For Helene...

My dear dear friend Helene celebrates a big birthday today.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!

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  1. That's beautiful Meeta, that photograph is stunning and what a lovely thought for Helen.

  2. My heart stopped...this is absolutely gorgeous! I am so grateful I have met you and have you as a friend, DB and mentor. You have made a special day a little bit more special. Thank you!

  3. I echo the sentiment, Meeta!

  4. So thoughtful Meeta, stunning picture.

  5. A very thoughtful gesture Meeta. I loved the colourful round-up of the Spring is in the air too. i am going to try your combo of Asparagus,poached eggs,hollandaise and potatoes. I have some good news on my blog that I am sure you will be thrilled to read.

  6. That looks just gorgeous! I like good food, but if it's pretty too that's even better :)


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