The Year Ahead - Happy 2007!

2006 in Photographs

When I look at all these pictures, my one thought is "What a year!"

Hope you all had a fantastic start to 2007!

I have so many new ideas that I would like to realize on the blog. This post will serve the purpose of sharing these ideas with you and inform you of the fun things you can expect here at WFLH.

Of course I would love and really appreciate your feedback and comments. So let me know what you think.

Monthly Mingle
The event I started in the summer of 2006 will be back in January 2007 again. The Monthly Mingle is a monthly event with fun and interesting themes. It is a chance for us to get together and mingle with each other, telling stories and presenting a few great dishes. I will be announcing the theme for the kickoff to 2007 next week, so look out for that. In the meantime browse through the past mingles and see what fun we all had.

Blogger Postcards Around The World
The BPW was a spontaneous event I called into life to allow all of us to get a little closer to each other. I never would have dreamed at the huge success that it was. I know I promised another one towards the end of the last year, but due to a huge workload I had, I was unable to do it. Boy, it involved a massive amount of administration and coordinating. I too learnt plenty in this department LOL! The next round of Blogger Postcards Around The World will also be announced this month, with a little twist. Keep your eyes peeled for the registration start. Just for the record - No, I am not accepting any addresses prior to the registration date announcement.

Cooking School
This regular session of Cooking School was something I really enjoyed. First, it got me cooking some well known dishes we here at the Wolff household love. Second, when I realized that sharing these basic yet popular recipes with you encouraged many to try them out, I had a kind of satisfied feeling. In my eyes it was the perfect interactive session and I hope to bring many more interesting recipes for Cooking School 2007.

Bollywood Cooking
This is one of my new sessions on WFLH in 2007. Just like the Cooking School goes for basic "western" recipes, I plan to cook up basic Indian recipes in this session. One of the main reasons I decided to start this session was to actually push me into cooking more Indian food at home - LOL! Ever since I got involved in the Blog world I have met many fellow Indians and got to know a little more about them through their blogs and food. It all inspired me to cook my own food more at home instead of relying on my favorite Indian restaurant. I also hope that there will be an additional side effect with this session. I hope that many of my non-Indian readers will feel encouraged to try out some of the great recipes Indian cuisine offers.

M Bakes
The name came to me after I watched the latest Bond flick (how original). My name is M. and my mission is to finally pry open a few of my dusty baking books, pick out a recipe and in dangerous combat, under acute attack from mysterious ingredients, to actually bake.
OK enough of that. But I hope you get the picture of what this session is all about. After I was inspired by a few of my favorite bloggers, I kind of got into a baking frenzy last year. As the cakes, muffins and brownies actually turned out well I thought I need to do this more often. It is even fun! Can you believe that? I couldn't! Well that is what I will be sharing with you in this new session - my results from my baking escapades in the kitchen. As a matter of fact the first session is planned for this month - I'll be cashing in on a challenge from a certain blogger. Hope you'll join me!

Get The Picture
I needed a way to thank all my readers for their loyalty, friendship, comments, motivation and inspiration so I decided to do it in a special way. Every so often I will offer one of my pictures for grabs on the blog. Two (or three or four) lucky bloggers will then get a chance to win that particular picture. I will develop the picture for them and send it to them. I am a little hesitant with this one as I am not too sure if my pictures is a nice way to say "Thank You!" But I really wanted it to be something personal from me and not just a box of chocolates. I will give it a try and see how it goes. The first session of Get The Picture is planned for in February.

That pretty much wraps up my ideas for the year ahead.

For my other blog, The Daily Tiffin, I received some great information this week. The Daily Tiffin has been nominated for Best Blog for Family and Kids over at Well Fed. A fantastic surprise. The Daily Tiffin is a wonderful team blog with a few gorgeous ladies on the team who write up fun, informative and interesting posts focussing on family and kids. We just need one last favor and that is your vote. If you are interested in voting you can find all the details here. I also have many ideas planned for the Daily Tiffin but those will be posted on the DT a little later.

I truly am looking forward to this shiny new year and hope you will accompany me through the Blogesphere.

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  1. Hi Meeta, a very happy new year to you too. No, I am not a food blogger, but enjoy cooking ever since I doned the Hausfrau Apron over 3 years ago. WFLH was my introduction to the world of food bloogers and I have learnt so much since then from you and the rest. Recipes have been tried, loved and repeated; Inspiration got, implemented and appreciated. Thanks to you and all other food bloggers those reading! :- )

  2. Meeta, have a great year ahead :)

  3. Your energy and ideas are awesome. I'm sure I'll tag along for the ride.

  4. It was a great year getting to know you and always being happily surprised and awed by what you posted! =)

    Congrats on the nomination! Yay!


  5. Happy new year my dear, and to lots of cooking and blogging in this 2007. Lookign forward to participating in your events. So far I am happy to say I have not yet missed one :-)

    Congos on your nomination!

  6. Happy 2007! Best wishes from me to you!:)

  7. Happy New Year Meeta! I am sure it will keep tons of great things for you!

  8. Really looking forward to the Bollywood Cooking. Start out easy for us, please! I've wanted to learn more about Indian cooking forever, but I still pretty much use the sauces from a jar (which aren't actually that bad if you get a good brand, but fresh has to be nicer.)

    Congratulations on the nomination. I'm sure it is he first of many honors for you.

  9. You have had quite the year.

  10. Happy New Year Meeta! Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2007, looks like a lavish platter is going to be laid out. :o)

  11. That sounds like a big grand party in the making!!!!! Waiting to see it!!!!

    And still waiting for your pic :)The apples!!! :)

  12. Meeta,
    what can I say? I'm green with envy. You rock, your blog rocks!

  13. Hi Meeta, hope you had a blast on new year's eve!

    So which one do I look forward to most.. baking or the pictures.. hmmm tough decision:) but hey that's a very good new year resolution, to try recipes from all those cooking books that somehow creep into my book-shelf more than often! wish i had your energy, creativity and love for life...

  14. Meeta:
    Lovely photographs and beautiful recipe. Just loved your blog. I am new here and will keep visiting here often. Keep up the good work gal!!! wish you a very happy and bright 2007. May all your wishes come true.

  15. Hi Meeta - judging from those pics you certainly have had quite a year! I'm sure 2007 will be even better for you! Congrats on your blog nomination!

  16. Hey Meeta, great slide show!!! Well done on your nomination. I'm looking forward to a whole host of incredible creations from you in 2007!!

  17. Thanx for the wishes and look forward to having you around for the coming year!


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