The Shop!

I've done it! I now am an owner of my very own shop. I have been thinking about this for quite sometime, researching, checking, hesitating ... you know the whole platter of feelings and thoughts. In the end my family, friends and even a few blog buddies pushed me to do it and convinced me.

What am I on about?

Over Christmas I made calendars for many of my friends and family members and to my surprise they were so impressed.

A few of my readers also mentioned in certain mails to me that a calendar with a few of my photos would look great. That is when the idea struck me and I decided to design a calendar with a few of my photographs. I am not great when it comes to selling things (that is why I chose Marketing over Sales!), but if you are interested you now have the opportunity to purchase this calendar.

The wall calendar contains a lovely set of photos, some already published on the blog others are exclusive and not yet posted. The pictures are displayed in the slide show here. If you like my photos and would like to bring a bit of my passion to your homes, you now have the chance to order the calendar. That is the jewel of the selection.

I have also created a few other items you might find interesting, like the Sweet Love greeting card especially for Valentine's Day. These greeting cards are on limited offer and won't be available after February)

Just browse through Meeta's Pix at CafePress.

Cafe Press accepts all major credit cards and ships internationally. You will just need to pay special attention to the shipping prices to your relevant countries.

To access the shop easily I have created a link on the sidebar. If there is a special photograph you like and would like it as a postcard, poster, framed print please just let me know and I can provide this for you. Furthermore, I would love your feedback on this, so let me know what you think of the calendar and the other items.

I hope you enjoy them!

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    This is a FABULOUS idea and I am sure its going to be a SUPER HIT ;-), so get prepared to be overwhelmed !! :-) I find the idea of offering individual pics very thoughtful.
    Good Luck to you on this venture and loads of Hugs too :-)

  2. Meeta,

    I am thrilled for you! Just thrilled! Your photos are beautiful and I just know this will be a huge sucess!

  3. Great Meeta, Lovely idea to appreciate your photography skills.Wish you all success in thy efforts!

  4. Wonderful idea and great execution! I look for it to be a huge success!

  5. Congratulations! A fitting beginning for all this wonderful photography.

  6. Congratulations and good luck. Indeed a great idea.

    Will advertise :-)

  7. WOW!!!!! This is just great!!!!! I am goin over to see them now :)

  8. How exciting!! Your photos are beautiful and they should be in these cards and calendars! :) Best wishes.

  9. I am so happy for you! You do take some of the best photos I've ever seen, so I know your new venture will be a smashing success!


  10. Great do have some great photos!

  11. Congratulations Meeta, what a great idea. Your photos are just beautiful and I'm sure this will be a big success!

  12. Well done Meeta!!! What a wonderful idea. I'm sure this will be a rip roaring sucess as your photos are really amazing!

  13. your pictures are stunning, and i'm sure they'll sell by the cartloads. way to go, my friend!

  14. Congratulations Meeta!! :)
    Will be a great success. Good luck to you. :) :)

  15. Very nice and colorful photos, and wish you luck for the business, i have one foodshop and it is very here in France is difficult to survive, a lot of prudence is necessary.

  16. congrats x 2! that's so wonderful. i'm jealous. and i love your blog. what an eye for photography. the colors! amazing.

  17. What a great idea! I know how hard it is to take an idea and actually have someone buy it. It is a thrill. Good luck!

  18. Gosh you guys are pretty darned beautiful. Thank you so much for the kind words and the motivation.

  19. Congratulations on all your ventures! You're sooo talented!



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