Blogger Postcards Around The World #2 - Happy Valentine's

Before I go into this post I just want to let everyone know that the winners of the Menu For Hope III have been announced over at Chez Pim's. I am waiting for Jen the Bread Freak to contact me, as she is the lucky winner of my prize. Thank you to all those who bidded and Jen congratulations to you! The final amount raised was a whopping $60,925.12.

The very long awaited second Blogger Postcards Around the World - BPW is here!

The first BPW was absolutely fantastic and ever since then I have received so many emails asking me when I'll be hosting the next one. For those of you who are new around here or missed the first one here is a bit about the event.

It's a way for Bloggers all around the world to get a little closer with each other the old fashioned way - by sending postcards to each other via snail mail. The clou - the receiver does not know from whom she/he will receive their postcard. Exciting!

This time however I have added a little twist to the event. A theme. Don't we all love getting Valentine's cards? You got it! That is the theme for this BPW - Happy Valentine's! You have buy or make a Valentine's postcard for your postcard partner. Like the idea?

Before I get to the details I need to get a few things said first. There were a few things the last time round that did not run as smoothly as it should have.

  • We had a few bloggers who registered for the event and received addresses of their postcard partner but failed to send them cards. That is a huge disappointment for your postcard partner. I tried making it up to them by sending them a card from me. But it really is not the aim of the game. Therefore, I didn't do it the last time, however this time I will keep a blacklist. I know it sounds dramatic but as this event will be a re-occurring one, I need to keep a list of people who kind of spoil the game, for the next round. So, those who will play unfair will be blacklisted from the next round. I also understand that things in life happen unexpectedly. If there is for some reason you cannot send a postcard please inform me. This way I have enough time to react and look for a new postcard partner.

  • There were also quite a few who did not send me the permalinks to their sent and/or received postcards. This is also a very important part of the event. All those taking part are curious to see what the postcard, you are sending, looks like and want to know if the ones they sent have been received. So, please do blog about these. Those who don't will also land up on the black list.

  • If you have several blogs, please only send me the link/permalink to the blog you plan on posting on.

  • The last time we had over 60 participants! It involved a huge amount of administrative work. Therefore, this time I really will need to be very strict on the rules. Those who do not submit the exact information required in the details below will not be included. Please do not get offended. Last time I had to send many people mails asking them for various things they had forgotten to include - yes, even their postal addresses. Once again I remind you this involves sending in your postal addresses - no address nowhere to send you a postcard.

  • Last but not least a critique for myself. I was rather slow in updating the list. This time I intend to do a better job of it and if I do forget please just send me a reminder.
Here is how the BPW works:

To officially take part in this event you will need to register yourself. This also applies for all those who took part in the BPW the last time. I will need:

Name and Surname:
Complete postal address:
Name of Blog:
Blog URL (where you plan to blog about the postcards) :
Email address:

Send this information per email to: In the subject field of your email please enter the following: BPW Registration - your name surname

You have till January 24, 2007 - 12 AM CET to register yourself. After this I will not accept any further registrations.

By Friday, January 26, 2007 I will mail the addresses of your postcard recipient to each of you.

On January 29, 2007 everyone needs to get to the post office, get their Valentine's postcard stamped and sent off to their secret postcard partner.
Before you do that though, please do not forget to take a picture of the postcard and blog about it on your blog without revealing the name of the recipient. Please link back to this page. Once you have blogged about it send me the permalink to your posts per email. In the subject field of your email please include: Postcard sent - your name and surname.

Now sit back and wait.

Once you receive your Valentine's postcard you will need to take a picture of it and blog about it. Link back to the sender of your postcard and to this page. Then send me the permalink of this post per email. In the subject field of your email please include: Postcard received - your name and surname.

As I did the last time I will update each process in a separate post called The Valentine's List. This way each of you can keep tabs on the status.

Once again, I need to remind you that this time I will really need to be strict on some of these rules. Please read through them carefully.

This event is only limited to people with blogs (any type of blogs).

OK folks - let's send blogger postcards around the world.

Important Dates:
Registration ends - January 24, 2007 12 AM CET (Central European Time)
Mailing postcards - January 29, 2007

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  1. YES YES, I want to participate :-)

  2. Hi Meeta!Glad the BPW is back and what a wonderful theme too!I enjoyed the previous BPW except that I dont know what happened to the postcard i had send to the blogger.....she did not say anything about it,whether she received it or not:(dont know!I was so sad!

    I am in Meeta will send you my address too!

  3. Grttttt..have sent u the details.

  4. Hello Meeta!

    I just found out I won your Menu for Hope Prize! That's great :D. So, shall I email you then?


  5. Sweet idea, Meeta.
    Hope you get my email this time :D

  6. My darling Meeta,
    Count me in for this second round!

    Anni :-)

  7. Hi...jus' wanted to say that I am completely awed by the pictures posted on your blog and on Flickr...keep up the good work...

  8. All registered . . . Thanks!

  9. oh wonderful! I had missed the first one . i definitely want to join this one, meeta.lshkvonwdn

  10. I have been wanting to participate in some of the food blogging events that happen online for a while now and this one hosted by you reminded me of my growing years, in my teens I collected postcards and had lots of penpals that enriched my knowledge of the world. I found it too intrigueing to miss out on and have linked to it and sent in my details. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  11. I'm so disappointed I missed this... well I'm not a big Valentine's person to be fair, but tis is such a great idea for an event. Next time, I'll take part for sure.


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