Summer Time ...


... and the living is easy! Summer is not officially here yet, but with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, we're enjoying lazing in the sun and cooling off in the pool.

Yesterday we had a warm summer shower and Soeren and I decided to go outside and get wet. Hey, my neighbors already think we are totally mad, so I why disappoint them? LOL!

The back yard is growing wild too - currently marguerites are speckled all across the lawn. Looks wonderful.

Thought I'd share some with you - and bring a beautiful warm summer smile to your faces.

Hugs from me!!

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  1. I can just keep looking at that flower!!!! Gorgeous!!! :)

  2. The pool?????
    Lucky you... the most I've got here in Milan is a tiny balcony...
    Lucky, lucky you!!!

  3. LOL! Sara - no we do not have a pool - unless you call Soeren's inflatable one a pool. I actually was referring to the public pool in the city.

  4. Beautiful Meeta! And playing outside and getting wet, what more fun is there :)

    On another note, can you send me the logo for MM Party so that I can post my entry. Also can I send you the pic and you rezise it? Hoping to hear you soon. Thanks.

  5. Gorgeous photo, Meeta.. as always =)

  6. lucky you, meeta. We had a cold yes 50 deg F last week. But it's supposed to be nice and warm this week.
    Beautiful picture, and getting wet in the rain... I miss it.

  7. i'm nostalgic now. we had a lot of marguerites in our california home. i miss that place.

    i love those flowers.

  8. Beautiful flowers Meeta..They sure brought a smile on my face and brightened up my mood, m down with fever since 2 days

  9. excellent pic ....makes you smile.By the way AFAM roud up is done .Feel free to stop by

  10. *hugs* right back at ya!
    It does feel very summery, especially now that the exams are over :)

  11. Beautiful photo Meeta. It just screams summertime to me!

  12. Meeta,I am sorry to ask this here. But I had asked a question in this post of yours? :(

  13. Thanks everyone. I am glad I can share a bit of my pleasures with you too - even if it is only virtually!

    Inji - I am such a scatterbrain! I starred your earlier request and just forgot to answer it please forgive me! I will do that now!


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