Sweet Love Round-up and MM #8 Theme

Well if you are not a bunch of romantic foodies at heart I do not know who is. I am not going to believe any of you if you tell me you are a Valentine's grump. If you were, this round of the Monthly Mingle has definitely converted you.

There are so many new faces to this Monthly Mingle that it was truly a delight discovering all the new blogs. It was a pleasure seeing my old friends and regulars to the Monthly Mingle too. I cannot imagine mingling without you all.

I know you are all waiting to get to the round-up so I present to you how we bloggers celebrate the sweetest love.

Curry Bazaar
Jyothsna sent in her Tiramisu Valentine It seemed that it landed in my spam folder. Sorry about that. It really looks great.

Posie's Place
Pam indulges in an Apple Crumble - a recipe from her grandmother.

Jumbo Empanadas
Brilynn is not the soppy Valentine type of gal. But she does create a very "I Wuv U!" kind of Cherry Dessert.

Paulchen's Foodblog
Astrid is one of the many new people I met through the BPW and I am hooked to her blog. She brings along a gorgeous looking Sweet Love Cheesecake.

La Mia Cucina
Saucy Lisa's "Hubbs" surprises her with an incredibly Self Saucing Pudding. That Lisa is a lucky gal!

You know sometimes you see something and you just want to dive in. Well take a look at Arfi's Hot Chocolate Fondant and you will know what I mean.

My Korean Kitchen
Sue explains how Valentine's day is celebrated in Korea. She makes Strawberry Rice Cakes and expresses her love for her husband.

Chez Mégane
Megan makes lovely oozing, delectably addictive Molten Chocolate Cinnamon Cakes. Get those spoons ready!

My Khazana of Recipes
Coffee makes probably the most classic Valentine's treats - Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Asha creates a well known Indian dessert and combines it with another interesting ingredient to serve a great looking Carrot Beet Halwa.

Avenue Food
A Monthly Mingle regular, Sarah make lovely homemade Valentine's Oatmeal Cutout Cookies. Simple and totally delicious.

Just For Fun
Jasmine makes lovely looking Little Heart Palmiers.

A Foody Froggy in Paris
Tiramisu is my all time favorites and Anne creates this gorgeous dessert with a new twist - Candied Chesnuts Tiramisu.

My Life The Rainbow
When you click onto Evinrude's blog you are greeted by a lovely song. Makes drooling over her Two Cupcakes all the more enjoyable.

Notes From My Food Diary
Pretty in Pink - a cake that really looks too pretty to dig into but too scrumptious not to. Eliza thank you for bringing this along.

Kieran reminisces about the holiday with his girlfriend in Morocco and creates a wonderful flavorful Cardamom Honey Ice Cream

Start Cooking
Kathy makes the most chocolaty looking Fondue ever - all without a Fondue pot.

Autres délices
Marie-Laure and her boyfriend are not chocolate fans but still love the sweet things Valentine's day offers. She comes along with moist looking Chestnut Madeleines.

Lucullian Delights
My lovely friend Ilva is not only known for her breathtaking pictures but also for her wonderfully original recipes. I was so glad she took time to come and join the mingle. She brings fantastic looking Orange and Ginger Jellies.

One Hot Stove
An honor indeed. Nupur joins us for this mingle for the first time and with her fantastic and refreshing looking Lemon-Poppy Seed Cake my doors are always open for her.

A Fridge Full of Food
Take a look at Glenna's Valentine's Cake. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Boxcar Kitchen
Esther joins us again with another killer recipe. She whips up beautiful looking Honey Lemon Tarts.

The Passionate Cook
There are two people I am dedicating this Monthly Mingle to. The first one is the gorgeous Johanna. Those of you who read her blog often will know that she just gave birth to a gorgeous looking Henrik (thanks for the pics Johanna), her third child. She also found time to to make Chocolate Pudding and join us at the mingle. Please raise you pink champagne glasses for a toast to this awesome woman! Thank you!

Food Lover's Journey
Anh makes a heartwarming gift to her best friend who recently got married. Her Lover's Knots symbolizes the wonderful relationship. If that is not perfect for Valentine's!

Daily Unadventures in Cooking
Katerina serves her boyfriend cool Skor Ice Cream for his birthday. I am so glad she brought some along to the mingle.

Shn makes delectable heart shaped Shortbread Hearts. Lovely gift idea.

The Budding Cook
Thy has an encrypted message for her boyfriend in her post for crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies.

Ulrike is my favorite German Blogger and I am always so happy to see her at my mingles. The fact that she always brings along great dishes plays a little role too LOL! This time it's no different. She brings Warm chocolate brownies with Baileys sauce. Spoon! Any one seen my spoon!

Chandrika is also on the same trip. She brings lovely looking Chocolate Brownies.

Isis is the second person I would like to dedicate the mingle to. Ever since I started the Monthly Mingle she has not missed one. It did not matter where she was in this world and how busy she was, Isis always found a way to come over for a bit of fun and laughter. This time was no different. Scuba diving in the South of France is nice, but she rushed home to share her Valentine's Breakfast in Blue. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

Sweet Helene's blog is one of my regular reads. I love her recipes, that's why I am glad she came over to join us. She brings along some brilliant Cranberry and Cream Scones. Luscious.

Cook food, Serve love
Lakshmiammal makes Easy Breezey Cookies to snack on.

Cream Puffs in Venice
My sweetest friend Ivonne, it's such a pleasure to see you! Just as you all would expect, Ivonne brings one of the most creamiest dreamiest desserts I know Coeur à la Crème and I am eating my heart out. Oh man! Being the hostess I have to share this with you ;-). Thanks Ivonne!

Big Cook, Tiny Kitchen
Ashley wanted to make something for her boyfriend but he is in Brazil! So she makes Poost Student's Shortbread for her friends.

Mandira whips up a creamy and cool Three Layer Sundae. Looks wonderful.

Winos and Foodies
Great minds think alike! Barbara also brings along a wonderful looking Coeur a la Creme. Thanks for joining us.

Recipe Source
Sushma makes our mouths melt with her fruity Strawberry Tender Melts. Yum!

Eating The Right Stuff
Abby made it at the last minute. Her wonderful Lavender Fruit Brulee is too delicious to resist.

Writing At The Kitchen Table

Ok I know I said this was to be "sweet" love, but how could I resist Freya's heart shaped Cherry Tomato, Goats Cheese and Onion Marmalade Tart. Adding a bit of sugar made me take it into the round-up LOL!

I hope I did not miss anyone in the roundup. With a little under 40 entries this was a lot of work but so much fun. So, if I did miss anyone please let me know and I would be glad to update the list. For those of you who made it too late for the event, sorry I had to turn you down but here is an idea. Simply post the link of your recipe into the comments section of this round-up.

Monthly Mingle #8
Are you all ready for the next theme?
Well I think we had some what of a pleasant sugar shock with Sweet Love so I thought I'd take it in the other direction for the next round. Wait! I am still thinking cakes though and this is what I thought we can create - Savory Cakes.

Take out your loaf pans and beat up a batter. Replace sugar with salt, chocolate chips with bacon, fruit with cheese, whatever you go for it has to be savory and a cake. Be creative, be bold, try something new and bring it along to the Monthly Mingle - Savory Cakes.

Here's how it works:
  1. Create a dish that fits this theme. Blog about it anytime from now till March 15th, 2007.
  2. Email me your entry with your name, the name of your blog and your permalink by March 15th, 2007.
  3. In your post please include a link to this post and/or the MM logo, so your readers get a chance to mingle with us.
  4. Please send only one entry per blog. If you do not have a blog, simply email your entry, with a picture (if you would like me to add a picture) to blogmeeta@gmail.com.

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  1. Great round up Meeta. I loved the slide show. Hopefully I'll be back to mingle next month.

  2. Meeta,I am gobsmacked!!!So many entries and they are all so wonderful.Thank you for all your hard work,must have taken quite a lot of time.But it's worth it!:))

    And let me salute you for not choosing another sweet event!:p
    Savory sounds great although I have no idea what to make.Plenty of time,let me think!:))Thanks.

  3. What a marveolous round up Meeta, and the slide show was a surprise and terrific!!

  4. Awesome round up Meeta. Its just Perfect, I really liked the slide show a lot.
    You really deserve a lot of Appreication for your hard work.
    Would definitely take part in the next Mingle..
    Happy Valentine's Day

  5. Oh my goodness--so many lucious entries. As Asha and Sushma said, it must of taken a huge amount of work! Beautiful roundup, as always, Meeta.

  6. That's a huge roundup Meeta, I love the slideshow... not Valentine's Day, just the tasty goodies!

  7. Thanks Meeta, both for the great roundup and the nice things you say about me!

  8. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!! Wonderful job there meeta!!!!! Lovely entries!!!!

    I am ready with the next entry as well ;) :)

  9. What a great turn out! Thanks for all your hard work, Meeta.

  10. This round-up looks sinfully delicious! Love, love, love the slide show! Many thanks for including me!

  11. Thats a nice and yummy slide show!!I have used slide .com on my blog too!! Do peep in.Cheers!!Linda

  12. That is such a great slide show. Look at all of the delicious, delicious entries!

    I now have a calendar by my computer to keep track of some of these things. I've added the next mingle, although I have no idea what to make! Gives me a good opp to look through some cookbooks!

  13. My oh my! What great entries, I think my hubby will not be on food restriction much longer. Some of these entries are just calling out to me, to be tried. I am happy you don't ask us to vote, impossible. They all look fantastic.

    As always you have done a great round-up. I am honoured that you dedicated the MM#7 to two of your bloggy friends, including me. What a nice way of sending love. All the more now I am glad that I managed to participate.

    And for the next? My brain is already thinking.

    hugs, Isis

  14. Hi Meeta, that round up is enough to send anyone into the kitchen :-)
    I wish I had participated....
    About the next theme - do you mean cakes as in baked ones or something like crab cakes would do too? Cheers

  15. Hi Everyone thanks for all the motivation. As many were having trouble re-sizing their photos to the required size I decided to do the slide show. Which I too really liked.
    Ashwini I mean actual cakes, with batter and all. No crab cakes or vegetable patties etc. Real cakes that are out inot cake tins ;-)

  16. What a wonderful round-up! Looks like some people are going to having wonderful valentines meals (albeit early!!).
    Thanks a wonderful mingle, Meeta! You did a great job!

  17. Happy V-Day Meeta ! It was really sweet to see all those sweet love served in a slide show particularly on a a V-Day morning. Quite obvious that its lot of work but u have done a good job here :)


  18. Thats a wonderful round-up with loads of ideas Meeta.
    Heres my delayed entry: Tiramisu

    hmmm..need to think of something for the next MM and I'll make sure it reaches you on time ;-)

  19. nice round up! i made heart shaped cookies but had no time to post it till today so missed ur event. still great to see all the talent out there.

  20. That's quite the round up, Meeta! And I'm already looking forward to #8!

  21. Hi Meeta, You missed my entry "Tiramisu Valentine" in your round-up. I'd seen it linked to your post earlier. I'd be glad if you could include it. :)

  22. That is a truly 'sweet' and chocolaty roundup. I am drooling just looking at the fabulous slide show.

    I did post something sweet and chocolaty but was sure you would be inundated already!

    Watch out next time for me though!

  23. Hey folks! Glad you are all enjoying the roundup. If you have anything that fits the theme just go ahead and paste it here. This way we can expand this wonderful list for all the sugar high freaks among us. I believe I am talking to ohhh let's say 98% of us! LOL!

  24. Meeta, thanks for your prompt action! I'll be there next time round, hopefully! :)

  25. wonderful job Meeta! i'll try to mingle again next month.

  26. I'm so very bummed that my life got too hectic to participate. It all looks wonderful.

  27. My!

    So many sweet seductions on slide show....and spicy notes....Hmm...I really missed that Event...!!

    Hopefully to join this time...but, I have no idea on what to do...lemme face this challenge...!!

  28. I am joining the party with a Canadian meat pie


  29. Oh I forgot to say thank ypu for your jkind words and for that tremendous round up - I sure must have eaten up quite a lot of time to describe all those wonderful entries.

    The new theme is very interesting - count me in! I am already looking for a fitting recipe :)


  30. Here
    is my entry for your 8th monthly mingle. A zucchini cake with fresh tomato sauce.

  31. My My !Meeta your are really genious. Its must have taken lot of time for you to wind up this Monthly Mingle..great job! ALl the entries all tempting me to get in to my apron! Thanks for including my recipe ...looking forward to next mingle.


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