Guessing Games - this time you could win a prize!


It sure has been awhile since I played guessing games with you! Far to long actually! Since I am in a bit of a playful mood today, I thought you might enjoy jogging your minds and playing with me.

In the picture above, you will see two ingredients - lemon and ginger. Both make up the main flavors of my upcoming dish. Can you guess what I made with them?

To make this really exciting I thought I'd actually go ahead and put up a prize with this guessing game. So, the first person to get the answer correct on this can choose their very own favorite picture taken by yours truly. Pick out any photo you particularly like on my blog here or on my Flickr Phototstream and I will send you a small/medium sized poster (depending on the crop of the photo) of the original picture (without the frames, titles and copyright).

I'll be posting the recipe and announcing the winner sometime tomorrow (CET) so you all have plenty of time till then.

Good luck!

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  1. An lemon-ginger ice cream/sorbet???

  2. he he I am the first to guess...since you have not mentioned how many we can guess...I am giving as many as I can think of these two combi...I am sure I have thought of all possible ones....hahahh

    1. Ginger Ice Cream with fresh lemon juice

    Lemon & ginger cheesecake
    Lemon and ginger muffins
    Ginger Lemon Cups
    Lemon Ginger Ice in Lemon Cups

    Well you see I have coveted many of your photos...:)

    oh..I took so much time...looks like somebody has already done ..:(

  3. Lemon and ginger chicken? morroccan style?

  4. I'm going to guess:
    Lemon Ginger cookies!

  5. I honestly don't know, but can't wait to find out. Lemons and ginger are two of my favorite foods. Yummy!

  6. Ginger lemonade???? nah..... thats too simple for you..... ginger lemon gelato/sorbet?

  7. I'm going with the simple answer - ginger steeped lemonade!

    That's what I made anyway, after a look at this!

  8. Lemon-Ginger Pound Cake
    Lemon-Ginger Chicken
    Lemon-Ginger Salad Dressing
    Frozen Lemon-Ginger Yogurt

  9. I am going to guess a lemon-ginger tea, or another type of beverage.

  10. i'm thinking lemon ginger sorbet too .. but i'll go for lemon ginger shortbreads

  11. hai meeta
    it is a beverage made with lemon ginger echinaces ,i don't have any blog meeta.

  12. Ah let me see... in the post you referred to it as a dish so I am thinking that it is not a beverage.

    Since I am not good with naming dishes, I am going to go for categories -

    an ice cream
    a sorbet
    a tart
    a chicken dish
    a pie
    a rice dish (acutally this is giving me an idea for a dish (lol))

    Those are my guesses.

  13. LG Tea
    LG Cookies
    LG cake/loaf cake
    LG Salad dressing
    LG Sandwich spread
    LG Sorbet
    LG muffins/ tea cakes

    Whatever it is.. Am eagerly waiting for the recipe ;;)

  14. Your foto as a giftt ?? Oh my !! Let me shoot my guesses

    1. lemon ginger biscotti
    2. lemon ginger cookies / biscuits

  15. It looks like everything has been covered, so no new guess from me....but I'm excited to see what it is!

  16. A lemon and ginger syllabub served with ginger biscuits

  17. lemon ginger meringues or pavlova... or fish steamed with lemon and ginger.... or a lemon and ginger birthday cake

  18. Ahhhh I want the poster so bad :D

    I wanted to guess ice cream or sorbet , since thats the theme of the month... but all my guesses are already here...

    So I am going to guess

    Lemon ginger Martini

    Lemon Ginger Margarita

    and now I am off to fix myself a lemon ginger martini...

  19. I think this is my first comment on your blog. Your pictures are absolutely stunning.
    Am guessing, lemon-ginger marmalade. Can't wait to know. Ginger is my favorite spice.
    Please reveal fast....what is it?

  20. Since you are in a playful can be a lemon ginger cocktail.

  21. WOW! Amazing guesses and some great ideas for the future LOL! But we do now have a winner. The winner is .... check here


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