Photo: I See Red

Photo made it on Explore, March 27, 2007

The trendy blog color this week seems to be red. Some of my favorite girls are wearing this color so brilliantly. See here, here, here, here and here!

I've always said I was a bit of a fashion victim - here is my red!

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  1. Your red is so much better for my waist line! Lovely to have spring springing!

  2. Stunning! If I had this beauty to look at while writing...!

  3. our blog banner is orange and green like that in one of our favourite blogs. they're both very fashionable. lol.

  4. I think red would look good on you too! Beautiful flower!

  5. Gorgeous photo... red, huh? I will have to see what I can do!!!

  6. the most perfect red color i've ever seen. truly gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous feels like I can touch the petals right there

  8. You forgot me.........booooohoooooooooo, i went red just as you said :)

  9. Awesome!!!!!!

    Your pics are giving me a constant reminder that I haven't been painting much since a long long time :)


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