Spring In My Backyard

Look what's growing in my yard! Spring is here and we've been having great warm weather.

Here's to all of you! I wish you all a happy start to Spring 2007. I just love this season. All the wonderful colors, birds chirping, more daylight ;-).

Enjoy it!


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  1. Hi Meeta,
    Beautiful pictures and colours! Thanks for visitng my blog! I tried leaving a comment on the roquefort and walnut cake, but it disappeared. That was an interesting recipe.
    I'd love to see some flowers spring up here in Sharjah too, but it seems like a sand storm is brewing today!!

  2. Happy Spring to you Meeta.We had almost 78F yesterday!!!

  3. Waaw!! beautiful cherry blossoms. I am still waiting for them in my place. nice pic!!


  4. Are you trying to make me jealous? Mission accomplished.

  5. I just got my sunflower seeds in the ground today.
    Beautiful photos - sometimes I feel a little silly getting so excited about things popping out but it just is.

  6. we're having some colors showing up on the trees as well too! aren't we all feeling a little better now that spring is almost here?

  7. Looks beautiful and springlike! Love it!


  8. Your yard sounds and looks like a sanctuary. Thanks for spreading the spring time cheer!

  9. Wow Meeta, it is beautiful, but I am also jealous! We're expecting 10-15" of snow overnight tonight...

  10. बंसंतकी मुबारक.

  11. goodness you're a lucky gal to have that in your backyard. beautiful. and a very impressive photograph as always!

  12. Ladies, thank you for your comments.

    Jyo Blogger must be acting silly again. I know - Sharjah is a bit bare at this time of year, but you can always visit the Dubai Creek Park

    Asha I hope you enjoy the wonderful Spring season too.

    Sharni Actually this is almond blossoms! But when your cherry blossoms bloom do share the pics too!

    Bri sweetie, actually I was not trying to make you jealous - just trying to cheer your spirit.

    Sher Yes, I share the same sentiments as you.

    Tanna I don't care if I look silly - it's such wonderful things in life that bring so much joy.

    Eliza You bet! My spirits have gone up 250%

    Paz Thanks!

    Susan Glad I was able to and thank you for your sweet comment.

    Sue Thanks but don't be jealous. Until you can enjoy Spring yourself enjoy these pictures.

    Harekrishnaji I hate to admit it but my Hindi is so rusty - I read like a 3 year old learning the alphabet. I was able to decipher Mubarak!!

    Linda Thanks for that. I hope to share more pictures soon.

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