cocktail at the banquet she was hosting in honor of presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden. The location of the banquet was at the Manhattan Club in New York. As it turned out to be a very successful party, the drink evolved into a very fashionable cocktail and people referred to it when ordering as "the Manhattan cocktail."

Whatever the story, one thing is for sure, this cocktail has been around for centuries, originating, in the Nineteenth century.

You'll find more stories and variations to the Manhattan here.

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Deadline: November 16, 2006
Please note: I will require a 75 x 75 picture of your dishes too or just send in a picture with your entry and I will resize it.


4 cl Whiskey - the best type to use for this is Canadian Whiskey
2 cl Vermouth Rosso
1-2 dashes of Angostura bitters
1 Maraschino Cherry
4 ice cubes


Pour all the liquids into a shaker, add the ice cubes and give it a good stir. Strain into a glass and decorate with the cherry.

Well when I made the cocktail, it was mid afternoon and certainly no time to drink this. But in the evening I did pour a glass for Tom and myself as we called it an evening. It is a perfect drink to relax to. The bitters really offset the sweetness of the whiskey and vermouth well and even though there are recipes that omit this, I recommend that you do not. This is a man's cocktail - simple, suave and strong.


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  1. Beautiful color and great presentation! I didn't go for it this time! Enjoy your cocktail:))

  2. Sometimes things just have to fall apart before they come together. Love the cherry!!

  3. I *LOVE* Manhattans. And I love your pictures....both of them.

  4. Hi Meeta...

    I simply loved ur pics, I never get such good pics...; regular reader of ur blog, and now a newbie blogger with inspiration from experts like u :)

    It would be my pleasure if u take a look at my blog and give some suggestions :) !!!


  5. Looks so Gorgeuos Meeta,you are one such gifted person ..

  6. Meeta, as always, AWESOME photos...if i only had 1/2 your talent....

  7. Aww schicks guys. Blush blush!
    It brightens up my day to hear that you enjoyed this one.

    Thank you all for your motivating comments.

    Spandana, your blog looks great. And will be checking it our as regularly as I can.


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