Welcome To My Kitchen!

So where does all the cooking take place?

Don't you ever wonder what the kitchen, or should I call it the lab, looks like where all the incredible looking recipes are concocted? The birth place of wild, crazy and completely delicious recipes.

Well Ilva had a great idea! Show us your kitchen. A brilliant idea I thought and decided to squeeze in this post.

It was my mother whom I remember always saying,

"Why in heavens name do they call the kitchen a kitchen and not the living room!"

After all these years I truly understand what she means. The kitchen is the main "living" room in our home too.

The picture above shows you the kitchen looking into the dining room, which leads into the living room. From the main entrance to the house there is a side door leading into the kitchen, making it easier to bring in the groceries and take out the trash!

This one is also taken from the same place, but looking directly at the kitchen. I have a ceramic stove top where I prepare all our meals. If you are wondering "Well she does not have too many cookbooks," let me take away any misconceptions! I decided to sort a few (OK! many) of them yesterday and bring those that I do not use often upstairs. I have a few more on the shelves of our living room too. I recently bought a pretty cool wire frame where I hang a few of the pictures I have taken this past year.

This one shows you a little more of the dining and living area. Yes, that is our Christmas tree in the back. The living room has four huge glass doors, which opens to a small porch and yard.

From the opposite angle you see the rest of the kitchen. As I do the dishes I can keep tabs on what my neighbors are up to LOL! The little wine shelf at the bottom stacks up some of our favorite wines.

Hope you all enjoyed this little tour of my kitchen. Why don't you show us yours?

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  1. aww I love your kitchen! I especially heart those cabinets - they are beautiful! And I love the nook where the sink is too!

    I'm so glad you joined in on the kitchen fun =)

    And yes.. that's me.. wearin' my lil elf suit while I'm cookin in the cucina. haahahaa!


  2. I love your kitchen! Mine is about 1/4 the size of yours.

    Happy New Year!

  3. However we form our ideas of friends in this blogging sphere, your kitchen suits my idea of you perfectly. I've been working on my post for Ilva several hours and hope to have it up by morning.
    Beautiful kitchen/living room. In my next house the kitchen is going to be the living room dining room all.

  4. I truely agree with you mom..... kitchen should be called a living room :)
    You have a beautiful one there and you idea of putting up pics in the kitchen is fascinating :)

  5. Meeta,
    what a lovely and cosy kitchen you have... and so organized so tidy! I will join the fun after the holidays.
    And wish you a happy new year

  6. Oh, Meeta - I love the way your kitchen flows into your dining room flows into you living room. No one room is cut off from the other. So, see - your kitchen really is your living room!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. i love this! it is so homey. i love the windows above the sink. is that snow i see?!

    happy new year to you! i hope it is wonderful.


    ps-sorry i haven't commented much lately. knee surgery, end of the semester, christmas shopping, christmas! it was busy! i finally got my canon digital rebel though and i LOVE it!!!!

    pps-the comment deleted was me, because my picture was showing up as a flickr logo. sorry!

  9. I think I need to clean my kitchen before I start showing it... Somehow a whole lot of non kitchen related junk ends up there as it's a common area to pass through... I find this extremely annoying. Someone needs to invent self cleaning kitchens.

  10. Here is mine.

    Happy New Year to you and your family

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR KITCHEN ! Its so neat and organised.

    Happy New Year to you and your family !

  12. Oh, I just love it love love it, Meeta! So cute!

  13. Hello Ladies!

    Thanks for all the feedback. I do love my kitchen but as Brilynn says I do sometimes wish there would be a way to clean up the mess after the experiments. To be honest Ilva I do leave my kitchen organized and clean. I guess I am a cleanliness freak and after the cooking need to make sure everything is in order for the next cooking session. However, I do admit that I had done a semi-major cleaning out the day before so maybe that is why it is looking too perfect.

    Jessica nice to see you are doing ok! I was wondering how you were getting along.

  14. Your kitchen is so lovely and cozy. I completely agree with your mom too... she knew what she was talking about.

    I just updated my blog with my kitchen pic's. It's been fun to be invited in to everyones homes, hasn't it?

  15. Beautiful kitchen and wonderful recipe!


  16. Nice kitchen!

    You can see mine here:


  17. what a lovely clutter free kitchen you have ! happy new year , Meeta

  18. great kitchen meeta! I'm like you, I like looking out the window to see what's going on as I do the dishes.

  19. Your kitchen is great, so neat and orderly. I knew from your blog it would be well organized!

  20. Your kitchen is so warm and inviting. I could sit at your table and have coffee and visit while you cook. Or...I'll volenteer to wash dishes as long as I can stand at the window.

  21. Meeta you have a romance going on there in the kitchen with a well placed window and the lights!

  22. Nice Kitchen Meeta.

    I too think it should be living room.

  23. Hi meeta,

    U have a lovely kitchen there!!!!....I believe its therapeutic to be in one's kitchen....I have a habit of going beserk if things are not placed back in their respective places....so i totally go with ur thoughts! "but its also good to chill once in a while" my husband tells me that:-)


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