Photo: Somewhere over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow

We say goodbye to October!

In Weimar we had a real golden October with warm temperatures reaching up to 25 degrees Celsius. This lovely Fall month was a perfect picture taking opportunity. I was able to get quite a few lovely shots during my many walks with Soeren.

One of them was this rare, but awesome moment. Capturing two rainbows above a perfect Fall backdrop. Click on the picture to enjoy it in large.

I really wanted to share this with you and say a big thank you for your friendship and kind thoughts. I have not been feeling all that high lately and I am touched my the mails I have received from a few of you, motivating me. I love you for that.

Inspired by these lovely autumn colors, I also did a little make-over to my blog. New colors, new banners and other tweaks are all part of the redo. I will be tweaking a bit more here and there but on the whole I like it the way it is. Hope you do to.

November is a month where we all get together to enjoy family and friends. Keeping with this theme I would like to invite you all to join me in my monthly mingle and Give Thanks to anyone and everyone you would like to. Look forward to having you over.

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  1. beautiful shot of the rainbow(s)! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. The photo is awesome Meeta. Simply awesome

  3. I have never seen two rainbows at the same time!! How lucky you are to see one and to capture them for us!:)) Great job Meeta!!

    I love your new blog design and colors! As my girl would say very "prettyful":D:D:D

    Did you miss "anyone" in your blog buddies?;))

  4. What a beautiful photograph, Meeta! I'm so glad you enjoyed October!

  5. Meeta, i feel that the background looked better before. White background projected the colors in your lovely pics very well. The orange and green background is kind of distracting.

  6. I love your new look, Meeta! It's always refreshing to change things up a bit. Hope it lifted your spirits b/c you did a great job. :)

  7. Thank you all for your comments on the makeover and photo.

    I love the colors here and am glad many of you share these thoughts.

    Pranita I appreciate your critique and I agree with you totally. A white background does bring out the pictures better. That is why I have left the actual post part of the blog white. The rest is a bit of eye candy and colors are a part of life. Enjoy!


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