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Winter is not really my time of year. Before I came to Germany winter for me was nothing below 20 degrees Celsius. The German winters literally caught me out in the cold. I exchanged bikini, windsurf, flip flops, sun, sand and sea for woolly underwear, turtle necked sweaters, gloves, mittens, snow, ice and scraping the car each morning with numb fingers.

I've been living in Germany for 14 years now! Although I am still that sunshine-beach bum loving type of girl, there is a certain charm winter has draped around me over the recent years.

There is just something magical when the snow covered hills glisten in the winter sun. The air is crisp, cold and your face tingles. Under my feet the snow crunches and behind me, I hear the whizzing of Soeren's sledge being dragged along. I hear the laughter of the kids as they pull their sledges and then their excited shrieks as they zoom past us. Once on top of the hill I cannot help but take a deep breath of the fresh air and sigh deeply at the view in front of me.

Crystal white, as far as the eye can see, gleaming every now and then when the sun hits like diamonds scattered across the field. I can't help but smile. Because I am in awe of this feeling. Because it is so unlike me. Because it is so easy to get captivated. Because, as I zoom down the hill on the sledge I hear the pure happiness in my son's laughter. Yes, there certainly is a charm to winter.

The best, as we know, always comes at the end though. Coming back home, where it is warm. The mittens, jackets, and heavy boots fly off in all directions. In front of the warm fire we thaw the cold out of our bodies. Leaving Soeren with a good book and a warm blanket, I go into the kitchen and cannot wait to to cook up a rich, strong and piping hot soup. It has to be soup. Because there really is nothing else that would bring warmth and satisfy that craving that only comes when one has spent hours out in the cold.

My dearest friend, Alanna's call to put the Soup On came at the perfect moment. After such a wonderful winter's day that is just what I did. What can be more satisfying, comforting and warming than a strong, nourishing and tasty Goulash soup?


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500g Beef rump - cut into small cubes.
20g dried Porcini mushrooms.
2 onions - finely chopped
1 garlic clove - finely chopped
1 small kohlrabi - cut into small cubes
4 tablespoons - butter
1 tablespoon paprika powder
1 tablespoon tomato puree
salt and pepper
1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds
1 1/4 liter beef stock
500g button mushrooms - sliced
juice and 1 teaspoon lemon zest

Soak the dried Porcini mushrooms in 125 ml hot water.

In a large heavy pot melt 2 tablespoons of butter and sauté the onions and garlic until they just start to take on color. Remove from heat and mix in the paprika powder. Replace back on the heat and add the meat and the kohlrabi cubes. Fry this well, until the meat has turned a nice brown color.

Mix the tomato puree and cook for just a couple of minutes. Add salt, pepper and cracked coriander seeds into the pot. Pour in 1 liter of the stock.

Strain the Porcini, retaining the water. Chop the Porcini coarsely and together with the water add to the pot. Allow this to simmer for at least 1 hour.

What you will notice as the cooking time passes that the soup takes on a gorgeous deep brown color.

In the meantime, pour the lemon juice on the sliced button mushrooms. In a pan melt the rest of the butter and fry the mushrooms until lightly browned. Add to the soup towards the last 15 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve steaming, sprinkled with chives in large bowls.


As the aromas waft into the air in the kitchen and the fire cackles in the fireplace in the living room, I just know that this is going to be a perfect end to a perfect day.
I gave the typical Goulash a slight twist adding different types of mushrooms and some tangy lemon. It was a huge hit with both my men. As Soeren's toes waddled in front of the fire, his arms scooped the soup with relish. Tom joined us in front of the fire and loved the strong full-bodied flavor the soup offered.

Yes, even winter has it's warm side.

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  1. wow, what a delicious recipe! i have to try it when it get colder! thank you!

  2. This soup looks absolutely yummy! Meeta, I am having summer now in Melbourne. 30C plus. Plus the beach is nearby. Wanna come over? ;)

  3. A soup like that may actually make me look forward to winter! Looks good!

  4. What a fantastic recipe Meeta!! I love Goulash soup!! It's a really favourite in my household, real comfort food.

  5. I love the idea of serving it from a pitcher, very nice!

  6. mmmmmm, looks good. You want to move to France? Believe it or not we had 17 C this afternoon in Lyon, and it is supposed to be winter. But with the rain coming in, I might just make this soup on Sunday :-)

  7. I enjoyed reading your imagery-laced entry. You make winter time in Germany appealing, especially with a bowl of your soothing goulash.

  8. I do love winter...the winter you write about! And this soup is the warm side of a perfect winter day. Frosty white on the outside and toasty warm by the fireside!

  9. This looks so tempting right now Meeta, what with the rain outside! I think I'm gonna try this for dinner tonite.

  10. How did you know that I was craving goulash??? It's delicious!

  11. I love to try it out!!Yummy!!Jessica

  12. Yum yum, a soup like this one is definitely something I love to have in winter! Delicious! The last time I had one was when I was in Budapest!

  13. Enjoyed ur write-up. You can ladle some of that soup into my bowl :)


  14. After many years in South Carolina, I miss winter...all seasons to be exact. Your goulash recipe is just great!

  15. There is nothing like a bowl of soup to warm you in winter. What an amazingly well writen blog.

    I'd like to share with you a soup recipe. It's nothing as elaborate as your's, but its from the hearth.

  16. Thanks everyone.
    Anh Make room I'm coming over!
    The soup is really strong and has a wonderful rich taste. It's perfect for cold days. Hope you all tell me how yours turn out.

  17. OMG Meeta - that soup looks wonderous! I am so copying that recipe and making it for Hubbs one day soon! Beautiful! =)


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