Monthly Mingle #8 Roundup and theme to Monthly Mingle #9

After traveling around Europe the past 4 days I am really glad to be back home again. Although I am really happy to get out and about and appreciate that my job allows me this possibility, I still find coming back home the best part.

I actually wrote part of this post sitting in the train to Hannover and I already knew then, that when I get back home, Tom and Soeren will be at the train station waiting to pick me up. Soeren will spot me in the crowd and with a huge grin and gleaming eyes he will run into my arms. THAT is the pure joy of returning home.

So, the Monthly Mingle 8 theme Savory Cakes theme really got your heads steaming.

"Ever since I saw Meeta's invite to join the Savory Cakes Monthly Mingle, I've been planning. Savory cake is a brilliant idea, but difficult to pull off. How do you make a cake savory?"
- Chelsea Greigh, Bon Vivant

"I wanted to participate in this month's Monthly Mingle, (hosted by Meeta) mainly because I am intrigued by the idea of savory cakes."
- Chris, Melle Cotte

"Meeta’s Monthy Mingle theme for March had me a bit stumped."
- Ylee, Lemonpi

These were just a few of the comments you will read. Let me tell you though, you all outdid yourself fantastically and my challenge was well reciprocated. What you are about to see is truly an incredible selection of creative savory cakes. Exotic ingredients, fresh vegetables, and aromatic flavors were all used to make these wonderful cakes. Thank you all for being so clever, imaginative and most of all for accepting the challenge!

Before I get to the roundup I'd like to share the theme to the next Monthly Mingle.

Ready for MM 9?

This time I am narrowing the theme down to a particular cuisine. It is a cuisine enjoyed by many around the world. Famous for it's use of fresh ingredients, intriguing blend of spices and the social meaning behind the meals. The people from this region believe that food is a way to get together with friends and family members and enjoy the simple things in life. They sit together over several courses, eating, talking and mingling.

The cuisine I am talking about is the Arabic cuisine. Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Persian Gulf countries are just a few countries that belong to this region. Although the type of dishes served are the same they are prepared very differently in each country.

So, your homework this month is to prepare a specific dish from one of these wonderful countries. Anything that catches your taste-buds - a certain dish from the ever famous mezzeh, a dish prepared with fresh vegetables, chicken, kebabs, baklava - the list is long and the choice might be a little difficult. For those new to this type of cuisine try out one of the more popular recipes like hummus, tabouleh or baba ganoug. Others who have often prepared these dishes, venture out and try something else. A little more challenging perhaps.

Bring your offerings to my "Arabian Nights" Mingle, where we can enjoy your delectable dishes over some belly dancing and pots of warm spiced tea.

Here's how it works:
  1. Create a dish that fits this theme. Blog about it anytime from now till April 11th, 2007.
  2. Email me your entry with your name, the name of your blog and your permalink by April 11th, 2007.
  3. In your post please include a link to this post and/or the MM logo, so your readers get a chance to mingle with us.
  4. Please send only one entry per blog. If you do not have a blog, simply email your entry, with a picture (if you would like me to add a picture) to

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And now I present the Savory Cakes from around the Blog-o-sphere!

Dolores sent her entry to my old Hotmail address. But when she wrote to me and mentioned it in the comments section and in an email I just had to put it in the main post. You must take a look at the incredible creation Dolores serves up. Her Crab and wild mushroom cheesecake highly deserves the honor of being centerpiece to any dinner party.

Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Philippines - Isis job takes her away to some of the most exotic places in the World. She, however, always finds time to prepare something for the Monthly Mingle. Someone who has not missed even one of my mingles since it started, she always amazes me. This time she also finds time and bakes a cheesy and bacony cake.

Petra goes in search of a traditional Tourtière. Along with some really interesting information she bakes an amazing Tourtière Bonne Femme. It looks soo good!

Lydia serves us a popular cakes amongst the Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean communities. For us her yam cake sounds incredibly exotic and looks delicious.

I am sure you have all heard of upside-down-cakes. Pineapples, cranberries and peaches are some of the usual ingredients that would be used in such a cake. Viji presents us with a Veggies Corn Meal Upside-Down Cake

The ever creative Asha does it again. She brings Mediterranean flair to the mingle with her Mediterranean Savory Cake

Although she was a little confused as to where to categorize savory cakes, Anisha joins us with her lovely Veggie Cake.

Cake? Bread? Bri decided that her contribution for the MM would be called a cake and uses some of the feared zucchini she was forced to freeze in the summer. What she created was a delicious Cheddar Zucchini Cake.

Arfi's creation are always exclusive. This time it's no different. She harmonizes fruit with cheese to make Pine Nut Wafers with Blue Cheese and Balsamic Pears.

Shabneez needed a sugarless bribe so she bakes a Italian Savory Corn Cake.

In March St. Patrick's day is celebrated and Rachel wanted to cook up something Irish. And she does! Irish Apple Potato Cakes - a brilliant combination.

Other delicacies. I love these delicacies that Marie-Laure creates. I enjoy reading her blog for two reasons - great recipes and I can improve my rusty French. This time Marie, brings Surimi and carrots cakes.

Swapna bakes a carrot cake to celebrate her husband's birthday. Looks great!

Burcu adds Turkish flair with her Savory Cornmeal Cake.

Susan has me captivated! I love her stories. This time she shares a wonderful story about her generous dad and his food packets. Using one of the olive oils sent by her dad she finally does justice to her Italian roots and bakes a Olive Oil Cake with Rosemary and Lemon. Simple yet so elegant!

Yet another brilliant creation comes from Bee and Jai. Together they create very healthy Spinach and Spring Onion Scones. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Chelsea makes my mouth water. She planned long and hard and finally came up with a masterpiece. Her Goat Cheese Green Chile Cheesecakes are just up my alley. Don't they make your mouth water?

Chris has conversion issues but still manages to bake a aromatic Mediterranean Savory Cake.

Was Jessica's husband really torturing her? Read her post and you decide. In my opinion a moist Olive and bacon cake is not a proper torturing tool.

Susan was inspired by the theme of the MM and makes a Cake O Eggplant. Yummy!

Sushma makes a well known Indian style cake and soothes herself with a piece of Dhokla and a steaming cup of tea.

Zucchinis are also used in Brigitte's creation. From Singapore she sends a gorgeous looking Zucchini cake on tomato-sage-sauce.

Simple but perfect for all occasions. That is what Anh's cake shouts. She uses lovely Italian ingredients and make a colorful Up-side-down Tomato and Basil Pie.

Now here is an imaginative dish that breaks all rules of a cake. Claudia makes a beautiful Tortellini Bundt Cake with Spinach and Cheese. I need a fork!!

Pinki joins us with an antique recipe. She brings a Chicken ring cake.

Nupur was under the impression that there would be many entries with the same kind of cake she makes. Although we already had one entry for this cake, I have to say Nupur uses a clever method and makes a quick and easy Instant Dhokla using a microwave. My kind of recipe!

Ulrike makes a wonderful cake using one of my current favorite cookbooks. I am glad she did give the book a second go because her Bacon and Prune Cake looks like a combination made in cake heaven.

You'll enjoy reading Jyothsna's write up. She converts her husband into a savory cake fan with her cake with salt and spices in it.

Salty Egg Cakes: sounds unusual doesn't it? Asks Eliza. Yes, it does, but very intriguing not to give it a try.

Priya was extremely creative. Inspired by one of my other recipes she creates a smooth and cheesy cake.

Oh! oh! oh! My lovely friend Helene is not only sweet and lovely she comes up with the most awesome creations. For this mingle she makes Pear and Blue Cheese Mini Cakes. OHHHH!

She was a bit "stumped." Ylee however, started loafin' around and made Polenty Bread with a touch of rosemary. Hmmn!

I eagerly await Esther's contribution to the MM. They are wonderfully creative. This time she really had me drooling. She shares a Savory roasted pepper and sundried tomato cake with us.

Sunita tries making a savory cake for the first time. Her Carrot and peas cake looks colorful and tasty.

The lovable pair Frey and Paul make a cornbread. But not just any cornbread! This has Jalapenos, Spring Onions and Strong Cheddar Cheese to make it full of flavor and aroma.

Another one to use Sophie's cookbook was Astrid. She makes a Smoked Salmon Cake.

The clever Nandita re-joins us at the mingle with very healthy and spongy Savoury pancakes with mushrooms and onions. Yes, pancakes are also cakes!!

My own offerings was a moist Roquefort and walnut cake with a piquant note of blue cheese.

Missed out on this event and you would still like to share your savory cake? Add your link to the comments section of this post.

BPW Information:
There are still BPW postcards whizzing around the world! I just updated the list to add a few more people who recently received their cards. Those of you who still have not, please hang in there. You see that it sometimes take really long for them to arrive. After all there is a reason it's called "snail mail." Should you have already received your postcard, please do not forget to send me the link to your post.

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  1. What an incredible array of tasty savory cakes! I can see many exciting brunches in my future with these great recipes :) Thank you for hosting!

  2. Hi Meeta! Do you love Dubai a lot? I guess so from your Arabian Nights theme :)

    A lovely round-up here, or a feast I should say. You're a great host!

    Do visit my blog and leave your thoughts on the kitchen safety event I'd like to host. would like to hear from you.

  3. Daannnggg!!!Didn't realize I could make Pancakes and Dhoklas!!I kept thinking 'think Cake and make it savory woman'!!!;P

    Excellent variety of Savory cakes here,glad I came up with a good one,my kids loved it.

    Arabi dishes,yum!! I am on it Meeta.See you later!:)

  4. the superwoman is back, going full steam. gal, your energy is astounding. thank you for this event.

  5. Thanks for the round-up.

    "Arabian nights" makes me think of movies of my childhood "Ali Baba and the 40 thiefs" or "1001 Nights" or so...
    Thank you! This way I am forced to try some dishes from a cookbook I bought a wihle ago but didn't use until yet.

    I think I'll love to digg into it again :o)

  6. That's a wonderful round-up.Thanks for including my entry.

  7. SIGH!!!!!! And I thought with my trip to India I had nicely escaped the challenge of savoury cakes!!!!! Now there is one more challenge for me..... never cooked anything arabic till now!!!!!!

    Never mind.... I am out to google arabic dishes!!!!!!!

  8. Meeta, your warmth fills every post and that's why your Monthly Mingles are so outrageously popular! But you did have people stumped with this one, although it was a great turnout! Looking forward to Arabian Nights!

  9. I love the new theme Meeta! I have no clue what I'm going to make, but I'm looking forward to it!

  10. I'm living in an Arabic neighbourhood but I can only make hummus and rolls with Lebanese bread... it's time for me to start networking and knock at my neighbours door.

  11. First off, I agree with others that this is a fanatastic collection of tasty things to eat.

    Second, I loved your description of how your family would look when they saw you. It made me remember how my family looks when I visit home, which isn't often enough sadly. Anyways, you made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  12. Looks like somehow my entry didn't make it into your inbox. It's posted here

  13. Welcome back home! It is fun to travel around but great to return home.

    Wonderful roundup! Everything looks so good, as usual.


  14. Coming home is just the best!
    I am overwhelmed with the savory cakes! Really isn't it just unbelievable the creativity of folks! This will be keeping me busy for some time to come.

  15. Meeta - what a wonderful round-up! Everyone did an amazing job!

    I apologize, deeply, for not submitting this round - life was a lil nuts around the time this was due.. but I'm in for next month's round! =)

  16. Overwhelming number of entries sweetie! And I love your arabian nights theme, I just had an arabian night menu the other day so this time can send in a 'straight' recipe instead of sneaking inside...
    need i sa great job with the round up ;)

  17. Asha...LOL, this is called GATECRASHING :)

  18. This is a fabulous round up. I cannot wait to check out all the cakes. I am excited about Arabian heads swirling with ideas. :) Thanks for doing this!

  19. Glad you all liked the roundup. Thank all my lovely guests for creating such brilliant cakes.
    I look forward to seeing you all at the Arabian Nights!

    Lis I know what you've been going through so no apologies needed!

  20. i can't wait to suit the recipe that will suits the next theme. I'll even bring the belly dancers if you want..

  21. Does a Morroccan dish qualify for this Mingle? I thought since people in Morrocco speak Arabic, it might, but my boyfriend disagrees because of its geographical location.
    Please advise.

    We were going to make the dish anyway, just wanted to know if I could enter it in the Mingle, that's all.

  22. Oh Meeta...

    I really wanted to participate in this one. I had everything...except for one thing...time.

    Your new theme will give me the opportunity to try out a new-to-me cookery book. Will try my best.

  23. Hi all! First thanks for all your wonderful compliments. I am always really glad to hear you are having a great time at the mingle. As for the theme I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. Glad to see you are up for the challenge.

    Mai+Kevin Normally I would have been lenient and said "Yeah! sure!" But I have to agree with your boyfriend Morroccan food, although really yummy, is not a really a part of the region. Maybe I'll make it a separate theme at some point but I'd like to stick to the Gulf/Middle Eastern region for this mingle. You have plenty of time to join us with another dish. I look forward to seeing you there!

    See you all soon!

    Rose OK you are on - you are in charge of the belly dancers LOL!
    This is going to be fun!

  24. I am in trouble . I have been baking all things lebanese and syrian from this book called Saha.I'm in love with the book - my boyfriend is jealous.Won't let go of it. I will keep baking/ice creaming until 8th and then decide. At the moments all my posts are in the portuguese version of my blogue.What a great idea!!!

  25. OK Folks, An update to my previous comment. I have been getting a few Morrocan style dishes for the MM - Arabian Nights. I had mentioned that it would not be allowed but as some have already entered their dishes I would only disappoint them if I told them they were not applied. So, as of now you can also make Morrocan dishes for the MM 9 theme. I'll update this in oneof my next posts too.

  26. Hello! My seven-year-old son and I go to a Weird Food Party every year. This year he wanted to make a savory cake. Unable to find a good recipe, I went hunting on the web and found your April '07 Monthly Mingle. We modified a recipe from one of the entries, and it was delicious. You can read about it, and see pictures, on my LiveJournal. Thank you, Meeta, and thanks to Susan for her recipe as well.


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